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Testing the speed of the Internet

Our service allows you to quickly and easily measure the speed of the Internet connection.

For the most accurate result, we recommend temporarily disable all programs that can use the Internet. It is also recommended to repeat the test several times, because the result depends on the terms of the Internet connection at the moment.

Select on the map below the appropriate site for measuring the Internet speed, click on the "Test" button and wait for the result. Testing can take some time, take patience.

Running speed check you confirm your consent with the agreement.


Last speed measurements

Buying a service provider, we hope that the speed of the Internet connection will be just as indicated in the contract. Well, or almost like that. However, in practice, it exclusively rarely corresponds to the numbers on paper, because it affects the mass of factors - from the network loading to the state of the client device - computer, smartphone, tablet or Smart TV. In addition, the provider's contract indicates the maximum, and not the actual connection speed. However, if the last and much lower than the first, the quality of the service can be questioned.

To monitor the work of the provider and just be aware of the real speed of the Internet, you need to know how to determine it. For this, there is a large number of special software and free web services with which we will meet today. But let's start with what features the Windows operating system has in this regard. And also find out how to get the most reliable result.

Built-in features of Windows

The current speed of the Internet connection is easier and faster to see the task manager on the "Performance" tab. If the network is loaded slightly, the graph in the "bandwidth" window will be low; If strongly - the window will be filled with almost it completely, and the speed shown in the upper right corner will come close to what is indicated in the contract with the provider. So it should be normal. If, with a strong loading of the network, the speed remains low, it means that an obstacle arose somewhere. Only this is where - Do you have or him?

Speed ​​Wi-Fi Connection

To find out the most attainable (in theory) Internet speed within a specific type of connection, open the "Network Connections" folder and select the "Status" section in the context menu.

Context Menu for Network Connection

The information you need is contained on the General tab.

Wireless network speed

Real speed is usually 2-3 times lower than the maximum. By the way, when transferring data to Wi-Fi and on the cable, it may differ at times.

Suppose you have installed that the Internet on your computer should work faster. The following task is to find out who is leading in reducing speed - your devices or provider.

How to check the velocity of the Internet connection manually

To get the most reliable result, check the speed of the Internet is needed on the computer to which the provider's network cable is connected. If there is no possibility to insert the cable directly into the computer, for example, in the case of supporting it only wireless connections or binding connecting to the router MAC address, disconnect all other devices from the Internet.


  • Prepare a 1 GB file and select any cloud web service to which you will download it, for example, Yandex Disk or Google Drive. It is important that the service does not limit the download speed and download of content.
  • Close all programs that use the network and the Internet to maximize the channel.
  • Disable VPN clients and proxy servers if they are not a mandatory link to establish access to the global network.
  • Came up time and start downloading the file to the cloud server. Mark the end time of the download.
  • Under time control, download the file back to the PC.

Knowing the size of the file in megabytes and the number of seconds spent on its transfer, you can easily calculate the speed of the Internet in Mbit / s. If it is close to the contract specified in the contract, it means that the provider will fulfill obligations to you, and the cause of the slowdown is in your devices. If not, it means, on the contrary.

Those of you who do not want to do computations can check the velocities of the Internet methods, which will be discussed below. To accurately, we advise you to check several times within an hour.

Web services


Check the Internet speed using the 2IP service easier simple: Press the "Test" button and wait for 1-2 minutes.


In addition to ping indicators, as well as incoming and outgoing speeds, 2IP makes it possible to learn:

  • Mid-speed Internet indicators in your city.
  • Average high-speed indicators among your provider subscribers.
  • The best tests on all providers for the current day.
  • The total number of measurements among all providers.

Such a kind of benchmark. The table below shows the Ten Last Measurement Table.

By the way, at the date of verification, none of the largest leaders of the provider service market in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan - Rostelecom, Byfly, Ukrtelecom, Kazakhtelecom, MTS, Beeline, Akado, Yota, Dom.ru, Sitilink and TTK, did not Record holder. The first places occupied small and not too well-known companies.

And further. If you have something to tell on the services of your Internet provider to other users, you can leave the review about him on the site.


Speedtest is another simple free service of this purpose. To start checking, it is enough to click the "Start" button. The result will be displayed on the screen in a couple of minutes.


By the way, if you register on Speedtest (this is also free), you can save the results of checks in your account and share links to them with other users.

In addition to the web service available online via a browser from any device, Speedtest exists in the form of an application for stationary (Windows, Mac OS X) and mobile (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Amazon) platforms.

Yandex. Internet meter

SERVICE Yandex.Intextometer determines the speed of incoming and outgoing compounds without ping. However, in addition to this, it shows detailed information about your Internet connection, the operating system and the browser in which you launched a check. It is a pity that the benchmarks and opportunities to maintain test results here is not provided here.

Yandex internet meter

To start the scan, click the Measure button. The result, like competitors, appears on the screen after 1-2 minutes.


2IP.ua very much reminds the set of functions of the same name in the domain "RU" and differs from it only with the design style. In addition to the Internet speed button, this resource contains the rating of Ukrainian providers and latter checks.

Users with Russian IP website 2IP.ua opens in Russian, residents of Ukraine - in Ukrainian.

2Ip.ua.To start checking, click "Test". The result will be displayed at the same time as the rest.


Speedcheck.org/ru/ / service allows you to test the highest speed connections all over the route with the highest accuracy as possible. And all because its server networks are built on the equipment that supports the speed of 40 Gb / s. For comparison: most of these services measure the Internet speed only on the segment from the access point or the user's computer to the provider server. The results of such an inspection are usually always overestimated, since they do not take into account the passage of packets by the rest of the route.

Use the SpeedCheck service is perhaps easier than counterparts. To start the test, it is enough to click the only "Start Check" button on the page. The speed of measuring speed - first when downloading, then when loading, is displayed in real time:

Download in Speedcheck

And the result is displayed in a visual, generalized form:

Results of the test Speedcheck

Until you deleted the cache page from the browser, the service stores the history of your checks. To have permanent access to it from any device connected to the Internet, create a SpeedCheck User Account. To do this, click in the top menu item "History" and the following is the "Registration" button.

And most importantly. Measuring the speed of the Internet connection issues indicators that can only be compared with each other. And what to do, if they do not please, no one tells. No one except Speedcheck: Scroll down the page with the result of the down - here is the "Full Test Performance Test" directory in Russian.

From the manual you will learn:

  • How to check the connection speed.
  • What is an Internet connection.
  • What are modems and routers.
  • Why you have a slow Internet, and how to determine what makes it so.
  • How to troubleshoot a slowing down connection.
  • What to do if nothing helps.

And you can use Speedcheck on mobile devices. Android and iOS applications are available in the AppStore and Google Play for free.

Free programs for checking the Internet speed on PCs and mobile devices

If you use the above services several times in a row, then notice that the Internet bandwidth indicators will always be different. This is normal, but not quite informative, especially when the connection works with interruptions. Applications, in contrast to web services, allow monitoring network traffic continuously. And this is their main advantage.

Nettraffic for Windows.

The nettraffic utility manufactured in the installation and portable versions is a small window that is constantly hanging in the corner of the screen, where the connection speed is displayed in real time.


In addition to current data, it collects traffic statistics for the time intervals specified by the user. Can monitor multiple network interfaces at the same time.

TMeter for Windows.

Tmeter is a more advanced Internet traffic control tool than the previous utility, but also very simple for understanding and use. In addition to high-speed parameters, collects statistics on IP addresses of visited resources, ports, protocols, etc.


Tmeter has a built-in firewall and traffic distributor (traffic shape) between the devices of the local network. These functions become available if the program is running on a computer that is used as a gateway to connect to the Internet of other devices.


The NetworkTrafficView utility is designed to monitor the entire flow of information passing through the network adapter, including data rates. Initially English, but the crack is released for it (available on the download page), which is enough to copy to the folder with the executable file or the program archive.

NetworkTrafficView.NetworkTrafficView works without installation and does not require special settings. Connection data is displayed as a table in the main and unique utility window.

Internet speed test for Android

The mobile application "Internet speed test" is not only stylishly decorated, but also quite functional. In addition to collecting the main speed characteristics of Wi Fi and 2 / 3G networks, it displays the packet delay time, allows you to select a test server (its availability and remoteness affect the indicators), accumulates statistics and publishes the results of inspections on social networks.

Internet speed application

Another application is convenient what even very old Android versions are supported.

Meteor - Test Speed ​​for Android

Meteor - speed test - one of the few mobile applications that has been awarded the highest estimation of users - 4.8 points. It not only shows the real speed of the Internet connection, but also determines how quickly popular network programs will work with the current quality of communication. Among such programs - customers of social networks, browsers, mail Gmail, YouTube, Skype, WhatsApp, Wase Navigator, Google Maps Maps, Uber Taxi Service, etc. Total 16 different applications.

Meteor Speed ​​Test

Other advantages of "Meteor" are that it supports all types of network connections, including 4G, and does not contain advertising.

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Please recommend The new Internet speed check aggregator, which allows you to check simultaneously with two different servers and get a more accurate average result.

✅speedtest 24. - This is your assistant in testing the speed Internet connection. Web service allows you to check the speed of the Internet absolutely free and unlimited number . If the Internet speed check gave the result much less than the expected, then read the recommendations. Why the Internet speed is less than the declared provider. To more correctly check the connection speed, the procedure must be carried out at least three times, and then calculate the average measurement value. Speedtest 24. Allows you to check both incoming traffic and outgoing, as well as ping.

Checking the speed of the Internet

To launch the Internet speed test, you need to close all applications that consume a large number of Internet traffic (torrents, download in browser, Internet radio, etc.)

👉 Categor to click on the button " Start testing "And wait for the end of measuring the speed of the Internet.

If you wish, you can click on the settings and choose user-friendly units for you:

📌KB / s (kbps, kbit / s or kb / s) - Kilobit per second

📌MB / C (Mbps, Mbit / S or MB / S) - Megabit per second

If you have any questions or have suggestions, then you can contact the project administration using this page.

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Specialist Speedtest 24.

This page was prepared for you Andrei - Speedtest Support Specialist

Experience in the field of Internet providers and telecommunications since 2005.

The main criterion on which users are focused when choosing a provider is as online traffic. Subscribers are calculated on a stable, high-speed connection that allows them to freely visit sites, use virtual services, watch videos and listen to music. But sometimes reality is far from the expectations and conditions specified in the subscriber agreement. In such situations, you need to spend the Internet speed test and find out the real data transfer parameters.

But that the results obtained correspond to reality, you need to follow several simple rules associated with the preparation of a computer or other device to verification. In addition, it is important to take into account that sometimes a sharp drop in traffic affects third-party factors that are not related to the actions of the provider. Therefore, starting to restore communication, it is worth seeing to the possible problems of a PC or smartphone.

What is the speed seat of the Internet connection

In 2020, there are quite a large number of various programs and services intended for measuring the quality of speed. All of them have an extremely similar principle of operation and allow you to obtain accurate results and indicators. At the same time, for the measurement, the system consistently measures each important indicator for a high-quality connection and allows subscribers to estimate the current level of communication and compare it with the stated provider conditions.

That is, AIDS tester is a special program to help assess the compound, and the speedtest is the measurement process itself.

It is important to emphasize that the optimal choice will be its own system of service company on the official portal of the provider.

But, if it is not, it is worth looking at:

  • our site;
  • Internet meter from Yandex;
  • Speedtest.net portal.

It is worth adding, programs are equally reliable, regardless of the company in which the verifier is served. Therefore, the system of checking from, for example, megaphone, it will be perfectly suitable for checking the services of operators.

From which the Internet speed depends

The main factor affecting the quality of the connection is associated with the tariff and the conditions provided by it of Internet traffic.

In addition, the method of connection used by the operator is of paramount importance to maintain its services:

  • Mobile Internet;
  • Standard urban line (cable);
  • Wi-Fi and wireless communication.

The most reliable is the second option, since it allows you to achieve the highest speed and practically eliminates the loss of the quality of the connection.

The greatest difficulty will cause a mobile network, since it is dependent on the mass of the mass of factors:

  • the location of the user (in different parts of the city a different level of the signal);
  • The relief of the surrounding area (hills, high buildings, hills interfere with the receipt of the signal from the radio sound);
  • Weather (in the rain and bad weather indicators are reduced).

We must not forget about time. In the peak clock, when many users comes to the network at the same time, the load on the operator increases, and its server capabilities remain unchanged, which leads to a drop in traffic.

Internet speed checking on a computer through SpeedTest.net

It has already been said that checking the Internet speed is extremely similar to any service, so that it is easier for users to find out the result, it is worth studying all the features of the process on the example of using the AIDS Test system. NET.

It is extremely simple and will require:

  • prepare a device for testing;
  • Open site with selected service;
  • Measure the quality of data transfer by pressing the appropriate button;
  • Wait for results.

Separate attention deserves the preparation of computers and telephones to the test.

To get the most accurate indicators, it is required:

  • Disable all active programs and applications that run in the background;
  • Cancel download and updates;
  • Disable third-party devices and instruments connected to the PC;
  • If possible, exclude the use of the router by connecting the cable directly to the computer;
  • Disable third-party Wi-Fi if a wireless connection is used.

Compliance with the rules listed will increase the measurement accuracy.

Internet speed check determines

After the Internet speed test, SpeedTest users receive 3 or 4 different indicators:

  • An incoming connection - demonstrates the quality of downloading video and sites;
  • The outgoing traffic is required to send messages and making calls, that is, everything that comes from the subscriber;
  • Ping (Ping) - time required to transfer a package to the server;
  • Jeterr, reflecting the frequency oscillation ping and, accordingly, the stability of the connection.

Additionally, the program displays the IP address of the provider, but this information does not affect the reliability and level of communication.

What is the Internet speed optimal for video, skype and games

Optimally suitable speed depends on subscriber purposes. So, depending on the existing desires, users should take into account that:

  • Minimum conditions are required for social networks and similar sites (about 3 Mbps);
  • Loading video and requires averages of 20 Mbps;
  • Games need a good ping and low jeitra;
  • The use of Skype and video calls to need a high level of outgoing compound.

At the same time, most modern operators without problems provide customers with a proper level of compound.

The main causes of low speed

The most important reasons affecting the speed sweep speed indicators and the quality of downloading sites are already mentioned above. They are almost fully listed in the list of actions that need to be done to measure the communication parameters:

  • download and download files;
  • Working programs, including applications running in the background, but can use traffic;
  • Devices and people connected to a wireless network, including secretly connected neighbors.

Additionally, viruses and malware can affect the performance, randomly falling onto a computer or smartphone.

How to increase the speed of the Internet

Methods for improving the quality of the compound depends on the causes of its fall. So, you can try:

  • connect elsewhere if the reduction is connected with the location;
  • Disable active applications and additions using most of the traffic;
  • Check equipment for viruses;
  • make sure that there are no secretly connected people to the wireless network;
  • clarify whether the available equipment (including SIM cards) is supported by the available data transfer rate;
  • make sure that there is a sum on the personal account sufficient to enter the global network;
  • activate additional services and options;
  • Examine the conditions for the use of services, sometimes providers do not allow the distribution of traffic and the use of torrent, because consciously limit Internet access.

If listed actions do not help, it is worth contacting the support company support company. Contact center consultants are obliged to understand the current position and suggest how to do to cope with the existing difficulties.

Popular Providers of Russia in 2020

Name definitely the best provider will not even allow Spidtest.net, because in various regions of the country have the advantages of different companies. Therefore, when choosing a online service provider, it is worth paying attention to all the important nuances of the user. However, there are results of the "national rating" and its leaders in 2020:

Top Internet providers in Russia in the ranking of 2020
People's rating of Internet providers in Russia in 2020

It should be borne in mind that it is sometimes better to turn off the Internet and move to another operator than to continue to use a poor quality connection. In addition, no calls to the contact center should not be abandoned, since it is often the best way to correct the problem.

What is the average internet speed in the cities of Russia

The average speed of the Internet in the cities of Russia
The average speed of the Internet in the cities of Russia according to data for II and III quarters of 2019

Do not stand subscribers and wonder what the quality of the connection in my city is and how inferior is the transfer rate in other cities. " The mentioned indicators are regularly changed, and therefore those regions where the link line has recently noticeably exceeded the connection in other entities, can instantly give the leading position to competitors. The main thing is to correctly change the link in myself.

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