Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

I lay my workpiece made in the "Pizza" technique.

I removed the master class on this technique.

Land link at the end of the article.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

It's time to make a box for storing fabric cutting remaining after tailoring products.

You can take the finished box and cover with the material. (Link to the article, as I was tightened the lad box at the end.)

I did not have a suitable finished box, so we go from the opposite.

We fold the canvas in half and sew.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

Sewing corner . Still define themselves. It will be the width of the box. I have 15 cm.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour


Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

Sew lining is similar.

I took the old pillowcase.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

Corners I did not cut , and set to the bottom.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

From the cards, I cut the bottom and sidewalls on the desired size.

I have it: bottom - 32 * 15cm, sidewalls - 32 * 20cm (2pcs) and 15 * 20cm (2 pcs.)

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

You can glue the box of these billets, but I did easier .

We call for help the thermopystole.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

Simply Inside Cardboard donyshko between the face and lining. The glue applied point.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

Insert the sidewalls.

They can also grab glue.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

The box holds well.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

We straighten and stretch the lining.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

Lining can be fixed with thermal in some places.

You can help yourself and make both parts with needles.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

Remains turn out the edges (can be inside).

Send and put down. You can go to the secret or finishing seam, but I did not want to mess with it.

The box is ready.

If desired, can be separated, for example, braid.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour

The manufacture of this box took me about 1 hour.

Now Loskutka has found their place of residence.

Show how to make a storage box with your own hands per hour
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Options for the manufacture of storage boxes.

With the problem of storage of things, each mistress is occupied periodically. The mess in the closet, the permanent "toy" chaos in the nursery, the journey of the desired jars and tanks in the storeroom - you also know it too? We have collected for you simple and budgetary descriptions for creating beautiful boxes.

Beautiful storage boxes: What can I do?

  • Agree, opening the door of the cabinet, where everything is neatly decomposed on the beautiful drawers and boxes, we get aesthetic pleasure. But they will be discarded on company finished storage systems - it means to significantly cut the family budget.
  • How to organize the storage of the desired smallers yourself, yes so that boxers made with their own hands served long after they take the place allotted on the shelf?


  • The economical hostess does not send used bottles from the milk, the tank from canned exotic fruits and seasonal vegetables.
  • All these unnecessary at first glance in skillful hands will turn into an original organiser, a jar for storing different smallers, without which it is not necessary, containers for seeds, spices, ribbons, beads, threads, lace and other.
  • You can place the storage boxes in your taste using affordable materials.
Charger: Neat Storage Method
Chargers: Convenient Storage
Each cell in the box can be signed
Each cell of the storage system small things can be signed
Beautiful storage system from ordinary cardboard boxes
Conventional cardboard boxes can be turned into a practical thing and decor item.
Storage of decorations in cardboard boxes
Storage of decorations in cardboard boxes
Beautiful storage box in children's
Storage in the desired smallers in the children's

What can make a storage box?

  • Tin jar wrapped with textured rope, decorated with wooden ladybugs, beads, ribbons.
  • The tin can, on the surface of which the white acrylic soil is applied, and the drawing (for its application it is recommended to use acrylic paint and stencil or perform a decor in the decoupage technique).
Organizers from unnecessary tanks
Organizers from unnecessary tanks
How to make an organizer from tin can
How to make an organizer from tin can
  • Boxes with a lid are converated beyond recognition if decoupage decoupage in the technique. On the front side of the box is applied white ground before receiving a homogeneous white color. The top layer of decoupapable napkins, sliced ​​or torn to pieces, is applied to the walls of the box until the surface is completely covered with a decaptentional layer. From above, a slightly divorced PVA glue is applied. For a more spectacular view, after drying a decaptentional layer, the surface is treated with acrylic varnish.
Cardboard boxes are easily turned into beautiful and necessary things in the house
Cardboard boxes are easily turned into beautiful and necessary things in the house
  • Needlewood will not work as an evening to make a textile compact shelf. This device will allow you to quickly shut the order of the cabinet, in the pantry, in the nursery (the shelf can be suspended on the wall and store toys on it). To make it more convenient to use the pattern, it is better to make it from dense cardboard. You also need to search for two rectangular cutting fabrics.
  • We cut the fabric into squares and flash around the perimeter, we leave a hole equal to one side of the square, for turning. In this hole, you will need to insert the cardboard to give the shelf of the square. The rest of the shelves are stitched similarly.
Shelves from fabric
Shelves from fabric
  • Beautiful boxes are obtained from newspaper tubes. Only you need to pre-twist a lot of tubes from ordinary newspapers and paint them with a mourn. For the manufacture of the box, the method of weaving with fixed to the base (bottom) racks is applied. Between racks (then ahead, then behind) stacked with dense layers of the tube. The finished box is covered with waterproof varnish in two layers.
Boxes of newspaper tubes
Application of newspaper tubes in the manufacture of storage tanks

Using one of the above options for making storage boxes, you will kill two hares: save the family budget from unnecessary spending and forget about the riots on the shelves and in the closet.

Pluses of self-making Boxing for storage are obvious: you can use those materials that perfectly fit into the interior, or make real masterpieces that will be harmonized in style and color with the situation in the house. Glamorous and strict boxes, romantic and elegant, vintage and made in "Eastern style" - with their own hands you breathe in old simple boxes, taking care of the order and comfort.

Beautiful storage boxes from cardboard with handles

Storage boxes with inscriptions
Registration of inscriptions on storage boxes

Ideas for designing boxes for storage:

Felt and Fabric Storage Handbags
Felt storage tanks
Storage box decorated in Decoupage
Box for storage, decorated with napkins for decoupage
Cardboard Box Organizer
Using a cardboard box for storing stationery
Beautiful storage boxes
Original design for storage boxes

Box for storage of fabric: how to sew?

The question of storing things in the house is solved very simply, if there are beautiful boxes. We offer to make your own hands the box for storing things from the fabric. It will only be necessary to cover the box with a cloth with a cloth and pick up the original decor.

Fabric Storage Box
Fabric Storage Box

What will be needed for the manufacture of the box:

  • Cardboard box
  • Cutting fabric with such a calculation: 25 cm square box take 2 m fabrics
  • Straps for the manufacture of handles
  • Carnations, bolts, glue
  • From tools: scissors, ruler, screwdriver
Materials and tools for the manufacture of boxes
Materials and tools for the manufacture of boxes
  • Prepare fabric to clarity: it will treat it thoroughly iron.
We begin to cut fabric
We begin to cut fabric
Cut the details
Cut the details
Stroke the iron edge
Stroke the iron edge
  • Let's start tosing a fabric box.
  • Draw on the fabric rectangle of the desired size. Cut it. In our case, the side of the rectangle is 65x108 cm.
Turn the box wall cloth
Turn the box wall cloth
  • The edges of the rectangle bend inside and thoroughly stroke. In the center of the cut-off rectangle with the edges put the box. The open side should be at a distance of 13 cm from the edge of the material from the fabric.
  • On both sides, we spray glue - right and left. We start tightly pressing the fabric to the cardboard. Immediately remove the resulting air bubbles.
  • We continue to glue the box using the same principle. We deploy it and proceed to the inside: cut the fabric and press it to the cardboard after spraying the glue inside.
Excess fabrics gently fold and glue
  • For ease of use, the box is preparing a belt handles. We do a drill in the hole hole. Fix the handles bolts.
Fresh knob
Fresh knob
Fix in corners
Fix in corners
  • We measure the diagonally several centimeters in the corners and fix the pins here. After that, the pins are covered with a golden marker. Storage boxes are ready!
Fix in the corners of the pins
Fix in the corners of the pins

If you do not have a suitable color, you can replace it with gift paper. Stylish boxes will be after the use of decoupage techniques, special paints, markers. Only two or three storage boxes made by their own hands and decorated at their discretion will bring comfort and comfort to the usual atmosphere, and the shelves and bedside tables will acquire a neat look.

Box or basket in the bathroom do it yourself

In order not to run on shopping in finding a suitable basket, we suggest making it with your own hands from materials that will be in any house. Such a storage box is an economical and a pretty analog of the basket.

  • For the manufacture of a basket in the bathroom, you will need an ordinary cardboard box. We will glue the base of the box with jute, pre-missing the place of connecting the rope and cardboard with hot glue.
  • Reveal the box and remove the covers details.
  • Tolstoy jute rope wrap carefully box, catching glue strips on cardboard.
Box for storage in the bathroom
  • To make the basket look neat and stylish, sew from white, breathable insert fabric. If you do not know how to sew, it is better to trust the manufacture of the sewing sew.
On the layer of glue, cord, wrapping the walls of the box
Sew from the liner fabric
  • Carefully straighten your liner along the bottom of the basket. Now you can use it by destination!

Video: Box for storage with your own hands. Master Class

Knitted storage basket do it yourself

  • The order in the house is impossible to provide only the presence of functional furniture. To store a variety of small things, you will need comfortable baskets. And well, if they will harmonize with the environment.
  • From this section, you will learn how to connect a simple storage basket. You will save a bunch of time that could be spent on the search for a suitable and color of storage tanks, and, moreover, the thing made with your own hands is incredible and fills the house comfort.
Jute Storage Basket

What we need to knit baskets:

  • Rope from Jute (it is preferable to take a twine that does not flock: "Comus"
  • Knitting hook (pick up the thickness of the rope thickness)
  • We are determined with the size and shape of the basket.

Return all doubts and proceed to work:

  • The first thing you need to master those who first took the hook in the hands are the columns without a nakid, and a chain of air loops.
  • Here is the knitting diagram of the base element - columns without Nakida:
Pillar without a crochet
Pillar without a crochet

Knitting diagram of a chain of air loops:

Air loop chain
Air loop chain

Below is the video tutorial of knitting columns without Nakida:

Video: Stakes without a crochet. Crochet Cordy Cordy Cordy

Video: Crochet - Lesson 2. Chain of air loops

  • If you choose on a rectangular basket, then begin to encourage a rectangular detail for the bottom. Knit the usual columns without an overhead chain of the desired length. The first row is the blockage of the chain, then - in a circle.
  • When the bottom will be connected, proceed to the sound of the basket walls. You do not need to cut off and fix the thread. We just continue to knitting, taking the edges without adding loops. Each row consists of the same number of loops.
  • We continue to knit until the height of the walls of the basket does not reach the conceived. Consider additional several rows of walls. In the finished product we will heat the edge, and the basket will be ready.
Rectangular Jute Basket
Rectangular Jute Basket

IMPORTANT: In order not to buy a twine, we take into account the flow rate of the yarn. If the basket has a base area of ​​14x20 cm, and the height of the basket is 8 cm with curved edges, then 2/3 of the Mokea will be needed.

  • For a round basket, knit round bottom. Walls are involved in the same principle in a circle, without making additives in the ranks.

Important: You can and not bend the edges of the basket, since its walls are strong enough. But it will look more attractive.

Important: baskets perfectly fit in the bathroom. You only need to choose the size correctly, given the width of the shelves and the volume of things that will be stored in baskets. However, for the kitchen, the living room is such baskets are also suitable.

Video: Organizer do it yourself

In a modern house or apartment of a person surrounds a huge number of all sorts of things and things. So that the room looks neat, did not climb, all this "wealth" should be placed somewhere, lay out. When places on racks, shelves, in the closets, there are not enough or you want to organize the original interior, you can make original storage boxes with your own hands. There are practically all that it will fall under the arm, passing along the way, signing where there is.

Purpose boxes

In a variety of boxes, boxes in the interior of the premises laid a lot:

  • in the bedroom - bedding, underwear, cosmetics, perfumery, jewelry;
  • in the living room - books, tools and materials for needlework, Christmas tree in folded form, charging devices for numerous gadgets;
  • in the kitchen - cutlery, napkins, dishes, towels, tea, cereals, cookies;
  • In the bathroom, bathroom - sponges, sponge, washcloths, dirty underwear, intimate hygiene objects;
  • In the dressing room - small objects of clothing, linen;
  • In the children's - toys from kinder surprises, designers, stationery, children's books, notebooks, albums;
  • In the hallway - gloves, scarves, umbrellas, hats, shoes, spare shoelaces, shoe brushes, creams;
  • In the work office - the office, paper correspondence;
  • On a glazed balcony, loggia - clothespins, backups for colors.

Pink comedom in the technique of cardboardThree boxes on steps Boxes for toys Boxes under the staircase Boxes for storing small things Box with children's toys

For the storage of different trifles in the nursery make a box-house, for the girl's room - a box-box with princesses or flowers from ribbons.

Striped box for toys Boxes with tags Box for dirty linen Boxes for nursery in marine style Knitted decor boxes Ribbons in boxes

From cardboard

After buying household appliances, furniture, dishes, shoes often remain boxes from corrugated cardboard and ordinary. The easiest way to decorate in this case is to glue the existing box with the following materials:

  • Wallpaper left after repairs - if you arrange a box or box, it will be minorly at the background of the walls, will not visually clutter the space;
  • self-adhesive films - they have high decorativeness, have a diverse texture, color, drawing, are not afraid of moisture, because used in the bathroom, they are wiping with a damp cloth to remove contaminants;
  • Colored paper, old postcards, pages of glossy magazines - they decorate an unbroken gray, white, black box, turning it into a unique piece of decor.

For gluing paper parts, PVA or silicate adhesive, double-sided tape will be required. The container is simply plated by sheets, pieces, paper strips, or paper tubes twisted, sticking them in succession from the bottom up or from any edge, laying each next row after setting the previous one. When decorating threads, cords, the box is lubricated with glue, and the rope wounds the turn behind the turn, tightly pressed.

Cardboard box decoration optionCheckered boxes made by hand Five storage boxes Homemade storage box Knitting accessories box Toys Storage Boxes

Depending on the method of decorating, such boxes will fit to styles:

  • loft;
  • Avangard;
  • minimalism;
  • Art-hand.

Slim cardboard boxes are not suitable for storing excessively heavy items, and for use in the bathroom, in order to storing dirty linen, you should do ventilation holes in them.

Multicolored storage boxesBox with manicure accessories Checkered box COMODIC FOR STORAGE STORAGE Three storage boxes Old jeans in decoration of toy storage boxes

Tree weaving

Wicker from the vine, the pine roots of the basket in antiquity were one of the very first "storage systems". They not only collected, kept mushrooms, berries, huge herbs, vegetables, but also took with them on trips, folding everything you need there. For weaving, the Willow branches assembled in the spring or autumn were usually used.

Wicker boxes, caskets, chests will perfectly decorate the interior in style:

  • Provence;
  • Country;
  • ecological;
  • vintage.

Storage Boxes Wicker basket on steps Wine storage baskets and dishes Three wicker storage boxes Boxes for storage on the windowsill Braided storage boxes

In the modern world, there are practically anything in such baskets - tangles and knitting needles for knitting, clothing and shoes, notebooks and handles, drawings and magazines. They are well ventilated, dry vegetables are in the kitchen or loggia, numerous rag bags with healing herbs. Previously, breadfish woven breads with covers, caskets for cookies, sweets were very popular. For high-quality weaving such things require certain skills.

Weaving from newspapers

First you need the basis - a strong box, a corrugated box, suitable size. Next, long thin tubes are twisted from the newspapers, which are attached to the drawer's bottom of the drawer at the same distance from each other. These tubes will become racks - they should be made thicker, dense than the rest. Racks are fixed to the clothespins box to come out smoothly. Then they are wrapped with thin tubes, any ways of weaving weave, to the top. The tops of the base tubes are neatly hidden, the edges of the box are lubricated with glue, the newspaper layer presses to the bottom of the clothespins. Similarly, the lid is made, the whole design is covered on top of paint, varnish. The inner portion is separated by a cloth or paper.

Patent box of newspaper tubesBox of newspaper tubes with a bow Braided heart shaped Box with lid. Box of newspaper tubes Newspaper tube box

It is not necessary to leave a dense cardboard basis, but so the design will be more stronger.

Box of white newspaper tubes

From plastic bottles

Plastic bottles, boxes from plastic candies, if they are beautifully arranged, will become a container for different things, decorating a living room or bedroom. They are suitable for beads, earrings, rings, buttons, rivets, beads, clips, as well as other jewelry and sewing trifles. In the kitchen there are cereals, seeds, spices, dried vegetables, fold cutlery.

Of the five-liter bottles, large boxes will turn out, which are not afraid of moisture, therefore they can be used in wet rooms. The upper edge is decorated with a cloth, knitted lace, the base is made in a self-adhesive film, painted paint from the can. From a piece of another such a bottle, the cover is made - it is fixed to the base with the help of "lightning", which is sewn into the upper part. This design is suitable for styles:

  • pop Art;
  • industrial;
  • loft;
  • art hand;
  • Modern.

Homemade boxes for sewing supplies Plastic Bottles Storage Boxes Plastic Storage Bottle Threads Homemade boxes for school supplies Canisters as tanks for the storage of screws Spice Storage Boxes

If desired, from two bottles make a large shoe or clothing box, for this, several parts are fastened with a stapler, and the handles decorated with a soft cloth are cut into the upper part.

Ideas for home do it yourself

Than decorate

Decorating the boxes can be all sorts of infirred materials:

  • cloth, ribbons, colored threads;
  • crochet, knitting knats;
  • straw, rope;
  • cord from jute, burlap;
  • napkins for decoupage;
  • seeds, sprigs of plants, dry flowers covered with varnish;
  • pebbles, shells;
  • color tape;
  • photographs, stickers;
  • With handmade painting with paints, markers.

Cosmetics Storage BoxRegistration box for storing toys Brown Box Decorated Lace Large and small boxes Blue box decorated with lace Handmade box

It is interesting to cry the top of the round round of the hat with one or two fans, fixed on it using a bilateral tape or stapler.

Simple monophonic boxes, when there are many of them are identical, are made up with stickers with a photo of content.

Painted Storage Box  Burgundy box Boxes with shoes Newspaper as decor boxes for storage Bright box Decoupage box depicting birds in a cage


Box with a lid decorated with decoupage, looks very festive. It is glued with decoupage napkins completely, only on top or of them cut separate parts - pictures, letters, inscriptions, shapes.

The subject will fit well into the following styles:

  • vintage;
  • classical;
  • Country

Design of homemade box decoupage  Flowers decorated Purple storage box Brown box with decoupage Decoupage Casket White box with roses

To work will be required:

  • The basis is a box of cardboard, plastic;
  • Decorative three-layer napkins for decoupage;
  • PVA glue;
  • acrylic varnish, paints;
  • Tassels;
  • Decorative beads, beads, sequins.

The desired fragments are cut out of the napkins, the box is covered with a white acrylic, dried. For pre-thoroughly, smeared glue superimposed pieces of napkins, tops are also covered with PVA glue. When everything gets free, empty places, the seeds of napkins are painted with acrylic paint, covered with varnish, the design is dried again. After you can glue any decor - beads, sparkles, beautiful buttons, decorative insects or leafs on velcro. In such a box, it is convenient to store jewelry, buttons, rubberry, hairpins. She perfectly fit into the living room interior, nursery, bedroom, will decorate the holiday.

Box with Mishka Registration of the box with the help of decoupage and satin ribbon Storage Box Decoupage Box with orange and yellow flowers Homemade kitchen interior box Box for storing trifles in the kitchen

Registration of fabrics

For tightly, the cloth is chosen quite strong boxes that are not deformed when decorating or subsequent storage. The fabric is cut into the size of the box with allowances to two centimeters, attached to colorless glue or double-sided tape. The lid decorates just if you sew a segment of a decorative ribbon, strap, braid, it turns out a handle for which the lid is removed.

Box in a cage Box on table Red boxes Gray Box with Things Blue box with a plaid lid Box for storing ribbonsYou can perform a two-layer box with almost completely from the tissue, for stuffing, invested between two layers of fabric, the sheets of cardboard, a special plastic canvas. Pockets or dividing tissue strips are pre-seed. The lid is attached to the "velcro", zipper, buttons.


The organization of storage and associated decoration of the interior with a variety of boxes is an excellent idea, especially in small premises or limited finances. This is an original way to make something new to the familiar "picture" of the premises. Cardboard and bottles, newsprint and linen fabric, yarn and napkins - all this is capable of becoming a functional decoration of any apartment. Interesting master classes for the manufacture of interior boxes for storing all sorts of objects with their own hands, can be found on the Internet or on the pages of popular magazines.

Baskets for storing various items and things, as well as helping to organize space in the closet, dresser, on the table, can be the most different. Now the baskets with tissue liners, which are easy to remove and install mono easily.

I want to offer you two options for the design of such a practical organizer, which allows economically to place the necessary items.

Storage box with compartment

Containers with tissue liners having several compartments are very often used to organize space near the changing table, because they are conveniently placed diapers, powders, rattles and other necessary care objects. To make such a box, you should prepare:

  • cardboard box;
  • the cloth;
  • sewing machine or glue for fabric;
  • hot adhesive gun;
  • yarn;
  • belt for pens;
  • pins (brides) stationery;
  • Stationery knife;
  • scissors;
  • nail and hammer or awl.

Stages of work

Use a dense, rigid box of suitable size. With the help of a stationery knife neatly and as soon as possible cut the top valves - the lid. One of the valves Sprinkle in the middle of the box so that it is easily inserted and served as the basis for the partition.

From the fabric, measure one piece equal to the length of the outer perimeter of the box, and in a sufficient width to wrap the box in height and make a 1.5-2 centimeter on the bending one and the other side. Pour the item and sew it into the ring.

The item you cut out for the partition, wrap a piece of matter, cut down the same details along the contour, retreating one centimeter to allow the seams, and sew the bag of them. Cut the corners close to the string, remove the item on the front side. Insert the cardboard wall in the resulting bag, carefully squeeze the hole.

Wrap the box prepared fabric, lower boosts and inside the organizer. With hot glue, fasten the fabric along the outer edge so that it does not go.

From a piece of cardboard cut the bottom to the small items to be rolled under the valves. For him, also sew a tissue case so that you can wash. Put on the case on the bottom and put it inside the organizer. Examine the partition.

The inner part of the organizer is decorated, you can proceed to the outer finish. The project uses decorative yarn. You can take advantage of any material - yarn, braid, jute cord, linen rope.

With hot glue, fasten the tip or braid on the bottom. Then carefully begin to wrap the box, fastening the thread so that it does not slip. After the entire outer side of the organizer will have been decorated, the thread needs to trim and put the tip, trying to do it as much accurate.

From the belt, cut two identical parts, the length is sufficient for the manufacture of the handles to the organizer. Remove the partition and donyshko from the organizer and leak the inner tissue. Using sewn or nail and hammer, make holes for the installation of brids. Secure the handles using pins. If you have not found pins, then use fine bolts and nuts to them.

Reconform the organizer - lower and disappear, insert the bottom and the partition.

Organizer is ready.

Second version of the design box for storage

In order to make an organizer for storing various things, you must use:

  • Cardboard box of the desired size
  • wrapping paper;
  • adhesive paper paper;
  • subtle bilateral scotch;
  • scissors
  • Eco-skin pieces;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • Stationery knife;
  • nail and hammer or awl.

Stages of work

Just like in the first version, start working with the preparation of the box - cut the upper valves, trying to withstand a flat horizontal line throughout the perimeter.

Spread the wrapping paper that you want to make an outdoor side of the box, on the table. Watch the paper on each side so as to leave the allowances on the bending from above and below. Cut the paper by marks and secure with two-way tape.

Cut two handles from a strict belt. Follow the location of the handles. They will be sewn with two stitches crosswise either or as you want. Punch with a seboard or with a nail and hammer required number of holes to facilitate the fixation of the handles at the place.

Insert the thread in the needle and carefully the adhesive of the handle, placing the initial and end nodes from the inside. For reliability, fasten the thread by universal glue.

It remains only to arrange the box from the inside. To do this, you can use self-adhesive film or decorative paper. Cleut the bottom.

From additional pieces of cardboard can make partitions. Cardboard will cross the film or paper and secure with a tape or hot glue.

Another storage box is ready.

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Each hostess loves when she has order in the house and cabinets, including it helps me to support storage boxes that do it yourself. The use of such tanks allows you to save space on the shelves in the cabinets and this storage will not be sideways for your interior if the shelves are open.

Boxes for storing things, they are also called cofrs, allow you to distribute things on compartments so that in the future it is easily finding the right one. It is very convenient when there are small kids, so they quickly get used to order, knowing where to get or where to put socks and t-shirts. Verified on your own daughters :)

Buy in the store the boxes are quite expensive, especially if you need a lot, so I prefer to make boxes for storing with your own hands.

And I do not spend a bunch of money and time on this, and using the healthy materials that all the owners have, and takes a little time. But what is the result! Cleanliness and order are provided.

And in this notice, I will share my experience in creating various boxes of girlfriend, I will tell you from what I did and as I use. And if you want to share your experience, write about it a comment, it will be useful and the author, and readers of my modest blog :)

How to make boxes for storage do it yourself

For several years now, storage boxes are very popular, they are sold in almost all business stores, they are talking about and showing how to use different replied bloggers.

And, of course, I also wanted to use them, clean up the house. When I went to the decree, there was such an opportunity, but without buying, but by making a storage box with my own hands. And they have been served for 5 years now, they are used constantly, do not require updates and keep them in them:

  • rarely used dishes;
  • footwear;
  • clothes;
  • hats;
  • toys;
  • stationery.

It all depends on your imagination, the field of activity for storing various things is simply unlimited, you can at least all that is in the house of storage boxes to sink :)

Pros of using storage boxes

In his many years of experience, I can say that the advantages and advantages of the storage box have a lot, and especially it is made with their own hands and is perfect for your interior and dimensions of the shelf, in general it becomes your obligatory life tool:

  1. Excellent saving space. Now everyone strives for minimalism in the interior, but things are becoming more and more, and they take a lot of space on the shelves, and having gathered them into a storage box, you will save up to 40% of the space.
  2. Accuracy in the interior. Using the boxes, you can put them on the open shelves, without fear that cause damage to your interior. They are neatly decorated by your idea, perhaps even in one color scheme.
  3. Sort things according to accessories. I will give such an example, I have two large boxes that I use for storing hats, one is written "summer", on the second "winter", it is very convenient when a certain season comes. You can easily find what you need without unnecessary trouble.
  4. Maintain order. When using storage boxes, you visually always on the shelves will be the perfect order, even there is a full bardak inside the boxes, but you already know about it :)
  5. Reducing dust on the shelves. With longing, every time I thought about cleaning, when you need to wipe the dust, this is how again everything needs to be removed from the shelves, wipe and rebuild. When using the box, the problem has left, besides there is no effect of sunlight, harmful to some objects, moisture, from the permanent use of a damp rag to remove dust and so on, the causes of the set.

It is for all these reasons more often I do it with your own hands the box for storing things only with a lid, it is more convenient and practical. But there are also open boxes, later I'll show you everything, but for now I'll tell you how to do them.

Making a storage box with your own hands

To make a storage box with your own hands, you will not need to spend much and the manufacturer goes out quite budget. You will need:

  1. Adhesive Pistol
  2. Adhesive rods, minimum 3 pieces. Consumption depends on the size of your box
  3. Fabric for box decor
  4. Scissors
  5. Rule
  6. Flomaster or marker
  7. Box or dense cardboard from under any household appliances.

I didn't always have ready-made boxes of the desired size, for example, large boxes under hats, about which I told earlier, made from cardboard, which was packed elements of a cot. Required production :)

And first you need to decide what size you want to make a box, I usually ask the store near the house, there are always empty and different sizes there.

Fabric can be used from old reserves or buy in the store, for a small storage box, like me, you will need a cut 1 meter long and 1.5 meters wide. Choose more dense, so that when using the glue, there was no shile place seen and did not shone the inscriptions that are on the box.

Boxes for storing things with their own hands

To begin with, you need to cut off the box cover so that you can stick carefully, bending the fabric inward. I often stick the boxes and from the inside, especially that will be open and stand in a prominent place. If they are intended only for storing things in the closet and still make a lid for them, placing the same cloth, then inside the fabric is not allowed. It makes no sense and, again, for savings.

How to make a storage box with your own hands

Since I have a fabric with a pattern and you need to be customized under the picture, I had to put it inside only half, but usually I start gluing from the bottom inner wall of the box so that in the future it remains to reorganize only the bottom.

Kofr do it yourself for clothes

You need to glue fabric to the cardboard, with a small tension so that there is no assembly and looked more neat.

CAFR for storing things with their own hands

The edges of the fabric, especially in the joints of the joints, you need to bend inside, as if you do it, so that there are no sticking threads, which will be dissolved over time and the box no longer serve as long as it could. Gently drive the fabric from all sides, measuring the desired size and adding the necessary pieces on the sides.

Decorative storage boxes do it yourself

In order to decorate the bottom, you need to remove the size and apply them to the fabric with a margin of 1 cm for each side for the bend. Turning the edge, glue the bottom.

Cardboard boxes do it yourself for storage

If you started glue the fabric from the bottom inside of the box, then fixing the bottom, finish your work. In my case, you will have to add pieces of fabric to completely closing the inside of the storage box.

In principle, it can be finished on this, but perhaps you want to add an additional decor. It can be diverse, it all depends only on the flight of your imagination and it can be:

  • Application;
  • Sequins;
  • Tape and so on.

Examples of storage boxes do it yourself

As I have already said, I love to use the boxes for storing not only clothes and other homemade utensils, I will give you your examples of coffee maker and application.

On the balcony, where many dishes are stored on the shelves, which is extremely rare, it is possible to clean up and, not allowing the accumulation of dust, fold everything in a large storage box. At the same time, the dishes always remain clean and, if necessary, it remains only slightly rinse and can be used.

Box for storage of dishes do it yourself

Ideally store shoes in the boxes in which it was sold, but that the motley pictures do not "cut" the eye can be saved with a cloth in one color and will be a completely different look. And for sure to know where whose box is shoved, sticking small pockets to accommodate the inscriptions in them. Make it easy, for this I used an old transparent paper folder.

Boxes for storing shoes with their own hands

Previously kept hats on the shelves in the packages, looked so-so, from constant jerking there, quickly rushed. And large and spacious storage boxes have become an excellent replacement. I have two, one with the words "Summer", the second "winter". You always know where what lies.

Drawing boxes with your own hands for storage

The eldest daughter is interested in drawing and for her I have made boxes for storing pencils, tassels and other items for drawing.

Boxes for storing small things do it yourself

To accustom children to order, I use boxes with partitions for the storage of underwear, which was scattered across the entire box, also made by their own hands.

Storage box

Main conclusions

By creating storage boxes with your own hands, you can not only save a family budget, but also clean up the shelves, in the closet and in the house as a whole.

With their help, it turned out to teach children to keep your rooms in order, laying out everything in its place, that is, you are also time to clean up and you can dedicate him to your beloved :)

In general, the pluses many and every hostess can tell about their own, these ideas and insights can be useful to other readers, so I suggest you share it in the comments. And if I liked the article, I will be glad if you share it in social networks.

All you are the best and light!

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Now there are many box-organizer, which can be put on the shelves in the closet, but their size is mostly standard. If you need an organizer of this size or form that is not on sale, you can make it with your own hands. For example, I needed a narrow, high and rather long organizer. On this principle, it is possible to make covers for finished boxes, turning them in this way into beautiful organizers in one style. Another plus - these covers can be removed and wrapped.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class
How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

You will need:

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

- cardboard, dump knife, metal ruler, pencil and painting tape for organizer base box;

- Two types of fabric: for external and internal case;

- pencil or marker for fabric;

- line;

- Portnovsky pins;

- cloth scissors;

- Sewing machine and thread.

Step 1

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Determine the desired organizer size, draw out and cut out a knife from cardboard 5 parts: bottom, 2 identical long walls and 2 identical short walls.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Collect the box and glue by painted scotch. The corners better strengthen the scotch even and go to them the edges from above.

Step 2.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class
How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Put the details from the fabric.

Details and their number are the same as cut out of cardboard for the basis of the organizer: 1 details of the bottom, 2 long parties, 2 short sides from each type of fabric. At the same time, all the side details of the internal cover should be increased high to the width of your weird (in our case, 3 cm).


- for both parts of the bottom 1 cm from all sides;

- For all lateral parts, 1 cm below and on sides and 3 cm on top, on bending.

You can carve details for the lateral sides as a single canvas, make it up from two or three parts - as far as the tissue is enough.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

My fabric for an external cover was very cropped, so I immediately processed all the allowances of the bottom of the bottom and the side and lower allowances of the remaining parts from this tissue with a zigzag.

Step 3.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class
How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

All side details of the external cover must be sewn into the ring. We fold the parts in the desired order the front sides inside, we roll pins. We pave the lines, leaving those unimproved 1 cm below. At the beginning and end of the lines - leaving.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Expand the allowance.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Slow seams on both sides.

Step 4.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class
How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

We pour the resulting lateral part to the detail of the bottom, folding them with the front sides inside. We combine the corners: the staples are staircase, 1 cm areas will disperse and help make the angles of smooth. If the side part is carved by a single web, in this place the corners must be thrown.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Lay the line, connecting the bottom item and lateral detail. Having reached each corner, make 2 bps 1 cm on each side perpendicular to each other to strengthen corners.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Cut the corners without reaching a lines of 2 mm, start the allowance to the bottom of the bottom and will shoot the seam by the bottom detail.

Step 5.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

The upper edge of the external cover is 1.5 cm twice and laid the line by fixing the odd.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class
How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

So that the cover is better sitting on the basis of, a little suzim it from above. Fold up the top edges along the seams and burst the corners, as shown in the photo, 1.5 cm, retreating from the edge of 1 mm.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

External case is ready - you can put it on the basis.

Step 6.

The inner case is sewn in the same sequence as external.

In my case, the lateral part for the inner case was carved out of two parts. I decided to locate the joints of the details of the details in the center of short lateral sides.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

At first I connected two parts into the ring and came from two sides each seam.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Rocking lateral detail with a detail of the bottom, placed the seams in the center and first put the pins in these places, and then chopped the other parts of the details.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

On the corners waited for lateral details.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

The fabric for the inner cover in my case did not appear, and I decided not to process it additionally. Lay the line connecting the bottom and the side item and making the closures at the corners. Cut the corners, start the allowance to the bottom part, will shoot the seam from the bottom item. Cut the allowance to a width of 0.4 cm.

The upper edges of the inner case are treated in the same way as the edge of the external cover.

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class
How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

It remains in the organizer internal case and replete its edges outward. Ready!

How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class
How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class
How to make a box-organizer in a wardrobe: master class

Master class and photo: Natalia Pyhova

Fabric box

Budget textile box will decorate any apartment and help you clean up the shelves in the bathroom or bedroom.

Textile boxes

In the photo beautiful fabric storage boxes made with their own hands.

What will take:

  • Dense tissue (burlap and bunk) - 17 cm.
  • Ribbon for handle.
  • Threads.
  • Sewing machine, pins, scissors.


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Cut the details according to the pattern as in the photo:


  2. Folding the elements, sew the sides:

    Fold details

  3. We make a handle, stitching the ribbon of the desired length, as shown in the photo:

    Making a handle

  4. We fix the resulting loop with pins at the top of the base, sew:

    Send a handle

  5. We insert the lining from the bilaten on the basis of the burlap:

    Two covers

  6. Send both parts over the upper cut, retreating about a centimeter:

    We sew covers

  7. Send space on the inside to fix it inside the burlap cover:


  8. We proceed to the processing of the bottom. We sew the bottom:


  9. And sew the sidewalls, as shown in the photo:

    Finished bottom

  10. Textile box is ready!

Fabric boxes

In the photo, one of the examples of the textile basket, which can be sewed with their own hands, issued on your own taste.

Knitted box with their own hands

This storage box will enjoy crafts that loving knit crochet.

Box of yarn

In the photo, a small knitted basket of a round shape, in which it is convenient to lay jewelry.

Tools and materials:

  • Hook.
  • Yarn (you can use knitted).
  • Wallpaper glue and brush.


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Knit the foundation for the future box. The greater the square, the volume it turns out the product:

    The foundation

  2. We bind the basis of the columns without a Nakid, tissing each loop:


  3. We continue to knit until it reaches the necessary height of the box. Cut the working thread.

    Build walls

  4. Fix the product with wallpaper glue, drying with a hair dryer.

    Fix glue

Detailed master class can be found in this video:

Foldable box

The original and practical CFR, which develops and declines as needed. This is a convenient option for needlewomen who are difficult to organize a workplace in the process of creativity.


In the photo, bright folding boxes for storing 15x15x20 cm.

What will take:

  • Cotton fabric size 50x45 cm.
  • Adhesive fliesline 50x45 cm.
  • Chalk or water soluble marker.
  • Sewing machine, scissors or knife roller.


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. We fit the cloth on the adhesive fliesline and gently cut:

    Weeping fabric

  2. Blacks 4 lines at a distance of 15 cm from each side and spend them:


  3. Sluorrow horizontal lines from two edges, as shown in the photo:

    Cut line

  4. We retreat 1.5 cm from the edges and celebrate the marker or chalk holes on four sides of the rectangle:

    Making holes for valves

  5. We spend the line for the valve:

    Streeting future holes

  6. And cut them:


  7. The next step is cutting the valves:


  8. Processing edges in any way:


    1 way

    2 way

    3 way

  9. We collect the box, rubbed valves through side cuts:


  10. After creating the first folding organizer with their own hands, the following products will do much easier:

    Finished boxes

Cardboard box

Affordable, eco-friendly and very convenient material - cardboard - perfectly suitable for making your own hand storage boxes. Its creation will not take much time.

Cardboard boxes

The photo is a simple box for trifles from cardboard, which can be decorated with stamps, decoupage or photographs.

What will take:

  • MICROFROCARTON (approximately 1.5 mm thick).
  • Printout drawing or ruler and pencil to overst the workpiece.
  • Bilateral Scotch or Glue (PVA or SECOND).
  • Scissors.


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. To make a storage box with a lid of cardboard, use the finished drawing. We carry it into cardboard and cut out:


  2. Gently bending the workpiece on dotted lines:

    Bend blank

  3. And connect the parts with each other with the help of glue or double-sided adhesive:


And in this video, step by step tells how to make a box for storing things or clothes in the closet:


To make a solid storage box with your own hands, you can weave it from a veneer. It will become a wonderful decoration of the kitchen or living room.

Box from veneer

On the photo eco-friendly braided boxes for storing various trifles.

Tools and materials:

  • Veneer.
  • Clothespins.
  • Glue.
  • Malyary Scotch.
  • Scissors.
  • Line.


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Getting to work. To begin with, soaked veneer in warm water. Dried in suspended. Cut on the same strips depending on the size of the desired basket.

    Striped veneer

  2. We divide the number of strips in half and fix the painting scotch.


  3. We take one strip and crowd as shown in the photo:


  4. The traditional way of weaving baskets continue to build a square:

    The second row of weaving

  5. When the stripes are run out, we will get the bottom of the box:


  6. We check from which side the veneer does not get out. To do this, bend one strip like this:

    Check veneer

  7. Using a ruler, bend all the details in the direction where the material does not laugh:

    Canceling the first wall

  8. We take a long strip, equal to all sides of the box, and pass it along one of the sides:

    Inspread the long strip

  9. In the same way, two more details come in:

    Establish a basket

  10. Bend one of the walls, starting to form a basket:

    Bend the wall

  11. And crowd long elements in the second wall:

    Form a box

  12. We continue to weave:

    Weaving of the third wall

    End of weaving

  13. We leave tips with a length of about 5 cm, the rest cut:

    Connect the box

  14. We drive the strips inside, embedding them under the third row:

    Wet the vertical stripes

  15. We glue a long strip along the internal perimeter of the box, fixing the clothespins:

    Support strip

  16. The remaining strips are woining on top of it:

    Weaving remaining details

  17. Wicker decorative box is ready!

    Finished basket

    Baskets of different sizes

From newspaper tubes

Such an interesting basket will look great in a nursery, bathroom or living room. If a lot of newspapers accumulated in the house, if you wish, you can create a useful and beautiful box of them with your own hands.

Product made of tubes

In the photo basket for storage from newspaper tubes, painted in blue and decorated with cloth.

What will take:

  • Newspapers.
  • A knitting needle (you can take a skewer).
  • PVA glue.
  • Scotch.
  • Cardboard box.
  • Paints and varnish acrylic, brushes.
  • The cloth.
  • Scissors, ruler.


Step-by-step instruction:

  1. We cut the newspaper on the same strips of approximately 28x10 cm in size:

    Billet strips

  2. Apply the needle to the edge of the strip at an angle of about 45-60 degrees. We wind up the paper on the needles, fasten with glue:

    Twisting tubes

  3. Take out the needle. You need to perform the same actions many times to get enough tubes:

    Dimensions of tubes

  4. We strengthen the bottom of the box with scotch and paint it in any color:

    Painting boxes

  5. We make marking for the main tubes, noting on the box Equal segments:


  6. We glue the pads on the marking:

    Fix stands

  7. Capture adhesive additional cardboard bottom:

    Printed bottom

  8. Collect the resulting workpiece. We start weaving. To create a first row, an extremely rack-rack on the subsequent. Horizontal tubes lengthen, inserting one to another. Vertical tubes fix clothespins.

    Weaving process

  9. If necessary, we pull the tips. We will determine the whole box:

    End of weaving

  10. Purchase the inner walls by fixing the ends of the racks on them.


  11. Prayes a basket in two layers, giving a product to dry. Top lacquer:


  12. We sew from the fabric removable case. Basket ready!

    Ready product

Detailed master class on creating a storage box from the tubes do it yourself - in this video:

Decor options

There are many ways to transform storage boxes: you can decorate cardboard containers from under shoes or technology, turning them into stylish interior elements. For decor used fabric, lace, decoupage technique or scrapbooking.

Box in the bathroom

In the photo of a compact box with pockets, decorated with cloth and lace.



With the help of wrapping paper or wall remnants, you can transform the box to be unrecognizable and store different items: books, toys, handicraft materials. You can enclose a cardboard box for storing things with a conventional rope and create an excellent accessory in eco-style.

Table design

Box with rope

The design of the boxes does not only depends on the presence of suitable materials, but also from your imagination. The process of creating stylish things "from nothing" always fascinates, and the result brings to the setting of comfort and order.

Decorative boxes It will help not only solve the problem of storing things, but also a variety of interior. Our review presents simple ideas of homemade boxes for storing a trifle and step-by-step master classes How to make a organizer for cosmetics, clothes and other little things.

Textile box: master class

Using simple materials, you can create an original textile product for storing different items. For the manufacture you will need a piece of dense fabric.

So, a storage box made of fabric is done in several stages:

  • The fabric can be needed with dimensions 48 * 43.5 cm.
  • This piece of material is cut into squares in four corners, sizes - 14 cm by 12 cm.

Paper made pattern. With it, you can perform marking for connecting the parts of the textile box.

Distance between tags should be 15 cm long . Performing calculations, you need to make sure that the material is enough to work. Tags can be done using a ruler.

Then post the template over the material. The labels are made on the width of the tissue strip, which will be used to cross the box.

Then the fabric strips are stretched into the holes made.

  • Four bands with a width of 0.7 cm and 16 cm in length are required.
  • After tightening the tissue pieces in the product, they need to trim in the upper part.

When the box will be ready to put heavy slices of wood to give the desired shape.

As strokes for crosslinking, a single-type fabric is selected or skin slices.

Spacious and original storage capacity is ready.

How the box is punctured paper: master class

Find out how to make boxes for storing things with your hands from paper. The cardboard product is a beautiful and simple project for the competent organization of space. A homemade paper box can be done with children, as the manufacture does not differ in great complexity.

To repeat this master class, It is necessary to prepare such components:

  • Cardboard Box for storage of shoes;
  • Kraft gift paper;
  • the pencils;
  • scissors;
  • line;
  • glue solution;
  • rag.

Kraft - paper is shown in the photo.

Now consider the process, how to make a beautiful and decorative box:

  1. Attach the box and circle the contours. Then cut the parts for each side, leaving the stock of 1-2 cm.
  2. For better gluing Make cuts in the corners As shown in Figure 1.
  3. Glue first the opposite sides first, and then the rest.
  4. The protruding parts of the paper are glued from the inside of the box.
  5. Bottom box need to thoroughly glue .
  6. Then the box is placed from the inside.

ATTENTION: When gluing paper uses a rack with which folds and bubbles are aligned.

The result is a beautiful box with a smooth and smooth surface.

How to decorate the rope: master class

There are different ways to make a storage box. From ordinary cardboard packaging you can create an original basket for threads, socks, toys or for cosmetics. An interesting solution is a product with a decor from the rope.

For the manufacture you will need a regular box of cardboard, rope, adhesive gun. Then proceed to the manufacture of decorative containers:

Take the box.

Scissors cut the valves from the box.

Then around the box wake up the rope. In the process of work, you need to glue each piece of the harness.

  • The rope needs to be glued to the very edge of the box.
  • In order for the product to be completed, it is necessary to make a liner from a light material. The lining is stacked inside, and the fabric is turned out.

Beautiful homemade basket can be used for various interior solutions.

Registration box fabric

From the fabric you can make a beautiful and functional box for home . To repeat the master class, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • cardboard box;
  • the cloth;
  • Special glue;
  • pins for decor;
  • tape.

IMPORTANT: Such boxes can be done under a certain shelf. They will be pulled out with a special handle. Products should be selected in the height of the rack or shelf. To sew boxes, you need to use the material of different shades.

The manufacture of the box includes the following steps:

First cut the cloth for all boxes. Need to cut pieces for each Parties with a margin of 1-2 cm.

With the edge of the fabric you need Bare 0.5 cm and fix the material with an iron.

Then, with the help of a sewing machine, step the seams on the collapses.

  1. After that, you can proceed to sticking the canvases on the basis of the box. The glue should be distributed very carefully so that the drops on the facade parts are not formed.
  2. Corners at the bottom of the box should be cut to turn the cloth.
  3. The fabric turns into the inside of the box. For better fixation, it can be attached with the help of special adhesive strips. Vary must be attached particularly tight.
  4. Beautiful ribbon will help hide uneven edges and firmly fixes the canvas.

Using decorative pins, attach the handles for the product. For this, special tapes of special strength are applied.

And here are original Boxes on the shelf are ready. They can be used to store small items, folders or even books. Depending on the size, you can create an ergonomic box of organizer.

Functional and comfortable products can be made in 4-5 hours. When using single-tone fabric, boxes can be additionally decorated.

How to sew decor for a box of sweater

Custom ideas will help to decorate space in the house, such as storage box from the sweater. To do this, you will need an old thing from knitwear, a box of cardboard, scissors, a glue gun and ribbons for the handles. Wovening elements can be used as a handle.

Master class includes the following steps:

  1. Cut the suitable piece of fabric from the middle of the sweater, which should cover the box with a margin. The material falls around the perimeter.
  2. The canvas is glued to the cardboard base with glue.
  3. The edges of knitted fabric are passing inside the box and firmly fix them.
  4. From the side of the sides, attach pre-prepared handles.

The result is a stylish thing that perfectly fit into any interior.

Knitted Boxes and baskets

Having attached a little effort, you can create great Knitted storage boxes. Such products are suitable for the interior of any room. Original solution - Wardrobe Boxes . Similar items will not only decorate the interior, but also make it more functional and practical. They are used to accommodate all sorts of things. Stylish decor can be made with your own hands.

Detailed lessons How to Estim the Basket yourself, as in the photo - by reference!

Create comfort in the kitchen will help compact and spacious baskets. To make them need a hook and ribbon knitted yarn. Such products can be used for storing nuts, eggs or bakery products.

Additional storage containers will be useful in the bathroom. With their help, you can competently place all items. Original baskets can be fixed in one of the corners of the room.

The elegant decor is suitable for living room design. It can store plaids, books, firewood or bullets from the TV. Such a basket is especially relevant in the hallway. Inside the trifle, bank cards, wallet or keys are placed.

The knitted thing looks perfect as a kashpo for flowers. Bright decor elements will create original accents indoors.

Knitted boxes are best done with the hook. There are a large number of schemes with which you can create an original product.

Especially popular baskets made of yarn tape or spaggey, braids, ropes or knitted yarn. To create a decor you can choose synthetic or cotton yarn. Such material is a continuous narrow tape. Products from yarn fit in short time and wonderfully hold the form. The original box is ideal for giving. The basket can be made with or without handles. A knitted thing can be created from old T-shirts chopped on ribbons. Knitted strips should be pulled in different directions so that the edges are rounded. A 10 mm hook is applied to work. Knitting basket begins with an amigur ring. To do this, you will need a special scheme. Then the binding is performed in a circle.

Ideas Storage Box Decor

Now consider stylish and original ideas for storage baskets.

"Unusual boxes can be made of bright packaging paper. For the manufacture of such a trio, you will need three different cardboard boxes, decorative ribbons and colorful paper. The lid can be placed with a paper of another color. It looks good with a contrast solution. In the lid, the holes are cut through the labels in which the tape is doing. The decorative element is tied on a beautiful bow. "

"Comfortable storage containers and underwear can be made of fabric and lace. Inside the box is divided into separation of different sizes, depending on the items that will be in them. The box is drawn up with a dense cloth and decorated with fine braid and lace. "

"Storage box can be made from different materials. It can be wicker products, colorful boxes from plywood, boxes of old suitcases and cardboard structures decorated with decoupage technique. "

"For storage of yarn are made bright boxes from different fabrics. The material is glued to a cardboard or plastic container. "

"Non-standard option for mounting on the wall. Homemade items are used as steel and containers for storing at the same time. "

"Stylish decor is made of wicker baskets. Different boxes will fit into any interior. "

"Ergonomic solution from tissue boxes with lids in the form of a suitcase. Additionally apply handles. You can make and overhead pockets. "

"A convenient option for flowers from decorative fabric boxes. The decor can be made of the tissue of one color or different shade. "

"For cosmetics, you can perform a simple box with pockets. For the manufacture, the fabric of two colors and the usual braid applies. "

"Compact box can be made of burlap. A similar accessory wonderfully will fit into the interior in the style of Provence or Country. "

"Storage containers may also have a non-standard form. Additionally made separate compartments. "

"From the fabric or paper of different shades, you can create whole compositions of storage boxes for all occasions."

We hope our review will give you a lot of ideas for creativity.

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