"Nowhere" or "No." How to write word correctly

We write correctly: "Nowhere" or "no where"

The material is prepared by the teacher of the first category of Zodthko Lyudmila Anatolev

. Experience in the teacher of Russian language and literature, more than 30 years.

This word is imparting, and is used in the value of "none of some kind of place". With the meaning of the word, everything became clear. Will questions arise when writing a word? I think yes. Therefore, let's figure it out.

How correctly writes: "Nothing" or "Where does it come from?

According to the spelling rate of the Russian language, the studied word is written, As in the first version:


Why do you drink ply?

It is important to know, the word "is nowhere" is an adverb, which is formed by the pronouns of "where" and the prefixes "NI-" and "OT-".

In this case, the rule of the Russian language is valid: the adverbs formed from pronouns with consoles are always written in a pony.

Sometimes "ne" can act as a particle and written with the word separately, but in such cases there will be another word with "nor" (no where and wherever) will be.

Synonyms for the word:

  • Neither from some source
  • Neither
  • Neither

Examples of suggestions with this word:

  • Charming stranger appeared northworthy , instantly chanting the views of all men.
  • Talented Focuscript northworthy I took the items that later disappeared in a strange way.
  • The man came No away And it will go away again.

How is it written "nowhere"?

northworthy or No away

Ply or separately?

The word "nothing" is "north" is written, obeying the general rule of writing the words of this part of speech - the shorter - northworthy .

Material prepared jointly with the highest category teacher

The experience of the teacher of the Russian language and literature is 36 years.


Word " northworthy "Refers to the placed adverbs that are written with the prefix" n. " The word is used when you need to designate the categorical of denial: Nothing takes nowhere . Always unstressed particle " n. "It is part of such adventures on the rights of the prefix. (In Russian there is also the adverb" Noise "with a shock prefix not.) Do not confuse the prefix with a repeated union n /em. The union can be used with the word "from." Example: Where he came from, he went where he left, so nobody learned.

Therefore, knowing the rule, should not be doubted how correctly writes " northworthy "- ply and with vowels" and ".


  • The student so afraid of the literature exam, which prepared a lot of cribs, but, because at school she northworthy did not write off, the fear just shoved it.
  • Of northworthy A young man appeared, who helped, supported and raised his mood.
  • (The adverb has passed into the noun and is used with the pretext.)

  • The magician spent barely noticeable manipulations, and from northworthy The most unusual items appeared.
  • (Adverb → noun)

  • He was for us a man northworthy So no one knew where he was born and grew.
  • If you go northworthy , perhaps, you can come to nowhere.

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Choosing negative adverbs "It's nowhere" и "Nothing" Depends on the context.

To distinguish how the word is written correctly "It's nowhere" or "Nothing" , from not- or ni- , rely on their pronunciation and on the meaning of the context.

The spelling of the word "nowhere"

But there was nothing to do, and there was help to wait Nearby : I had to or carry a punishment, or pray for the cancellation of it (Mark Twain. Prince and Beggar).

Word of interest is not changed. In the sentence, it explains the faeed and responds to a detailed question:

It was waiting from?

This is a locomotive adverb Used in a proposal with approval and pronounced with a shock prefix:

Nearby - Prefix / Prefix / Root.

Negative locomotive adverb "It's nowhere" written pony with the prefix not- .

Examples of proposals with the word "uneasy" from fiction

Us Nearby Take the money, and you know it perfectly well (Jack London. Moon Valley).
But the boat was taken Nearby , and it is impossible to desire it is useless (Daniel Defo. Robinson Cruzo).
They can't guess that we are going to leave the castle, and if they guessed, then Nearby Find out where we want to swim (James Fenimore Cooper. St. John's wort).

The spelling of the word "nowhere"

Everything seems to live, a circle in debt, northworthy No means, and lunch that can seems to be the last; And they think dinner that tomorrow the owner will be thrown into prison (N. V. Gogol. Dead souls).

This negative adverb has an unmatched console ni- What it is fundamentally different from the word discussed above.

Negative locomotive adverb "Nothing" Written pits with an unstressed prefix ni- .

We note that it is used with a negative leap, having a particle with him "not" .

Nowhere to her did not attend, and even the mother and brother, to whom she felt a big alienation, did not remind her of themselves (Boris Pasternak. Dr. Zhivago).

Examples of proposals with the word "nowhere"

And I didn't buy knowledge, but it was given to me with everyone, given because I northworthy I could not take it (Lion Tolstoy. Anna Karenina).
Fatima complained that she would not cope with such a big and crowded house, and help northworthy because no one does not comply with the departments of the courtyard and the streets of the courtyard and the street (Boris Pasternak. Dr. Zhivago).
He never wrote any letters and did not receive northworthy (Robert Lewis Stevenson. Treasure Island).
A little time me as if I again brought out an open place, only I have no screams northworthy I did not hear (Mark Twain. Adventures Geklberry Finn).

In the context, by meaning, putting emphasis, distinguish the words:

  • Do not hear Never - once do this ;
  • can not found Nowhere else sit down
  • do not go Nowhere to anywhere go;
  • not to say anyone - no one complain;
  • Not pleased nothing - something modest.

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