How to cure burns depending on the degree of damage

Getting a burn quite easily: they were inaccurated for the iron, tilted the mug with hot tea, fell asleep on the beach, etc. What to do when injury is obtained? When can the burn you can cure yourself, and when it is necessary to immediately cause ambulance?

First aid for burns 1 and 2 degrees

Immediately, we note that when burning 3-4 degrees, it is necessary to stop the action of the affecting factor and immediately cause an ambulance. Then the damaged area should be cooled, and a person is to calm, warm and give an anesthetic if he is conscious.

Photo, Alina Crowd CollageIt is strictly forbidden to tear or skip the clothes sticking to the skin or try to treat heavy burns at home. The methods of "folk" or "non-traditional" medicine are not applicable here and is fraught with extremely deposits.

First aid with thermal burn:

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  1. Hold the affected area under cold water 10-15 minutes or make a cool wet compress,
  2. If necessary, give the injured anesthetic,
  3. Process the scene of the burn with a solution of lidocaine or novocaine,
  4. To impose an oath or hydrocolelo-shaped dressing, for example, bronolond H or hydrocall.

If the lesion area is more than 10% or the victim over 60 years old, hospitalization is necessary.

What should be done nonsense:

  • Lubricate the burnt area with kefir or sour cream.
  • Cover the burn of wet gauze, bandages, sheets, etc.
  • Punch bubbles.
  • Use fatty, oil cosmetic and children's creams.
  • Mind burn with iodine, green or manganese.

First aid for chemical burns:

First assistance in burns.

  1. Remove the clothes on which the chemical may remain, which caused the burn.
  2. Wash the skin with running water to eliminate the malicious substance - at least 25 minutes (with the exception of funds, when using water contact is prohibited - for example, aluminum).
  3. Rinse the affected area:
    • With an acid damage - 2-3% solution of food soda (1 teaspoon of 2.5 glasses of water),
    • With damage to the alkali - 1-2% solution of citric, boring or acetic acid.
  4. If necessary, take an anesthetic.
  5. To impose a free, dry and sterile bandage of gauze or bandage.

What should be done nonsense:

  • Wash the substances with tampons and napkins - so they only deeper into the skin.
  • Use cotton instead of bandage.

When is hospitalized required?

  • lesion area more than 7%,
  • The substance fell into the eye or esophagus,
  • The victim is in a shock,
  • Strong pain that cannot be removed using non-pressed analgesics.

First Aid with Electric Burn:

First help with thermal burn.

  1. Stop the impact of current on the affected - pull the cord from the outlet, push away the person from the electrocer, etc.
  2. Lay the victim to a flat surface and lift his legs so that they are above the head.
  3. Call an ambulance in order to avoid deterioration of the state, because Electric kick may cause breathing problems or heart.
  4. Damaged limbs to cover sterile bandage to prevent injury infections.

Important! Before assisting, make sure that there are no metallic objects. Do not touch the affected naked hands when it is energized. Avoid contact with water.

First Aid for Radiation Burn:

First help with a chemical burn.

  1. Put on burn napkins impregnated with disinfecting solution.
  2. Rinse the affected area with soapy water.
  3. Lubricate with children's cream.

Treatment of burns at home

In hospitals, patients with strong burns, qualified assistance are provided by doctors, but when they burn 1-2 degrees and a small lesion area, it is possible to be treated at home. What to treat a burn at home?

Solutions and gels

Special dressings

All listed bandages contribute to protection and accelerate wound healing.

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For Burns, regardless of their gravity, the first blow takes the skin. It is also appreciated the most serious harm: even the burning of 1 degree leaves on the surface of the skin of redness, what to talk about deeper lesions (after which the removal of dead tissues is required).

How to understand that burn requires treatment? Our skin took care of it.

Upon receipt of burns 2 degrees and above (all of them 4) on the damaged body surface, bubbles filled with yellowish liquid - exudate are formed. These bubbles arise directly there, where the burn came, so even if the victim lost consciousness or he has a temporary loss of sensitivity, the burn place is easy to detect on these characteristic bubbles.

Bubble from burn or blister from burn - what do you have?

Doctors dermatologists classify types of rash on the skin caused by its irritation and injury. Bubbles are even distinguished in size - bubbles called small, similar to small rash elements, larger bags with liquid, formed during merging of several small bubbles, are called bubbles.

If you contact the definition of a blister, the subcutaneous bubble arising during allergies or with mechanical friction (for example, if you finish shoes). Therefore, to correctly call the elements of bubbles that appeared after the burn.

However, when describing the doctor's doctor, you can use any term - most likely, he will understand you.

What is the danger of the appearance of bubbles after burn

First aid with electric burns.
First of all, you should know that the appearance of bubbles in itself says that skin damage is quite serious. Bubbles are formed directly at the scene of the burn (when contacting with hot objects and an open flame, contact with chemicals, long stay in the sun, irradiation). Therefore, it is possible to judge the nature of the skin lesion obtained by leather covered with bubbles. Immediately contact the doctor needed in the following cases:
  • If the burn is 1 degree, but more than 10% of the body area (for the "measuring instrument" you can take your palm, the size of which is about 1% of the skin area), if the burn is 2 degree, and the lesion area is more than 1%, and if the burn is obtained 3 and 4 degrees.
  • If a large number of bubbles appeared on the skin, which are quickly combined into large bubbles against the backdrop of a damaged body part.
  • Strong pain, loss of sensitivity in the burn area.
  • Burn of any degree in the field of person, the groove region, joints.
  • A child suffered, an elderly man.

Is it possible to calculate the bubble from the burn?

The bubbles formed from burn are stripe elements that are formed inside the epidermis. They are filled with serous exudate - fluid having an inflammatory character. Therefore, unfortunately, the bubble itself will not pass and not "slit" back into the skin.

On the contrary, inflammation inside it will slow down the healing process. And the bubble from the burn can burst at the most inappropriate moment when you have nothing to handle and displaced the burn place. But to open the bubble and process the burn area should doctor under the conditions of dressing or operating room.

Bubbles after burn - Photo

What to do with bubble after burn: treat or get rid?

Bubble from burn need to burst, but this should do this.

Before starting the procedure, the scene and bubble is processed by antiseptic solution.

The bubble is pierced with a sterile needle. The puncture must be shallow - you only need to burst the bubble itself from above; The procedure is almost painless, it may slightly pinch.

With a sterile napkin, a liquid leaving the bubble is removed. The film is carefully removed from the skin surface, and the wound is processed by an antiseptic. A sterile bandage with an antimicrobial preparation is superimposed into the steril bandage.

Also, healing ointment is used to accelerate skin regeneration. The restoration cream "La Cree" is perfect for these purposes, which includes only natural components. Its natural non-coronal composition is designed specifically to eliminate all sorts of skin problems and copes with the effects of burns:

  • Panthenol and avocado oil accelerate the healing and regeneration process, soften the skin.
  • Golodka has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Walnut extract protects against microbes.

After applying the cream, the burn place should be covered with a sterile bandage so that the dirt did not get into the wound.

If the procedure is carried out in sterile conditions, the infection does not threaten you. And with the regular use of healing ointments "La Cree", the burn will pass very soon and will not leave marks.

Clinical researches

Conducted by the Company in conjunction with the Union of Pediatricians of Russia, a clinical study proves high efficiency, safety and portability of TM "La Cree" for daily skin care with a light and medium form of atopic dermatitis and during remission, accompanied by a decrease in the quality of life of patients. As a result of therapy, a decrease in the activity of the inflammatory process is noted, a decrease in dryness, itching and peeling.

It is proved that the La Cree cream for sensitive skin reduces itching and irritation, removes redness of the skin, moisturizes and carefully cares for her. The tool is recommended by the Union of Pediatricians of Russia.


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Burn - acute damage to the skin and tissue under them. The injury happens from irradiation, electric shock, chemicals, after temperature effects. Houses most often happen burns with boiling water. If this happened, you need to act immediately, since the depth and area of ​​the lesion depends on this, as well as the recovery period.

With minor damage, first aid for burning boiling water can be at home, but if a burn is obtained 3-4 degrees, you need to urgently call a doctor. Operate blisters are prohibited because it is a big risk of infection. You can not smear the burn with sunflower oil, sprinkle with starch, processing with iodine and other liquids on alcohol. All listed errors will only enhance pain and negatively affect the wound healing. If the damage is very deep, in the wound there is dirt and fragments of clothing, it cannot be touched before the arrival of the medical team.

Fingering burn

The method of treating burns The doctor selects depending on the degree of damage to the skin.

For burns with boiling water, the first degree is characterized by the defeat of only the upper layers of the skin, accompanied by redness and small edema.

The second degree is accompanied by the appearance of blisters filled with turbid liquid. The patient may experience severe pain. With proper first aid of scarring and other skin changes, as a rule, it does not remain.

With the third degree burns, not only the skin is affected, but also muscle tissue. Blisters are filled with blood, a person is experiencing severe pain, a shock can develop. With the third degree burns, you need to seek as soon as possible for help to the doctor. Treatment passes in a hospital.

The fourth degree when burning boiling water is rare. This is a deep lesion of the skin and muscle tissue up to the bones with the coagitus of the latter. The condition is very serious and requires immediate hospitalization.

Timely and qualified provision of medical care will help significantly improve the patient's condition, reduce or prevent the risk of infection, and also significantly speed up the restoration of tissues.

The main stages of first aid for burns

In the first minutes after injury, the injured panic is in confusion and shock. And he and others need to remember the basic rules of action when burning boiling water - first assistance is provided in the following sequence:

  1. Remove wet clothing, the most dangerous fabric - synthetics. You should not be afraid to break the cloth, it is necessary to get rid of it in the first seconds - tear, cut with scissors, trying not to hurt the swollen bubbles.
  2. The affected area is placed under the middle of the cold water from under the tap. You can fill the tank of the appropriate size if you want to cool the brush or stop. Water will reduce pain, reduce the swelling, will cool the nearest fabric to the injured place.
  3. After 15 minutes, getting a damaged area of ​​a lobby napkin, impose a sterile bandage. The latter should not rub and crush, especially if there are blisters.

Proper trial assistance for burning boiling water

In order to properly provide first help with boiling water burns, you need to try to determine the degree of lesion, since further actions depend on it. It is possible to determine one of the degrees of the burn according to characteristic features:

  1. Small redness without bubbles, delivering light discomfort.
  2. There were blisters with yellow liquid, the pain is strong.
  3. In addition to a large number of blisters, the skin begins to climb. The pain syndrome is significant, damaged skin looks a red wound, and dead fabrics are gray or dark lap.
  4. Defeat of more than 50% of the body. This is the hardest case in which the victim is experiencing pain shock. On the plots of deep burns are formed scars and ulcers. Recovery will be long, will remain defects on the skin.

From boiling water, there are usually no burns of 4 degrees, more often injuries are limited to 1-2 degrees, rarely - third.

What exactly should not be done?

It is intended to give boiling water when burning the first help at home, you need to remember once and for all, which cannot be done in any way. Incorrect wound processing causes the opposite effect, worsens the state, leads to complications. In the home first aid kit, everyone must have ambulances when they burn with boiling water, and well, if they are not useful, otherwise it will be possible to immediately react. Prohibited:

  • Lubricate the baked skin with ointment, oil and fat. This leads to fabric infection;
  • Processing with iodine, alcohol, manganese. The means on alcohol only enhance pain, and do not help;
  • Apply ice. In addition to frostbite fabrics, there will be no effect;
  • Punch bubbles.

You need to call a doctor at once if the size of the burn is more palm in an adult, if after 2 days there are signs of infection of tissues, as well as at 3-4 degrees of the burn.

Adequate medication

After immersing in cold water for 15 minutes, the risk of spreading defeat to neighboring tissues is reduced. A person who has a first help with a burn with a boiling water, should treat hands with antibacterial composition. Next, you need to put an antiseptic bandage on the wound injured. Special impregnation will prevent infection and accelerate the healing process. There are dressings with a large-scale structure and special impregnation, they are left on the skin up to 3 days, which eliminates frequent dressings.

On top of the antiseptic bandage, it will not prevent the patches to improve the fixation and additionally protect the damaged area from random bruises. Instead of antiseptic, you can use the oxid dressing from burns, which will reduce the risk of inflammation, will provide the optimal medium for tissue healing. Thanks to the special means of burning boiling water, you can provide timely first aid at home.

Folk remedies

The burns of boiling water belong to the most common form of domestic injuries, so you need to know how to properly provide the victim first aid. Use home-made homemade funds is unacceptable - it can only aggravate the situation. With a strong painful syndrome, you can give the affected pill painkillers, pre-consulted with a doctor.

Summies and compresses

To provide first aid with small burns, boiling water directly place the affected space under the rush of cold water for 10 minutes. Before placing damage to the place of damage, carefully disinfected the hands. For this, the antiseptic means "Sterillum" will fit.

If we are talking about the burns of the first and second degree, you can cover the place of lesion by a wound bandage with the Peruvian Balm "Branulond-N". It has a largest structure, which allows it to absorb the separated from the wound well, and the balm accelerates healing. The bandage can be on the wound up to three days, so the dressings will not deliver the victim of great concern.

For reliable and careful fixation of the bandage on the wound, use a sterile plaster with a soft absorbing pad "Cosmopor E". A vapor-permeable fixing bandage is attached on the body due to hypoallergenic glue.

Homemade ointment

Remember that treatment with folk remedies will not bring the desired result! In this way, you can at best tighten the healing process, and in the worst - cause secondary infection.

In what cases do not need a doctor

To the doctor must be applied in the following cases:

  • Burn the third or fourth degree of any size;
  • the burn of the first or second degree if the lesion zone is large;
  • A child or an elderly man suffered.

In all these cases, it is recommended to seek as soon as possible for qualified medical care.

Useful advice of specialists

Below are the recommendations of traumatologists about how the first assistance is proposed when burning boiling water. We advise you to maintain step-by-step instructions so that in an emergency is not confused, and immediately take all necessary measures:

  1. Cooling. The destruction of cells continues for some time after exposure to boiling water, so the burn is immediately placed under cold water. Such a simple way will reduce the depth of the defeat to a whole degree (the burn 2 of the degree can be processed in 1, etc.).
  2. Anesthesia. Analgesic is accepted inside or injection is made. It is impossible to apply any painkillery to the wound.
  3. Antiseptic processing. Cream or ointment with antiseptic properties should be in a home first aid kit. From above, ointment is covered with a sterile bandage. Alcohol-containing liquids are strictly prohibited - because of them, partially affected tissue cells will die.

We note that the people's methods for treating burns with boiling water not only do not work, but also carry potential harm. This applies to the applying of toothpaste, wound lubrication with a raw egg, goose fat and other handicrafts. Modern science and pharmacology offer effective treatments. And if the burn of boiling water happened, the first aid at home is only with the help of specially designed sprays, ointments and dressings.

To understand the essence of the action of drugs and observe precautions during the processing of the Russian Academy of Sciences, it is important to understand a little in human physiology. Conditional pathogenic microorganisms are constantly living on the skin. With the decrease in immunity, the infection receives "green light". Because of the burn, the skin loses the local immunity, and the conditionally pathogenic microbes become pathogenic. This is fraught with injury to wound, suppuration and accompanying complications.

The burn is a primary infected wound that requires competent care - antiseptic processing and sterile dressing. Small bubbles do not need to clean - inside them contain sterile fluid, due to which the infection will not penetrate into the wound. The first three days it is advisable to keep bubbles in integrity. If the blisters are big, the doctor will release their content due to the risk of suppuration. After opening the bubble in sterile conditions, its walls fall and adjacent to the skin, like a natural bandage. Further rules of care for damaged skin will be announced by a specialist.

Burns arise often and the reasons for this are quite a lot (the effect on the skin of steam, boiling water, ultraviolet rays, and so on). Often also occur at the burn site bubbles filled with liquid. Is it possible and do you need to calculate, open, pushing or burst bubbles from the burn? What to do after burn if the bubble sank (blister)? You will read about this and many other things in our article.

First assistance in a burn

Blisters can arise both immediately after the burn, and after some time. In this case, it is necessary to act carefully not to break the bubble. First assistance in burns with blisters :

  • Stop the impact of high temperature on the skin (remove the clothes on which hot water came, couples, hot fat and so on),
  • Cool the affected area. To do this, use cold compress (pure matter uroat in cold water and apply) or a local cool bath. Pour cold water from the crane to the burn wound is prohibited! This will lead to the supercooling and necrosis of fabrics,
  • Carefully dry the skin with wetting movements,
  • Processing burn with an antiseptic without alcohol (Miramistin, chlorhexidine),
  • If the first-aid kit is an aerosol from the burn (for example, panthenol), then evenly spray it into place of damage,
  • Protect the wound from pollution, to do this, impose a free aseptic bandage. She should not pull and cause discomfort,
  • With strong sluggage and pain, it is necessary to take an analgesic that is in a home first aid kit. This will prevent the development of pain shock,
  • If you have a blister, you need a doctor consultation, so you should call an ambulance or apply to the trauma art.

Why does a blister appear after the burn

Blishers or bubbles filled with liquid are formed with 2 and 3 gravity burns. Why is this happening? The burn occurs due to exposure to the skin of aggressive agents (high temperature, electric current, chemicals, ultraviolet radiation).

At the same time, the upper layer of the epidermis dies, and the body's protective mechanisms are included. :

  • There is a detachment of dead tissues from healthy,
  • Filling the space between healthy and exhausting lymph tissues. It is always heading there, where there is damage and inflammation.

The upper wall of the blister is non-visual cells. However, they are necessary for the optimal flow of regeneration processes (recovery). The liquid that is formed in the bubble prevents the infection of healthy cells. That is why open blisters can not be independently.

Severity of burn injury

According to severity, the following types of burn injuries are distinguished :

  • Easy burn (1 degree). In the clinical picture, it is possible to distinguish the occurrence of redness (hyperemia), a slight swelling of soft tissues and soreness. All symptoms pass fast enough. Recovery takes an average of 5 days,
  • Middle burn (second) severity. On the affected skin, in addition to hyperemia, single and small bubbles are visualized, the pain is pronounced, swelling. Healing lasts up to 10 - 14 days,
  • Heavy Burn (3 degree). Deep lesions are affected by muscle tissue. Symptoms: intense, unbearable pain, large bubbles filled with dark fluid (with blood impurity),
  • Extremely heavy burn (4 degree). Soft fabrics are affected up to the bones. Visualize extensive wounds with torn bubbles (blisters are formed, but immediately burst), strong swelling, the pain is strong, can provoke shock.

What you can not do with a burn with blisters

Often, when you receive the burn injury and the appearance of the bubble, the question arises, and is it necessary and necessary to calcinate, open, pierce or burst blisters from the burn? Doctors to do this extremely not recommended.

When burning injuries with blisters should be careful and know what can not be done, as well as what actions can only lead to the exacerbation of the pathological process. You can not do with a burn with blisters on your finger, hand or other parts of the body as follows:

  • Pitch, open burn bubbles Because they protect gentle tissues that are under sucking skin and liquid. If the blister from the burn is pierced, the infection can be penetrated into the wound and the suppuration will begin. Also, it is also impossible to climb hands in the wound, if there has been a spontaneous opening of the bubble from the burn, it must be treated with antiseptic solutions and apply an ointment with antibacterial properties,
  • Apply tight dressings . They violate blood circulation in damaged tissues and can contemplate the burned skin,
  • Process the wound with alcohol antiseptics . You should also be careful with various folk remedies. Under the prohibition of use for processing Urin (Simply put, urine),
  • It is impossible to smear fresh wound with oils , fats and ointments based on them. This will lead to the blockage of pores and the formation of a greenhouse effect.

Treatment at home

Treatment of burns with blisters can be held both in hospital and outpatient (at home). However, in any case, the doctor's inspection and appointment of adequate treatment are required. Treatment at home is the strict implementation of medical destinations. Namely, apply those drugs and conduct only those procedures that were discussed with a specialist and were approved by them. Otherwise, different complications may occur.

Medicinal products

In the treatment of burns with bubbles, various drug preparations are used that help:

  • Remove pain syndrome
  • Reduce inflammatory manifestations (swelling, discomfort, local hyperthermia, hyperemia),
  • Strengthen regeneration processes in damaged tissues,
  • Prevent the formation of extensive scars.

Processing of wounds is made using non-exclusive antiseptic drugs:

  • Miramistin (Universal tool, which also has both antibacterial properties). The drug is produced in the form of a solution that spray on the wound before applying ointment,
  • Chlorhexidine . It is effective for many pathogenic microorganisms and fungi,
  • Furatcilina solution . It can be bought ready in the pharmacy or do it yourself from pills of furaciline and boiled water. Damaged tissues are washed with solution.

Sprays and ointments in a burn with blisters that have anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects:

  • Panthenol in various dosage forms (aerosol, ointment, cream). The drug is applied to the wound under the bandage, the aerosol is used independently. The multiplicity of use depends on the area and severity of the lesion,
  • Bapten. The analogue of panthenol, copes well with the restoration of burnt fabrics. Use up to 3 times a day,
  • Levomecol. Ointment with antibacterial and wound-healing effect is applied under the bandage.

Folk Methods

Using in the treatment of folk remedies from burns with blisters doctors do not recommend. This can lead to infection of the wound and slowing the recovery processes. Badges with blisters are quite serious and have a deep lesion of soft tissues. And folk methods are not able to cope with it.

Folk remedies for burns can only play an auxiliary role as an addition to the main treatment. But this supplement with a competently composed treatment plan is not required. In this case, it is possible to drink hurried grasses that have anti-inflammatory, soothing and soothing effect on the body:

  • Chamomile tea,
  • Tea with Melissa and Mint,
  • Roshovnik's decoction
  • Collection of soothing plants (Valerian, Melissa, mother-in-law, hawthorn).

A cold cabbage sheet or grated potatoes can be used as first aid for cooling. But they can be used if there is no impaired integrity of the skin and the risk of opening the blister.

Stages healing burn wounds

Healing of burn bubbles occurs for a long time (from 2 weeks or more). How long will the process of recovery depends on :

  • Severity of burn injury
  • Area of ​​damage,
  • General condition of the body
  • Age patient.

The healing process is divided into 3 stages. :

  • Bubble formation filled with liquid due to rejection of dead cells of the top layer of the epidermis,
  • Granulation . The processes of formation of new skin cells are launched. At the same time, the blister undergoes changes. It becomes sluggish, sucking the skin with time griste and dry. At the scene of the burn during palpation marked a rude rough skin,
  • Epithelialization. There is a replacement of old damaged cells new. That is, a new top layer of epidermis is formed, which replaces sucking fabrics. Demanding fabrics are gradually moving, and a new pink skin is determined under them. Gradually, the color of the skin is somewhat aligned. However, with more severe burns, cosmetics defects remain noticeable.

What to do if the bubble from burn burst

When the burn bubble burst independently, it is necessary to conduct activities to prevent infection in the wound. Required actions when bursting a blister from a burn:

  • If the bubble was a big It is necessary to remove dead fabrics that interfere with further wound processing. To do this, use sterile scissors (they can be boiled and treated with medical alcohol),
  • Treat the resulting wound Antiseptic solutions that do not contain alcohol and acids. Processing is carried out in compliance with the rules of asepsis and antiseptics (hands and all materials must be clean, sterile and on hand it is better to wear sterile gloves),
  • On the wound to apply ointment having antibacterial properties (for example, Levomycetin, methyluracyl, tetracycline and others). Aseptic bandage is superimposed on top of the ointment. Only sterile dressings are taken,
  • Contact doctor If after opening the bubble there is an increase in pain, swelling, hyperemia, an increase in local temperature and common. These are signs of injury infection.

Get rid of the scar after the burn with blisters is not easy. Scars usually occur in burning injuries 2 degrees and harder. Reduce the severity of the burn scar at 2 degrees and remove it will fully help drugs based on decantenol (panthenol, pantoderm, decantenol and others).

When need to appeal to a doctor

The formation of blisters speaks of deep damage to soft tissues, that is, not only the top layer of the epidermis is involved. That is why it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Urgent hospitalization is required in the following cases. :

  • Big burn area,
  • Deep lesion of tissues (burn 3 and 4 gravity),
  • Signs or risk of shock
  • Burns in children, older people and pregnant women,
  • Burns of mucous membranes.

Surgeons are engaged in the treatment of burns with blisters. The patient can apply to the traumatological point independently or cause ambulance (which will deliver it to the trauma and surgical department). In major cities there are burn centers that specialize in the treatment of various burns in the severity.

Possible complications

Complications may arise in case of incorrect treatment or late treatment for medical care. Complications of burns with bubbles :

  • Attachment of secondary infection . This often happens when opening the bubbles and non-compliance with the rules of asepsis and antiseptics during the treatment and dressing of the wound,
  • Blood impairment in burn place . With deep burns, extensive colloidal scars are formed, which impede normal blood flow in the surrounding tissues. In severe cases, this leads to necrosis,
  • Sepsis - General infection of the body. Infection with blood flow propagates throughout the body, causing polished failure (heavy nonspecific stress reaction of the organism),
  • Violation of the functioning of organs . This often happens when eye burns, respiratory tract, oral cavity, esophagus and stomach. In this case, a person can become disabled.

Blister from burn - result thermal damage to the cover of the epidermis which often characterizes 2 stages. May appear after touching the iron, hot dishes or stove. If only a red spot is formed, then it takes place in three days. If a bubble appears with a liquid, the affected area heals no less than ten days.

2st Ozhog 4 - Foto

Causes of blister after burn

The cause of blistering from the burn becomes detachable of the top layer of the skin from the sprout.

What leads to strong damage to the epithelium?

  • Thermal impact (high temperature).
  • Chemicals (acid, cleaning and alkaline chemicals).
  • Electricity (current).
  • Sun rays.

Bubble from the burn is formed in several stages:

  • Damage to the top layer of the dermis.
  • The appearance of red spots, small bubbles.
  • Regeneration.

With a small area, damage to the wound is tightened in a few days. First, redness is formed, after that - a transparent liquid appears under the epidermis, which helps regenerate new cells. In this state, the bubble is accumulated inside the bubble - coarse skin, which goes down in a week. Next - the period of epithelization.

If bubbles are damaged or infected, inflammation is formed - the liquid inside becomes muddy, the pus appears, which can explode. The process requires treatment, otherwise necrosis appears.

If there are no infections, new cells are generated. It is impossible to calculate, burst or affect the blister - this leads to severe pain and bleeding from the wound.

How to determine the degree:

  • Easy redness, unpleasant sensations in areas of damage - 1 degree;
  • swelling after damage, pain, red - 2 degree;
  • Strong burning, instant formation of blister, sharp swing - 3 degree.

At the last stage of damage it is necessary to consult a doctor - it will help to warn scars and scars. Independent treatment at home can harm.

What to do and what you can not do with blister

As soon as a small bubble declined after the burn, the degree of lesion should be determined, and continued to act quickly: further damage and time of the healing depends on it.

2st Ozhog 4.

What can not do:

  • Leave wounds without attention. When burning boiling water, the skin is damaged deeply, and even after treatment, the epithelium continues to collapse. If the burn side is inflated, it should be rinsed with cold water.
  • Smear the surface of the oil. Damage to delicate skin on lips, hands or legs continues after injury, because heat penetrates inside. Butter or fat clog pores, and instead of facilitating pain, strengthens it. Even natural sea buckthic extract during processing damages, they can be repeatedly burning.
  • Use alcohol. It is forbidden to smear the burn stain with cologne, iodine or green. Alcohol-containing means irritate the skin and pull out the last moisture out of it.
  • Termin gauze damage. Touching the skin with bandages or cotton can cause secondary education, and with a strong burn, the epithelium can be accidentally construed - then the wound heals more than two weeks.
  • Apply urine. As part of Urin, corticosteroid hormones, which have an anti-inflammatory effect, but their number is only 0.02% of the total composition, and pathogenic substances are much more. Using urine on the people's method will not help cure the wreck, but to make inflammation - quite.
  • Operate blister. The damaged surface becomes sensitive to bacteria and infection. If you pierce a bubble with liquid, then the likelihood of skin infection will occur. The regeneration of cells under the bubble passes faster than without it, and the scar heals without complications.

If you burn, the ferry must be applied to the doctor. To touch the skin with your hands, apply independently "Levomecole" or "Panthenol" can not. If the face is damaged by hot water or gas, the first help of the house is a large amount of ice, especially if the burn has a small child.

If the first degree damage to the palm or heel, the blister passes on its own after three days. It is necessary to change sterile dressing every day, and use healing creams - so healing passes faster.

With a second degree, treatment should be treated with drugs so that the skin does not swell. The main condition that allows you to remove the blister: sterile dressings - they will protect the epithelium, will not allow the bubble to break through.

What to process blisters if he burst

If the blister burst, then it is necessary to prevent the possibility of infection. There should be no liquid in the bubble - only then can be treated with antiseptics surface.

Best remedies from burns:

  • "Panthenol";
  • Betadine gel;
  • liquid "chlorhexidine";
  • hydrogen peroxide.

Next, it is necessary to get rid of dead tissue and apply a bandage with a gel on the skin, which accelerates tissue regeneration: "Tetracycline", "Levomycitin" or "erythromycin".

Complications and possible consequences

Bubble burn is a small injury, but treatment at home can cause complications if there are the following damage:

  • lesion of mucous membranes, mouth, ears, respiratory tract;
  • fabric lesion area is more than 6 centimeters;
  • Blisters got out in the area of ​​groin;
  • Household damage, after which the epidermis began black;
  • From electrical appliances.

Blisters on the hands of the burn

Strong burns of the third degree form in a month of stredk, leading to ischemic disease, and if damage in the chest area is to respiratory diseases.

If the burn is localized on the fingers, joints or crotch, this can lead to dysfunction of internal organs. In this case, the scars cannot be removed, the fabric completely heals only in a year.

Borserevic and henna burn burns can lead to scars, if you do not take a rapid action on the processing of the wound with an antiseptic.

Treatment methods

  1. First aid - cool the skin. Damaged part to substitute for cold water for 20 minutes. Heat will gradually come down and numbness will come, which will remove pain.
  2. To impose a sterile dressing from a napkin or medical bandages. You can not use wool or compresses - it creates the effect of greenhouses on the skin.
  3. Consult a doctor. If the epidermis swelled, then the doctor's help will be required - it will appoint special ointments, sterile treats damage.

Tips of traditional medicine that help to heal fabrics:

  • Aloe Vera Juice: Several leaves cut and attach to the wound for 30 minutes. It will remove annoyance, pain and redness;
  • Pumpkin: Grind the blender of a vegetable and attach to blister for 20 minutes.
  • Brigine calendula: Add to two vaseline parts one part of herbal beam and to acquaint three times a day for defeat. Such a composition helps after the sun burn.

In diabetes and kidney diseases, the blister is impossible independently - it provokes inflammation. If you monitor the condition of the skin, perform procedures and change bandages, the blisters will come off in a few days and will not leave the traces.

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Ten years ago, a five-year-old boy from a boiling water burned in my eyes. The toddler tritely shedding a saucepan with a soup, the burn area was no more than 23% of the skin. In the evening I talked with him, he played with the toys brought, and the same night died. Died, and we could not do anything to prevent it.

So with burns not so simple. So let's understand in order. And let's start with the fact that burns are different:

- thermal burn (flame, boiling water);

- chemical burn (acids, alkalis);

- Burn from the effects of radiant energy (sun, radiation).

Today we will focus on the most common - thermal burns.

Determine the degree of burn In the depth of damage to burns are divided into four degrees:

First degree burns. This is damage to the surface layer of the skin.

- Most often you feel them in the summer after sunny or heat shock: the skin blues and hurts a bit. Here doctors do not touch, they save themselves. You can use non-delicate means (in the pharmacy they are enough, ask the pharmacists), and you can simply - cool water. To protect the skin, use the creams from the tan - remember that ultraviolet is useful only to babies for the prevention of Rahita. Adults from solar baths are small.

Second degree. Burn damages horny skin layer

, manifests strong pain, redness, the appearance of blisters with transparent yellowish content.

It all depends on the lesion area. The burns of a small area, less than 10% of the body surface, will heal in a couple of weeks. Bubbles do not open up not to enter the infection. For a speedy recovery, antiolated ointments will help you.

Third degree burns. They are divided into two groups - the burns of the third and degree and burns of the third will. The difference between them at first glance is small (only a few millimeters), but very significant - the whole thing in the sprout layer of the skin. In case of damage to the spike layer, the burn wound itself will no longer heal - it will take the restoration of the skin by surgical methods.

With the third and degree are still alive, hair follicles, sebaceous glands. The skin is printed to a brown crust, muddy appear, with a blood fitness bubbles of large sizes. Nevertheless, pain is worried less than at the 1st and 2nd degree, since pain receptors are damaged.

The third b will be characterized by damage to the leather layer to subcutaneous fiber. Loss of pain sensitivity. Black crust. This degree requires unconditional appeal to the doctor.

And the extreme degree of root is the fourth.

Charring. All is burning - skin, subcutaneous fiber, up to the bone. The thing is more than serious.

The burns of the 3rd and 4th degree are, of course, more dangerous, but also surface burns can also lead to death, if more than a third of the body surfaces are captured.

The area of ​​the damage is calculated by many ways, the simplest - palm of the victim take in one percent. That's how many palms, so much percent. If the skin is amazed more than ten percent, the burn disease begins. Patients with concomitant pathology (heart disease, lungs, diabetes mellitus) and children are hard to endure burns and smaller sizes. Therefore, children, old people, chronic patients drag into the hospital even with small bows of the second degree.

Home Danger - Burning disease

Burning disease - a complex defeat of the body due to extensive burns; It occurs if the area of ​​deep burn exceeds 15% of the body surface in adults and 10% in children, and superficial - 20%.

The physiology of the process is such. In response to injury from the burned wound, pain impulses fly in the dorsal and brain. Adrenal splashes adrenaline. The vessels throughout the body are spashed. Through the burn surfaces, the victim loses a lot of fluids together with electrolytes, proteins, blood vessels become semi-empty. Blood does not reach peripheral (remote from the heart) fabrics and organs.

Burn iron in children

From burning surfaces, combustion products are absorbed, toxins produced by bacteria. In addition, biochemical processes flow in oxygen-depleted fabrics, at which poisonous substances are formed again - with the renewal of blood flow, these poices poison the whole organism. In the subsequent toxins affected by toxins, the heart will be fascinated to decline, the pressure will collapse, the patient will lose consciousness and die after a couple of hours, the final ...

Recognize burn shock

With a burn shock, an excited patient in the first clock meswords, it does not find a place for himself, it may not run in the direction of salvation, but to rush into the fire. Once from our branch, a woman escaped with burns with a flame for 70% of the body surface (drunk lit in bed), from head to the legs wrapped by bandages. She began to climb through a metal fence, hung on bandages with a catheter-antenna between the legs. From what the drivers who were passing past, almost an accident did not commit. Well, the woman survived.

By the way, if you do not give timely help, after a while, such an excitement will change intensiveness, and the inhibition will go to whom.

Skin covers Out of burns in such patients pale, cool, body temperature is reduced. If there are no burns of the respiratory tract, then there is a moderately increased respiratory frequency. The pressure is first rising, pulse part, subsequent pressure decreases, the pulse is even more student, but it's barely. For any patients in a shock condition, the absence or reduction of the departure rate of urine is characteristic, which indicates the insufficiency of blood flow in the peripheral organs (centralization of blood flow in favor of vital organs - heart, lung, brain).

All of the above features suggest that a person needs immediate qualified assistance.

How to help before arriving

In all directories they write that the victim need to be removed from the fire ... The feeling is as if we were considered idiots. However, okay, I agree - you need to take out, extinguish the burning clothes, and put out so that you do not burn yourself. It is best to make a blanket, a dense cloth, to cover the victim, without giving access to the oxygen of fire.

Pour ice water affected surfaces, thereby reducing the temperature, reducing the area and depth of the lesion. You can apply ice, chemical packages from a first-aid kit, however, do not stop - you can not drive into the supercooling. You can not break with an burnt surface sticking clothes, it must be neatly trimmed. Over the place of the burn, impose a clean fabric.

Remember that the burners of the respiratory tract significantly take the forecast. It is possible to suspect them on burned hair in the nasal strokes. With the face burns, the first suspicion is to damage the respiratory tract. If such a patient is not immediately delivered to the hospital, increasing the edema of the mucousa airways can overlap the air access to alveolum, and then death is inevitable.

In addition, decented is often carbonated gas poisoning. In patients with poisoning, though skin and pink, this should not calm you, because hemoglobin firmly binds to CO and oxygen in the end does not reach tissue cells. Therefore, the victims of the fire should be urgently ended on clean air.

If a person is conscious, you can drink tea, give an anesthetic, dry the blanket and be sure to call ambulance. Special attention is paid to children, often by virtue of their age they can not say how bad they are, and just cry. And only a qualified doctor can estimate the degree of danger.

"Doctor himself"

However, if damage is small and shallow, or not the opportunity to consult a doctor, then here are some simple principles of treatment.

In the first days, when it hurts how to hurt - buy burns with an anesthetic effect. After a couple of days, when bacterium begins to devour your fabrics with pleasure, go to ointment with an antibacterial effect. In our clinic, for example, herself has proven to be a wax, fully ready for consumption at any stage of burn wounds.

Next, it is possible to do zicks of drugs that improve the microcirculation of tissues, like nicotine acid. In case of extensive wounds, connect antibiotics and agents accelerating healing, like solk sector.

For an already healing wound, try to prepare such an imperious solution on your own: boost cheap sunflower oil, cool and add some boric acid, - you can smear the affected fabrics. Cheap, easy and effectively.

Vladimir Spitin

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