How to learn a pregnant cow or not at home: calendar of pregnancy and calves

To determine the pregnancy of an animal, it is necessary to take into account all the signs: external changes, changes in behavior, diagnostics.

With a positive result, it is necessary to create a cow optimal conditions for a favorable course of pregnancy and getting healthy offspring.

Visual signs of pregnancy cows

To determine the pregnancy of an animal, it is necessary to take into account all the signs: external changes, changes in behavior, diagnostic
To determine the pregnancy of an animal, it is necessary to take into account all the signs: external changes, changes in behavior, diagnostic

An inspection of the animal belongs to the visual method of determining pregnancy.

The following feasibility features are allocated:

  1. From the genitals appear allocations which when pregnancy becomes transparent and viscous. After drying, the mucus forms crusts on the skin. This sign of determining pregnancy is quite accurate.
  2. Due to the occurring hormonal restructuring of woolen cover changes : It becomes smoother and brilliant.
  3. In later dates, abdominal contours are changed: The right half increases.
  4. Udder increases And it becomes solid (especially at primible).

To other visual features include The increase in the mammary gland, the edema of the udder, limbs and the abdominal wall. These symptoms are not accurate, since they are likely.

The behavior of the animal is changing: the cow becomes more calm, does not jump and does not break the tail. She tries to keep separately from herd, she grabs one, appetite rises. The gait becomes clumsy, moves slow down.

Diagnostics using milk

Rustic residents can determine the state of the cow on her milk. The underlying condition at the same time: the cow should be healthy. After seeding after 1.5 months, there are some milk from the morning boobs.

After half an hour, several drops are put into the container with warm water. If the drops are blurred on the surface in the form of a cloud, it means the fertilization did not happen if the circles are lowered to the bottom and dissolve without a trace - the cow is the coat.

Another method for determining pregnancy is a mix of milk and alcohol. You need to pour 5 ml of milk into the test tube, then as much alcohol and shake well. Milk of a pregnant cow will turn no later than 5 minutes. In a ware cow, the process of folding milk lasts at least 20 minutes. This method is quite accurate (faithful in 75% of cases).

Manual diagnostic method, rectal study

The manual method includes the study of the right side of the belly of the animal. This diagnostics are carried out in late times in order to confirm the presence of the fetus.

To the right half of the abdomen should be laced and press it tightly to the skin. So manages to feel the fruit. Not everyone can feel it, it will take practical experience here.

A few days before childbirth, the fruit rises up towards the generic paths, so it may not be forgiven. The procedure is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach, otherwise the embryo movement can be confused with the intestinal operation.

Before rectal research, it is necessary to completely disinfect your arms: Remove burrs, treat the skin with alcohol solution. To make it easier to face the rectum, you can use lubricant (Vaseline).

Rectal method for determining the pregnancy of cow
Rectal method for determining the pregnancy of cow

First you need to find a cervix. During pregnancy, it protrudes for the Lonnaya region, in the valet cows it is located on the pelvic day. Next, determine the size and location of the uterus. When pregnant, it is in the pelvis, both horns can be easily fascinated.

When pregnancy, the uterus is reduced during palpation not so much. In the ovary, the yellow body is tested. On the second month, the uterus horn increases significantly, the two tops fall into the abdominal cavity.

In the fourth month, the calf is torn, a karunkula is formed on the walls of the uterus. The walls of the medium vessel begin to vibrate. On the 9th month, the cervix is ​​in the pelvic cavity.

Signs of pregnancy cow by month

How to determine the pregnancy at different times:

  1. At the beginning of pregnancy It is very difficult to determine this state. Main features: selection from genitals, lack of estrus. The last sign does not always testify to the occurrence of pregnancy, as it is diagnosed in various diseases. In the first month, the uterus is captured in his hand, the yellow body is torn.
  2. On the second month Laboratory studies are conducted to confirm pregnancy. The uterus moves to the entrance to the pelvis. One horn. Which is the fetal bubble, increases by 2 times.
  3. In 3 months horn It increases to 15 cm. Floating fetus is good enough.
  4. On the 4th month The uterus moves into the abdominal cavity, you can determine the fetus and placenta (2 cm). Blood vessels vibrate.
  5. In 5 months Most of the abdominal cavity is the cervix. The size of the placenta increases to 4 cm. The stomach is growing, the udder becomes more.
  6. On the 6-7th month The uterus falls into the peritoneum, the fruit felt difficult.
  7. For 8 months It is possible to try part of the body of the calf. The uterus is located in the area of ​​the pelvis.
  8. By the 9th month The lower wall of the abdomen and udder swells. The placenta increases to 8 cm. The fruit is in the pelvic cavity.

How to find out the life of the animal's pregnancy yourself?

You can only find out only an approximate period of pregnancy. So, if the cow became more calm, she is distinguished by a mucus and an increase in appetite, hunting does not appear and the flow stops - this means that it is 1-2 months of pregnancy.

The exact period of the pregnancy of the cow can be using biochemical blood analysis
The exact period of the pregnancy of the cow can be using biochemical blood analysis

When the contours of the belly of the animal change, the villas are reduced, udder increases in size, becomes solid, then this indicates 5-6 months of pregnancy.

In the last month you can see the movement of the fetus.

Calendar Cows Cowards by Seement Date: Table

To find out about pregnancy time, adjust the diet and care, the calendar of the hotel is used.

The oscillations are possible within +/- 10 days, which is quite slightly.

Feedback time Date Hotels
1st of January October 12.
January 11. 22 of October
January 21 Nov. 1
January 31. 11th of November
February 10 November 21
February 20th December 1
5'th of July April 15.
July 15 25th of April
July 25. 5 May
August 4 May 15
August 14 May 25.
24 August June 4th

The period of tolerance depends on several factors, such as breed and age of the cow.

Pregnancy test

To determine the pregnancy, an express test has been developed.

Advantages of this method:

  • No help is required by professional veterinarians;
  • The study time is 15 minutes;
  • Allows you to determine the pregnancy at an early period (2 weeks);
  • This is a completely secure method.

For analysis, you must purchase a package with a test, in which there are sterile tubes containing dry matter or solution. 10 ml of urine pour into a test tube. As a result, the color of urine varies and the precipitate falls.

How many pregnant cow goes

Cow pregnancy lasts 9.5 months (about 285 days). It must be borne in mind that in some cases it may not convey or carry a calf.

So, due to the unfavorable conditions of maintenance, childbirth may occur a month before the deadline, and due to bad nutrition - later for 10 days. In addition, scientists have proven that the chicks are born earlier for 1-2 days than bulls.


Pregnancy of an animal, like a person, is a responsible period. The health of the cow and a calf depends on the conditions of detention, competent nutrition and other factors.

Many people are interested in how to determine the pregnancy of cow folk remedies. Literally, it is a "cow with a calf in the womb", that is, this pregnancy cow.

Determination of the pregnancy of cow folk remedies
Many people are interested in how to determine the pregnancy of the cow

It is important to determine the pregnancy of the cow in the early deadlines, since the pregnancy period is divided into steps, and at each stage it is necessary to create special conditions for cows so that the pregnancy goes well and a healthy calf appeared on the light.

Definition of pregnancy by calendar

Pregnancy calendar and care barn. After the pairing or artificial insemination of the cow occurred, it is customary to make a calendar, which indicates the date of the offensive and the date of the hotel. Further, the entire period of pregnancy of the Burenki is divided into several stages according to the term and determine when it is better to translate the cow to dry food when it is worth stopping and translate to a specially prepared place for the hotel.

With proper care for 9 months, more often by the year, the burenks become harsh and are able to give offspring. Every month, a half-armed cow is divided into 5 periods: the state of peace, preparation, flow (bleeding), sex hunting and ovulation. During the period of ovulation, the cow is inseminated by artificial or naturally. If the insemination ended with a positive result, the cow becomes a pregnant, but there are cases when fertilization did not happen and the cow remained spring. Therefore, it is important to know as early as possible whether the cow has a pregnancy.

Determination of the pregnancy of cow folk remedies
Once there was a mating or artificial insemination of a cow, it is customary to make a calendar, which indicates the date of the initiation and the date of the hotel

To do this, there are many ways, including those that can be held at home without referring to the veterinarian and without using additional technical means, as well as folk ways to determine the pregnancy at burenok.

Definition of pregnancy cow (video)

Methods for determining pregnancy cows

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to know the presence and life of the animal as early as possible. For this there are several ways, namely:

  • rectal;
  • manual;
  • ultrasonic;
  • laboratory.

There are several other people's ways that are most often used on the opponents, and they also do not neglect them on the farms. Now about all ways in order.

A rectal study of cows on pregnancy can be carried out in the early periods, but not before the month so as not to provoke the miscarriage. It is best to entrust this to a professional veterinarian, but if you are taken care of caution yourself. A helper will be needed, which must hold the animal for the horns. At the beginning it is necessary to thoroughly wash your hand, handle all cracks or wounds on the skin, to wear a special glove and wash your hand with soap into the rectal hole of the female. Hand you can grope a twin uterus. At the touch of the uterus reacts abbreviations. Summer Burenka has even dimensions and small. At the pregnant - from the side of the pregnancy, the uterus will be increased.

The manual method of determining pregnancy at the Burenki can be carried out independently by palpation (feeling) of the abdomen outside. Palm put the abdominal cow at the bottom of the rib arc and produce small shocks to determine if there is an embryo. This procedure should be carried out early in the morning, until the rower began to eat grass.

Determination of the pregnancy of cow folk remedies

The ultrasound method for determining the pregnancy is quite accurate, but it is not necessary to use it in very early time, as it can provoke a spontaneous interruption of pregnancy. This requires ultrasound equipment. The special apparatus can not only show the presence or absence of pregnancy, but also its deadlines, and certain pathology in the embryo. This method can be used 30 days after insemination.

The laboratory method allows you to accurately confirm the pregnancy of the cow a month later. After the thirtieth day of pregnancy, the Burenque changes the hormonal composition of blood and in the laboratory conditions, even a small change is easily determined and the diagnosis is made. You can also determine pregnancy by analyzing the composition of milk. There is a special test that fixes the presence of a progesterone hormone in the chemical composition of milk. But folk methods proven are more common. Consider them in more detail.

Pregnancy and launch of a cow (video)

Application of folk methods

Experienced milking or farmers can determine the pregnant cow or not, even on behavior and appearance of the animal. The female behavior's manner changes, it becomes more calm, neat, affectionate, moves slowly and smoothly, begins to eat with a big appetite and leaves a nor a tiny. She is done smoother and silky and glitters, unlike the Summer Individual, in which the fur will turn and closed.

It is possible to determine the pregnancy of animals by the discharge from the vagina, which will last the first month and a half after the fertilization. You can see the mucus or non-human blood discharge or already baked crusts in the sedlication area or on the tail of the animal.

Determination of the pregnancy of cow folk remedies

There are two more most common among farmers a method for determining pregnancy in Moloka Burenki. It is worth noting that these methods are effective in the event that the individual is absolutely healthy.

Use better Morning Milk. One glass of milk leaves for a few minutes to stand. After a glass with conventional warm water, some drops of this milk are lowered with conventional warm water. If the milk falls on the bottom, it is necessary to prepare for adding in a cow's family, if the milk droplets break over the surface of the water with muddy divorces, this means that the female remained spring. It is easy to mix in equal proportions morning milk and alcohol. The milk of the cow will come.

These methods of determining can be used in the early stages, since already 1.5 months the composition of the cow's milk changes. In the later periods of pregnancy, it is possible to determine the pregnancy by feeling the belly of the burenki. It should be done very carefully to avoid miscarriage or premature birth. Already by the fifth month, the fruit is fastened outside. And at seven months of pregnancy can already be defined on the eye, which will soon increase. As of the states and sizes of udder, chicks can determine its pregnancy, especially for the primary animals. In the case of pregnancy, udder increases in size and becomes more elastic, it is closer to childbirth, it is strongly filled with milk.

Determination of the pregnancy of cow folk remedies
Experienced milkdoms or farmers can determine the pregnant cow or not, even on behavior and appearance of the animal

Determining the pregnancy of the burenki, it is necessary to take into account all signs of the pregnancy of the cow: the appearance of the animal, its behavior - and use several folk or generally accepted medical methods for determining pregnancy. It is important for sure and as early as possible about the expected offspring. This will allow you to prepare in advance and take all measures to ensure that cows during pregnancy feel good and have not been exhausted, and healthy offspring appeared.

Gynecological diseases of Nettel

The probability of the development of infections and diseases in young individuals is minimal. All major diseases are characteristic of dying cows. These can be endometriosis, endometritis and ooforites. The reasons for their appearance become complex hotels, incorrectly prescribed treatment of existing diseases, incomplete deduction of postpartum sufferers.

Infectilation of the urogenital system may occur in the nonsense only in the case of natural insemination (incidence with bull). Therefore, when buying nets, it is worth to give preference to those who were cloys artificially. This guarantees a new owner. The absence of sex infections in a cow. In addition, this method of fertilization of cattle is carried out by the seed only tribal bulls, which guarantees the production of purebred offspring.

The cultivation and content of pretty chicks only at first glance seems so simple. In fact, there are many nuances and difficulties that lie down the breeder when leaving and preparing the nets to a new stage in her life - the first hotel and the first lactation. So that this period of life has not brought problems, you need to carefully prepare a future cow for him

It is important to pay attention to the nutrition and preparation of udder to perform its main function.

Changes in biochemical blood test

Already in the first month of pregnancy, the hormonal background of the cow begins to change. The owners may still not be noticed that the behavior of the crumbles has become different, and the laboratory workers are already able to determine its pregnancy. For this you need to take on the analysis or blood or milk.

In the laboratory, these substances will try to find specific hormones that are produced only in the body of cows during pregnancy. For this you need special equipment and medical reagents, so at home this study will not be carried out.

However, this method is only suitable for cows that have hotels more than 3 months ago. If the study earlier, it may be unreliable, as the hormones have not yet come to normal after last pregnancy. This method is very convenient, as it has good efficiency and helps to detect the pregnancy already on the period of 1 month. But, unfortunately, it is not available to all rustic residents.

Folk ways

However, there are other methods, how to find out that the cow is pregnant. If there is no possibility to refer to the vet and check the availability of pregnancy, you can try the methods that have been used for a long time.

First of all, the pregnancy can be determined visually.

  • After a half and a half - two months in a cow or a twister of the vagina, adhesive mucus begins. It dries out, forming a thin string. There remains mucus and on the tail.
  • On the sixth month of pregnancy, the selection becomes thick and stretching. Six-month calves will definitely allocate cord similar to caramel.
  • For large periods of pregnancy, the body changes, animals the right side becomes much more left. He opens.
  • Changes after fertilization of animal wool. If it becomes smooth and silky, then wait for the rating. There is another people's way to determine the pregnancy: the cow constantly licks the right side where the uterus is located. In Yalian animals, the wool continues to strain.

No less effective and observations of animal behavior. Washing cows after a month after the coating even the violent animals calm down, they appetite appetite. Healthy cow feeds all the feed, because she needs to feed the calf. So not only the cow, but also the outer goat.

You can also determine the pregnancy of milk. This method allows you to determine at home the pregnancy only at dying cows, no longer ill.

  • Months after a half after the concerns with bulls or artificial fertilization leave milk after morning milking. It should stand half an hour. In warm water from pipette pour milk. If the droplets break up with clouds, then the cow is yalovaya. If the droplets fall on the bottom of the glass, then you can expect the addition of the economy.
  • During milking, first squeeze 20 drops of milk. Then pipette introduce into a slightly cooled boiled water. If the chick did not fall out, the milk will climb the post. In the case of successful concerns at the bottom of the glass, circles are formed.
  • An effective owner of private terms consider the method of studying milk with alcohol. Both fluids are taken in equal amounts of 5 ml and mixed. If the milk is folded (the suspension is obtained, similar to Prostokvash) - it is safe to talk about a good fertilization.

Of course, 100% guarantees in the initial timing of the pregnancy of cows and the first folk methods do not give. But in the absence of other possibilities, they can be used to prepare domestic animals to the hotel in time.

How to determine the birth time?

It is possible to determine when the cow will have something on the table, but you need to take into account that the period may move away depending on the floor for several days forward and forth.

Inexperienced farmers do not know how much time a pregnancy can last with cattle. Like a person, grabs 9 months so that the fruit is formed enough for independent life outside the body of the mother.

  • In the first month, the zygote is divided, after which the embryo comes a trip to the uterus, where he is attached. The formation of the germ node occurs, trophoblast is laid. The duration of the second period is a week.
  • The view that the non-robbery during this period can still be milked, incorrectly: the forces must be left a cow to bend the fetus, and not the production of milk.
  • The third stage is characterized by finding the embryo in a special fluid, which is filled with uterine horn. At this time, the shell laying around the fetus occurs. It lasts 8 days.
  • By the fourth period, the fruit has its own blood, nervous system, it develops axial organs. Only in the fifth stage there is a laying of muscle mass, intestines and kidneys begin to form.
  • The further formation of all organs, only in the seventh and eighth stage, which takes up to 25 days, the formation of the floor of the calf, bones and cartilage. The fruit is covered with wool, the weight of the fetus increases at an accelerated pace.

The approach of childbirth can be determined by the calendar not only taking into account the behavior of the animal, but also considering the period in which insemination occurred. At home is easy to make your own calendar when the cow will give birth - there is a simple formula for this for this for computing.

As a basis, take 280 days, celebrate the day of fertilization, and then follow the forerunners.

From external signs, it is possible to distinguish a strong solidity on sexual lips, changing the shade to bright red, the appearance of white mucus. You need to know that white discharge is a sign of thrush, it is treated to eliminate the fungus before the selection.

Run - training cow to childbirth

In the past two months, pregnancy occurs the highest development of the fetus - the calf is gaining up to 70% of its mass, organs and systems are fully formulated. This period requires the highest energy costs of the mother's energy, so it is sharply reduced by DBIs, and the quality of milk deteriorates. In natural conditions and in fine animals with low productivity, the launch occurs independently, and the dairy cows need the help of a person (Holstein and other cattle with high flies can form a large amount of milk up to delivery).

Feeding cows in recent months

Preparation for launch consists with a decrease in the cottage of the milk grown feed. At the same time, the diet can not be reduced, and on the contrary, the amount of hay and concentrates should be increased. It is necessary for how to enhance the needs of the fetus, as well as to alleviate the selected cow after the hotel.

Before launching, the content of the silo, root, sink, and their drawback is replaced by SEND. If during the week there will be no decrease in the formation of breastworking, then the content of concentrates in the diet is reduced.

In the next then, the drying period is the diet amount to such a scheme:

  • up to 35% high-quality hay of legumes, cereal herbs;
  • up to 25% concentrates;
  • up to 15% root, potatoes and other vegetables;
  • up to 25% silos or haygo.

Beer crushing during this period should be used in minimal quantity, as it strongly affects the process of formation of milk. Feeding a few days before calving - it is necessary to completely stop the giving the concentrates, reduce the content of root and silo to a minimum, and the amount of hay increases twice. It is also recommended to use a bran cooked from bran, ground oats or other grain. On the day of childbirth, the cow is given only hay and water.

Features of deep beds

The cow for running is recommended to translate into a separate room, it is necessary for a number of reasons:

  • Contact with other animals is minimized;
  • facilitated service;
  • It is easier to organize individual feeding for this state;
  • The place is released on the farm of the milkstone.

In addition, pretty animals need a different stall device. The dimensions of the pregnant cow differ significantly from the usual state - during the pregnancy, animals can gain up to 100 kg of bridge. Therefore, the stall has large dimensions both in width and length, which is somewhat impacts the service, but improves the content of cattle.

The content of the group method without tossing in the last months of pregnancy often provokes a miscarriage from a cow. During this period, it is necessary to ensure peace and prevent injury.

Preparations and launch methods

On modern milk cattle farms, the technology of simultaneous launch is used. To do this, after the milking, it is necessary to manually empty the share completely, and then intrammanno special means are introduced:

  • Hamareret is a complex drug of antibiotics in the form of a suspension. Available in the form of syringe-tubes, the main direction of use is the treatment of clinical forms of mastitis;
  • Orbenin, Orbesil - specialized means to stop milk formation. In the nipple channel a plug is formed blocking the upward penetration of infection. Also produced in the format of syringe tubes;
  • Mastisan is an antibacterial drug in the form of a suspension, produced in bottles of various volumes. For administration, a syringe and a milk catheter are used. The main direction of use is the treatment of mastitis, more preparatory work is required, but it is significantly less.

To run a cow before the echoker, it is more expedient to use antibacterial agents, as it allows you to eliminate udder diseases. Orbenin and analogues can cause the pathology of udder in the dry period, which leads to a decrease in productivity after genera or breast atrophy.

Ways to determine the pregnancy without the help of a veterinarian

The pregnancy of the cow is actually determined at home using the so-called folk agents. These funds are not always effective, but with proper use they give fairly accurate results. It is possible to do this with the help of the simplest analysis of milk, a simple contraction of the abdominal cavity and on external signs. One of these external signs has already been mentioned before. The fertilized cow has a mucus, which is clearly visible on the external genital organs. It should be noticed easily, and it should be remembered that there are no such sections with such a discharge.

Diagnosis of pregnancy in cows can be carried out manually, the usual tackling of the abdominal cavity. But this is not easy, and an inexperienced person can only harm the fetus if it resorts to this method. To diagnose must be a veterinarian who knows when and how to do it. The time of diagnostics is an early morning when the chick is still hungry. It should not eat before diagnosis, otherwise it will make the result inaccurate. You can watch training videos that show how the so-called manual examination is carried out. But it is still not worth resorting to him without the presence of a veterinarian.

Another way to determine the pregnancy of chicks is to explore it milk. There are 2 options: a laboratory study and at home. In the laboratory, the level of progesterone hormone is estimated when determining the pregnancy of cow. It is impossible to say how much it should be in milk, but if the chuck is pregnant, then the level of this hormone is constantly increasing. The countdown is conducted in the days, and if this increase is observed by 20-22, it means that it is worth being prepared for the Ot. Diagnostics can be carried out at home, although not so deep, as in the laboratory. To do this, a small portion of milk is mixed with medical alcohol in a ratio of 1 to 1. If milk is folded after a while, the insemination was successful.

General rules for care for pregnant cows

From the correctness of the departure after the hotel, its further health depends on the animal. Errors do not rarely lead to the development of serious complications, which sometimes end with even a fatal outcome.

It should not flip a cow after the hotel. The portion of the feed should be 70% of the standard volume, which is returned only a week after the birth of offspring. The cow should be displayed for grazing, so that she can eat herbs that will help her to recover rather. Feed is given at one time.

An hour after the calf, the cow should be supplied with salted water. It is prepared at the rate of 150 g of salts on 10 liters of water. Such a drink speeds up the process of restoring an animal.

In the event that the cow suffers from mastitis, which developed even before the calf, it is necessary to make it necessary immediately as soon as the childhood ended. The colostrum obtained at the same time is destroyed, as it is infected and the calf can not be given. To milk the first week should be up to 5 times a day, and there should be no night break for more than 10 hours. Dooming is held at the same time.

Section Cow after calving

The volume of milk given by the pilot depends on its breed. The indicator may be from 6 l to 15 liters. The breed of the meat direction has milk productivity significantly below the dairy.

The first week of the cow does not give milk, but a mosper that the calf is fed. It is permissible for eating, but its calf is much more important than it, and the colostrum should be left to him. After 7-10 days, the burenka begins to give milk that you can drink a person.

It is necessary to prepare a diet so that the cows fir all that is painted on paper. It often happens that they begin to choose the most delicious ingredients, completely ignoring others. The task of a specialist make sure that the feed seemed to be a tasty cow, and she eaten everything that she was offered.

The problem is that the cows before the echo on the farm is much smaller than the main livestock. And if during the period before the hotel, it is still possible to prepare food for such a group of animals separately, then after the calving they connect with the whole herd and feed them with something different from the rest it turns out very uncomfortable. Often it is not possible technically.

"Most errors begin in feeding and with this most of the problems are connected," explains Liem Grussemann. - And a large percentage of chosen in milk animal husbandry is due to the fact that enterprises the theory of proper feeding is often very different from practice. It is impossible to get a high result if feeding the cows is correct today and tomorrow, and then start feeding them differently. In this case, the result you need will no longer - the system stops working.

Therefore, the most important thing is to organize the work of people who feed animals from calving to the calf, so that they prepare food for cows in all the rules. You can endlessly calculate the correct and balanced diet, sitting in the office

But it is important that this is also respected in practice, "the specialist concludes

About the development and problems of meat cattle breeding in Russia, read here

When seals appear in any part, it is important to seek help to a veterinary doctor. Seals and hardening, as a rule, are signs of mastitis

Sometimes it happens, and then the launch of the cow is postponed indefinitely, until complete recovery comes.

To prevent the development of mastitis and other diseases, you need to periodically make an animal massage for udder. Before the procedures, it is necessary to wash the dust of the cow with warm water with soap and wipe dry.

A simultaneous launch of cows is the most acceptable way for large farms, where the workers are physically able to cope with the amount of work that appears when it is necessary to simultaneously launch a large number of cows.

Plus this method lies in the available cost of the procedure, which is important for the budget. But many farms continue to practice the old methods of gradual launch of cows, considering it true and proven time

When working out animal husbandry, it costs as much as possible to relate to health of cattle, then the profit will be appropriate.

Methods and techniques of insemination

There are many methods of artificial insemination, but there are also standard, which are most often applied. Their use is allowed at home.

Manocerevical machinery

It is rarely used at home, because for the procedure, the seedr is obliged to know the structure of the urogenital cow system. After preliminary preparation, it is necessary to moisten the hands in the solution of the cooking salt, after which it is immersed in the vagina. This will make it possible to accurately determine the degree of revelation of the cervix.

Next, a massage is carried out and a catheter with an ampoule (maximum of 8 cm) is introduced. Then the seed liquid is extruded, and the hand is pulled out with neat movements

Caution is necessary to ensure that the uterus for pain does not decrease, because of which the cum will be thrown out

Feature - Allowed to use tools purely for one individual. For conveyor insemination, the method does not fit. This is a fairly inexpensive technique, but having many advantages and minuses.


  • It is permissible to use all sorts of tools (pipettes, zoo-syringes, Шо-3, etc.);
  • sperm packaging can be any;
  • The duration of the procedure is minimal.


  • Most often there is a reverse release of seminal fluid;
  • undesirable to conduct a procedure for primary chicks (due to a narrow vagina);
  • An animal gets stress, after which you need to create quiet conditions for several hours.

Visocerevical machinery

The method involves using a viewing mirror equipped with a high-speed device. The scheme of the procedure is considered complex, but highly efficient:

  1. A long syringe with sperm is prepared.
  2. Separately arranged capacity: the first is filled with sodium chloride solution, the second - alcohol (70%), the third and fourth is also sodium chloride or sodium citrate. They alternate tools alternately.
  3. The outer surface of the vagina is processed with a solution of furacin.

A disinfected gynecological mirror is heated, introduced into the cervix for inspection. Next, the catheter is inserted with a 4 cm syringe into the cervical canal. At the same time, the sperm should have a temperature of 37-38 degrees. Entered seed material. The syringe is removed, after which the mirror.

Rektorcervical machinery

This is a reliable and efficient method of artificial insemination, but requiring knowledge and experience. For the procedure, a metal container has a tube attached to the syringe with seed liquid. The method is based on the fact that an additional device is used, which captures the cervix through the rectum (quite often instead of the vet tool uses your own hand). The procedure looks like:

  • The hand of the zootechnology is introduced into the rectum of the cow;
  • Through the walls are massage;
  • Next, the cervix is ​​fixed by the index and middle finger (the thumb controls the channel input;
  • A long catheter is introduced into the vagina;
  • seed injected;
  • Pull tools.

The method is complicated by the fact that the walls of the cervix must be in a relaxed state. Otherwise, the seed fluid will not penetrate into the uterus. Also grow risk of injury.

You can clearly see this procedure in this video:

Epiccreic machinery

The technique is designed for primary chicks. The fact is that they have not yet stretched the vagina, so other methods can harm. The epidervical technology is based on the introduction of seed fluid into the vaginal cavity, and not in the uterus, therefore the effectiveness of seeding is not too high. This leads to the fact that more than one insemination is carried out for effective fertilization.

A catheter equipped with an ampoule is introduced at an angle of 30 degrees to the stop. After that, it is necessary to stimulate the clitoris so that the uterus is reduced. It is this final process that pushes sperm deep into the uterus.

Whether your cow is pregnant: how to learn about it

There are several practical ways to determine the pregnancy of livestock. If there is no possibility of a laboratory study, you will have to carry out procedures at home. Ultrasound studies are considered the most accurate.

In the early stages, the pregnancy of the cow is determined after the visual inspection of individual and the observation method. One of the signals will be an increase in appetite. If earlier the animal led the active lifestyle, it is now traced to pacification and calm. Much depends on the nature, but most cows really become more measured. This is reflected in their habits. Also, the farmer can clarify the mucous selection. They are not always manifested in early terms, but it is necessary to observe this in obligatory.

Three weeks after conception, special strips will be perfect for testing. After four weeks, a biochemical analysis is recommended. In the blood there is an increased amount of progesterone (as in women). After the ultrasound, the question of pregnancy is solved by itself.

At the stages of early diagnosis, you can also have a small experiment at home without equipment. The pair milk is diluted with alcohol tincture (at least 95%). If the animal is in the position, the coagulation time is significantly reduced from 30 minutes to 6.

Examine the stomach will be able only on average. After 20 weeks from the moment of fertilization, make several lungs pressed from the right side. If there is a calf, his movements will be tangible. In no case do not paint the animal, because in this position the sensitivity is significantly increased. Avoid exhaustion and remember the role of a pregnant woman.

In recent months, the pregnancy of vaginal releases acquire a saturated yellowish color, and their number increases. A month before presumptive genera, the right side is visually repeated. This speaks about the upcoming event.

Udder chicks should also be prepared for lactation. For this, simple massage techniques are studying. The main condition - the animal must trust and relax at the time of the procedure. Upon completion of the manipulation, nipples are kneading through which the calf will receive the desired amount of natural nutrition. Every day it is worth paying at least 5 minutes to the procedure.

What is artificial insemination of cows?

Artificial insemination of cows - the method of fertilization, the essence of which is to introduce an animal-selected bull-producer in the uterus. As a result of such manipulation through the appropriate amount of time, replenishment appears.

Thanks to this technique, the manufacturer's sperm is used more rationally, since one portion is enough for insemination of several cows at once.

Artificial fertilization of cows are carried out, based on the sex cycle of the animal. For this reason, before performing manipulation, it is required to determine which time it begins. It is known for certain that cows can give the range annually.

Seeding cows

There are three phases of the sexual cycle, the total duration of which is 3 weeks. The specialist should understand these stages to select the right time to perform the procedure.

The process of flow in the female

The cow in a cow is one of the stages of the sex cycle of the animal. At this stage in the body, the ripening of follicles occurs, a sex hormone is synthesized that affects the operation of the secret. Such a substance is made by the uterus. The secret is allocated in a large volume, so that it goes to the surface of the vulva. As a result, it fills blood and it swells.

When the estate stops, the secret acquires thick consistency and the liquid becomes muddy. Such a stage can be recognized by the following features:

  • Restless animal behavior;
  • cow activity;
  • Failure to eat.

The duration of the flow - from several hours to several days.

Floor hunting and ovulation

Sex hunt starts during the time when there is a flow. This suggests that the animal organism is prepared for insemination. The main feature - the cow does not move when bull jumps on it, because the reflex for the time of conception is turned off.

The duration of hunting from cows

Other signs:

  • Lisening of genital organs;
  • The cow constantly puts his head on his back.

Since the middle of the cycle, ovulation occurs. In some cases, it begins at the end of the hunt. Ovulation - time when you can start artificial insemination.

In order not to miss the right moment, you need to keep observation at the flock. The optimal visiting option is up to three times a day. This allows you to identify up to 90% of cows ready for mating. The less often a professional attends herd, the lower the percentage. To notice the beginning of hunting and ovulation, it is necessary to observe at the flock during the walk.

If the fertilization of the female did not happen, the sexual attraction disappears. The cow becomes apathetic, the power mode is settled. In this case, you will have to wait for a new stage of ovulation.

On the video, the specialist tells in detail about how to understand what the cow is in the hunt.

How to determine the readiness of the cow to the insemination

The readiness of the animal to reproduction on physiological parameters occurs already at the age of 9-10 months. For the exact time the following points affect:

  • breed of an animal;
  • residence place;
  • Food and care.

Full readiness for insemination occurs when the individual turns 24 months. If at this time does not conceive, the productivity of milk decreases, and feed intake increases.

Only a professional can understand when the female organism is ready for fertilization. At the same time, it should navigate not only on physiological processes, but also on the behavior of the animal.

The specialist determines the readiness of the cow to conceive as follows:

  • performs the inspection of the genitals and reveals, in which they are the state;
  • Checks the vagina and the cervix;
  • Rectally determines the state of the follicles, according to their diameter, the professional will recognize which stage of hunting occurs.

Thanks to this, the professional knows exactly how many hours it remains to ovulation and can perform insemination in a timely manner.

Choosing the moment of artificial insemination of cows

Factors affecting the beginning of sex hunting

The term of the impression of sexual hunt depends on the following factors:

  • individual physiology;
  • animal health;
  • food quality;
  • Conditions of stay;
  • care.

Signs of animal readiness for insemination:

  • Reflex appears motionlessness;
  • mucus is formed;
  • Vulva increases in size;
  • Rectally you can try to face a mature follicle.

Fertilization of the cow is performed twice:

  • After determining the start of hunting;
  • After 12 hours, be sure to milking.

Next comes the period of waiting for the end of the hunt. In most cases, the chick starts blood discharge, the cow has such a process only in 50 cases out of 100. This symptom confirms the hunting period, but does not indicate a successful conception.

The task of the responsible farmer is the organization of decent care for animals, taking into account its physiological state. This is especially true for pregnant cows that need balanced nutrition and additives, proper preparation for childbirth. Only so you can get a healthy offspring. That is why it is important to be able to determine the pregnancy of cows by folk remedies. This will allow in a timely manner to provide an animal everything necessary for the normal course of pregnancy.

The article will introduce the main ways that are available to every farmer, regardless of the presence / absence of veterinary equipment and the possibility of visiting the laboratory.

Determine the pregnancy of cows at home

What is pregnancy

Pregnancy is a term that means the pregnancy of the cow. That is, during the mating or artificial insemination, the female was successfully fertilized. However, the concern does not guarantee the onset of pregnancy, which is why the issue of using various means becomes relevant.

The duration of this state is 285 days, but permissible deviation in a large or smaller side (275-300 days). At this time, the Burenka needs to be fed well, gradually increasing the norm, as well as closely monitor hygiene. Approximately from the fifth month, the animal begin to prepare to dry, cutting the villas. To facilitate the work of the livestock breeders lead an individual calendar of pregnancy and calves.

Find out, a pregnant cow or not, it is also necessary to re-coating in a timely manner. It is recommended to do this no earlier than 30 days after failure.

how to determine the pregnancy of cow folk remedies

Main methods

There are several methods that allow you to identify a pregnancy of cattle.

Here they are:

  1. Laboratory. Most often used in large livestock farms with their laboratories. The accuracy of the analysis for which milk is used is quite high - the result is determined by quite exactly 3-4 weeks. The blood test allows you to receive an answer only for the second month of pregnancy.
  2. Ultrasonic. It is used quite rare due to an impressive cost, but the result is irremissible. It is permissible to do not earlier than 30 days after the insemination, otherwise the ultrasound can provoke a miscarriage.
  3. Manual. Protecting the fetus outside.
  4. Rectal. The uterus is trying through the rectum. Additional equipment is not required, but need experience and responsible attitude towards an animal.
  5. Simple folk. Will be considered in detail below.

how to determine the pregnancy of cow folk remedies

Visual inspection

Find out that the cow is pregnant, it will help her inspection - the simplest of folk methods available to everyone. But at the same time, the most inaccurate, requiring a certain experience from the farmer.

In the first month

If the cow is fertilized, the specificity of animal behavior changes:

  1. It becomes calmer.
  2. Care.
  3. Begins to eat more feed.
  4. She grabbed alone.
  5. Stop jumping and downpit.

Appearance changes: the coarse wool becomes shiny, smooth.

Up to 4 months

During this period, the pregnant cow swell the dairy glands, legs and abdominal wall can swell. In most of the animals, it can be selected by the separation of the sexual mucus from the genitals. Walking, it turns into a transparent film. It happens 1.5-2 months after a successful insemination. There are no signs of sex hunting.

5 month and later

At later deadlines, determine the pregnancy of the cow is visually much easier.

Here are the main signs:

  1. The selection from the genital organs become more dragging and thick.
  2. The stomach increases, and its right half becomes much more than the left, discourages noticeably. An animal actively licks himself on the right side.

The cow has a gait, movement becomes slow and clumsy.

find out what cow is pregnant

Diagnosis in Moloka

Folk methods, despite their simplicity, help get the result and help those animals who do not have the opportunity to refer to the vet or pass tests.

With water

Determine the pregnancy of cows at home is the easiest way to milk.

The procedure for action is:

  1. Take a couple of drops of milk after morning milking.
  2. Give her to stand 30 minutes.
  3. Drink in a glass of water from a pipette from a distance of about 5-6 cm.
  4. If the drops dropped to the bottom - the cow is pregnant. If you melted - yalovaya.

The method can be used in 30-45 days after the conversion.

With alcohol

Another simple and affordable pregnancy method.

The procedure for action is:

  1. Take 5 ml milk and alcohol.
  2. Mix with shaking.
  3. If the milk is folded quickly (immediately or within 5 minutes), that is, it becomes like a consistency on the procubule, then it says about pregnancy. If the insemination did not happen, it will turn around for about 20-25 minutes.

The method does not apply to exact and has an error of 25%.

find out what cow is pregnant

With the help of the bull

Determine the pregnancy of the pilot is best with the help of a bull. This is done like this: bulls are summarized to the cow and are observed for its reaction. It is necessary to do it in 27-30 days after the concern.

If the female does not demonstrate signs of sex hunting, seeks to escape from the male, then you can be confident in pregnancy. If the burenka is favorable to the bull, then it is not pregnant.

Determine the pregnancy of the first cell

Rectal palpation

If there is a veterinary education or relevant experience, you can refer to this method for determining the pregnancy of cattle. Special equipment is not required, but care and observance of hygiene is needed, since the risk of incurring infection or damage to the internal organs is large.

Check implies fetal fetal across the rear pass.

It is necessary to follow certain rules:

  1. An animal must be calm, feel good.
  2. Nails on hands need to briefly cut.
  3. All decorations take off.
  4. Be sure to use Vaseline.
  5. Pre-handle the hands of the disinfector.
  6. If there are wounds, they should be lubricated with iodine.

Slowing the neck of the uterus, it will be possible to make sure that the animal is pregnant:

  1. The uterus with the same horns - a sign of the Yalov Cow.
  2. An increase in one of the horns, twitching when touched talks about pregnancy.

The method is permissible to use after 30 days, because from this time changes will be tangible.

Determine the pregnancy of the first cell

Manual method

Used at later pregnancy and implies external fracture. On the fourth month after mating, palm should be put on the right side of the animal, approximately 15 cm from the rib arc and 45 cm under the hungry hole. Next you need to move the palm down, having a light pressure. If the palm to weaken even stronger, but not to remove the animal from the sides, the fruit can push back.

It is necessary to conduct such a study in the early morning, before feeding the animal.

Learn a villa cow or not

For the reliability and accuracy of the result, it is best to check several methods.


In the next video, you can clearly see how the pregnancy test is described above.

Redhead cowsTimely definition Cow pregnancy In modern milk animal husbandry significantly reduces the rods of animals, thereby increasing the profit of farms.

To date, several guaranteed methods for determining the pregnancy of the cow are used.

Methods of research:

  • Hormone;
  • Rectal;
  • Ultrasound

Most often in our country check, the cow is pregnant or not, rectal research. Additionally, this method provides information and the presence of functional disorders in animal. The full period of pregnancy in cows lasts an average of 9 months, and the results rectal research gives only after 2-3 months after insemination. In addition, the method is very laborious and can harm the animal in non-compliance with the sanitary rules during the procedure.

Hormonal method

Determine the pregnancy of cows using an enzyme immunoassay analysis in the earliest period But this method is used everywhere in Europe and America. The fact is that it requires a specialized laboratory in which the fresh animal biomaterials need to be delivered. The pregnancy in this case is determined by studying the serum or milk cow on the concentration of progesterone. Its level in the body is at the maximum mark two weeks after ovulation, then begins to decline. If a pregnancy occurs after the end, the hormone concentration is preserved at a high level.

Usually, Calendar pregnancy cows According to this method, it is possible to make up after three weeks from the moment of the concern. It is during this period that it is necessary to conduct a study and determine pregnancy. The concentration of progesterone at the premium cow is at least 7 ng / ml of blood or milk. With a smaller hormone content, the animal is considered doubtful or not pregnant (if less than 4 ng / ml).

Common method

Rectal studyIt is Rectal study of cows for pregnancy despite the danger to the animal in the form of possible:

We also recommend reading:

  • injury;
  • infection with infectious diseases;
  • Improbe implantation violations.

The process occurs by introducing hands into the rear pass of the animal and tacking internal organs. Such a study should conduct only a qualified veterinarian and after sanitary handling of hands. To do this, the nails are briefly squeezed, storm, the existing wounds are treated with iodine, and the entire surface of the hands are lubricated with soap or petroleum. At the same time, the animal needs to be held for the horns, the pilot behave restlessly during the survey, so they still need to squeeze the nasal shaped forceps.

First check the state of the cervix which is located at the bottom of the pelvis and more dense than the surrounding fabrics. They also feel near the ovaries and other parts of the uterus. In the absence of pregnancy, the horns of the uterus will be the same sizes, and the entire organ can fit in hand. The ovaries in the vague cow are not more pigeon eggs.

If the fertilization occurred, then the uterus of the animal in the first month will be in the pelvic cavity, and its pregnant horn will be a little more than the other. With the feeling of reduction, the organ is poorly expressed. In a period of 4 weeks after insemination, the pregnancy is already easier, since the fertilized horn is twice as much. After another month, its size will be 3-4 times higher than the unable horn.

Already by 4 months, the pregnancy of the uterus is lowered into the abdominal cavity and is torn as a bubble with liquid. The surface of the organ creates a feeling of the bugness, due to the formation of karunkulov on it. Sometimes at this time you can already grope and the fruit, but more often this moment comes only in 5 months. In the future, the karunkula will grow with each week, and find part of the fetus can be easily easily. On the last month of pregnancy rectally determined the presence of the fetus.

In addition, the study makes it possible to control the state of medium uterine arteries, which should also gradually increase. The vibration of the arteries, which begins to be felt from 4 months are considered to be the normal course of pregnancy.

Examination ultrasound

Uzi pregnancy cowFind out, Bed cow Or not, in the early time Helps ultrasound examination . It can be carried out already a month after the concerns, and additional advantages are the ability to determine the presence of gynecological diseases in the animal. The survey process is an introduction to the rear passage of an ultrasound scanner along with a specialist hand, after which a two-dimensional echogram is displayed on the monitor. An important advantage of this method of examination is the possibility of determining the sex of the calf in the second month of pregnancy.

Folk Methods

Before How to determine the pregnancy of cows at home , It should be aware that none of the ways gives a complete guarantee of the exact result, since each animal is individually.

Most often, livestock breeders pay attention to the behavior of the cow after the coating . The female becomes calmer and more careful, and from under the tail sometimes appear selection. A selection of a lace stretched out of the loop of the lace is acquired, and after 4 months become drum and sticky.

Externally, it is possible to define a pregnant cow or not in the later dates when her stomach is already markedly rounded. It happens that in the fifth month you can feel the impulse of the calf, if you make a hand on the right side of the animal. The udder of the cow at this time begins to increase and felt noticeably, and its wool becomes smooth and brilliant.

In addition to calculations of the term of the calendar, it is possible to determine the pregnancy and as a state of milk. Have a healthy cow after 50 days from the challenges take some milk from the middle of the fishing. He is defended to three hours and dripped with a pipette in a glass with warm boiled water. In a pregnant animal, milk must smoothly settle on the bottom, and the Yalo Cow is simply mixed with water.

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