How to change the battery in wrist hours yourself


How to change the battery in wrist hours yourself | Stock Foto Video instruction how to change the battery in the clock


How to change the battery in wrist hours yourself | Stock Foto Video instruction how to change the battery in the clock

How to change the battery in the wrist watch instruction

The clock with the battery is convenient because they are not required to start and quartz watches are more accurate. The question arises where and how to replace the battery. And the replacement in the workshop will cost a little expensive, except for our workshop Imchasov M. Savelovskaya, Susthevsky Val D.5 page 12, TC Savelovsky mobile, Pavilion L150. Explore our recommendations and independently replace the battery in your clock usually this is a SR626SW battery. But you will consider there are hours from which you can open the back cover, and it will have to close it with the help of the press.

To replace the battery in the clock, the first thing you need to open the back cover of the clock. The lid can be twisted and pressed. Look carefully: if the cover is pressed, then on the case in the clock there is a recess and the cover is required to be picked up either with a screwdriver or knife. Take a small knife or a small screwdriver, insert into the recess and discove the lid. The clock must be kept hard, and click - firmly and gently so as not to break the clock and will not be lit.


If on the back cover of the wristwatches there are special recesses on the body, six to eight pieces - then it is unscrewed. From those tools that can be a homemade master, the caliper or a small rubber ball is best suited. Slide it in the width of the labels and tighten the bolt. Insert the calipers in two recesses and unscrew the lid. You can also open the lid with a small rubber ball. Cress the ball to the lid of the clock and start twist and the lid to unscrew. You need to unscrew on the left side.

The lid you removed, see how and what is the battery, how it is attached, usually it is SR626SW. Carefully remove the battery, in no case do not touch the coil of the clock mechanism if you scratch it, then the clock can be thrown out.


By inserting the battery, try not to take it with your fingers - better than tweezers or around the edges. When the battery is inserted, make sure the clock goes, then you can close the lid. If the clock does not go, then most likely they are magnified and you will have to go to the nearest workshop or to us at M. Savelovskaya, Sustal shaft D.5, page 12, TK Savelovsky (Mobile), Pavilion L-150. Tel: 8 (495) 796-44-56

Before close the clock, you need to check the gasket, and if it came into disrepair, then you need to slightly lubricate silicone.

If you want to close the lid, which is pressed, you can try to close your hands. Be careful, you can easily sell the glass. The lid should close without any difficulty.

If this did not succeed, the clock is closed with the help of a special press and then we are waiting for you at: M. Savelovskaya, Sustal shaft D.5, page 12, TK Savelovsky (Mobile), Pavilion L-150. , Store

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    Still, it's nice that in the age of mobile phones, many people continue to use wrist hours! Of course, in the vast majority this watch is inexpensive, quartz ... well, so what? Nothing prevents them from being beautiful, and the accuracy quartz gives odds any arbitrarily sophisticated and status mechanics. Yes, and the hassle is practically none - neither to lead nor to start it: the batteries are "pills" enough for months, and then years.

    However, sooner or later, the problem arises: it's time to change this battery. And the considerable number of owners of such a clock wants to do it yourself. The main motifs are there two: 1) economy (even pay someone, even a little, for such nonsense); 2) Pride (I have hands, or no, especially for such a nonsense again?)

    Let's just say: 1) Replacing the battery in the workshop - the pleasure, indeed, quite inexpensive, and if a few hundred rubles every couple of years is not too burdensome, it is better to end the work of a person who knows how this work; 2) Your hands do you have, but not everything is so simple, and, and, in good, it will not be superfluous to be at least the minimum of special tools.

    Well, our business to warn. Nevertheless, do you want to replace the battery yourself? Well, let's go.

    First: Remove the bracelet (strap)

    He may interfere with you upon subsequent actions. Operation on the removal of the bracelet, and the truth is elementary, it makes no sense to spread about it. Let's just say that already at this stage you may need a tiny screwdriver. For example, "Jeszokov" each half of the bracelet is connected to the body on two crucibles with cruciform slots. They need to unscrew them. The screws themselves so as not to be lost, fold into some box. Or, for example, in a glass.

    Second: hour hygiene-1

    Dirt is good only therapeutic. And those that over time accumulate on any subject, including on the clock, are harmful. Sleshing is not worth it, and the case is a minute: take a toothbrush and walk along the back cover and the case of the clock. Leave the brush then to use on the same purpose, it is not recommended to clean my teeth.

    Third: Remove the back cover

    It is already somewhat more complicated. The covers, by type of their connection with the case, are three main varieties:

    1) on the screws. As in the previous step, solves a small screwdriver.

    2) Latching. And, accordingly, packed. In this embodiment, a special neckline is made in the lid, in which you need to insert the tape of the instrument and - gently attach the effort "to open". In nature (and in workshops) there are tools created precisely for such an operation, but if you have (most likely) there is nothing like that, in principle, the appropriate size of the screwdriver (flat, not cross) or even a knife. Here be careful: it is easy to leave on a lid and / or on the middle of the body with a scratch / dent.

    3) Captured. And, accordingly, unscrewed. At this stage, this is the most difficult option. The covers of this kind have several (from six to eight) grooves around the circumference. For work there are again special tools - puller. They (like another arsenal) are inexpensive, even on the same aliexpress ... But it is necessary to order, wait until you get it, and money to pay! If you are ready to wait and pay, then we sincerely advise you and proceed: the pullers are convenient for work and safe for your watches. If not ready, but you have a calipel, then push it under the desired diameter, lock the screw and start unscrew the cover. No caliper - tweezers will fit. Try not to damage these metal devices or watches nor your own hands. Unscrew (counterclockwise!) Not in a hurry and not to the end. Half turnover is enough, after which I will postpone the tool aside, take the rubber ball, press it to the clock cover and continue to unscrew.

    By the way. In addition to the aforementioned puller, you can also purchase a special retainer (clamp), in which the clock will not hang out where it fell in the process of this and subsequent operations.

    Fourth: extract the gasket

    Such a gasket, rubber or plastic, is in any clock. For greater or less tightness. It is not difficult to pull it out with tweezers, but try not to deform the gasket itself.

    Fifth: Remove the old battery

    As before, we can fly a tweezers. And still carefully. Even gently. Sometimes the battery is covered and fixed with a special plate. This plate is simply shifted to the side.

    Sixth: hour hygiene

    The tightness that we mentioned above never happens absolutely. Inside the case, somehow extraneous substances accumulate. It is useful to remove them. We repeat: very, very neat! You can use a pin or (it's better) wooden toothpick. It is also not bad to blow the space using a rubber pear (enema). Vacuum cleaner does not apply!

    Seventh: Buy a new battery

    We note this by a special point, for the most reliable - take the old battery and buy a new exactly the same. It may seem that it is enough to simply measure the old, but not a fact: a meager deviation can lead to unpredictable consequences. So we take the deceased source of energy in your hands and go to the store with him. Of course, if you can discern marking, you can not take a battery corpse. But to see, I need a magnifying glass. There is already a certain arsenal watchmaker ...

    Yes, when buying, we advise not to exhibit with economy: take the product from a good manufacturer - Sony, Panasonic, etc. And then there are cases when a new one, but a very cheap battery, which is not clear who made, serves as a week-other - and then all first ...

    Eighth: put a new battery in place

    Also tweezers, too, carefully. Other recommendations here are unnecessary. Is that such: do not confuse polarity! In the sense - do not put the battery upside down. Well, they, of course, have no legs, but you understood what it was about, right?

    Ninth: put in place a sealing gasket

    About neatness and caution do not get tired of reminding, and it is also useful to walk along the laying of silicone lubricant.

    Tenth: Put the back cover

    And this is the climax! No, if the lid on the cogs, then there is no problem and talk about what. If she is a screw itself, then everything is also easy: we do in the reverse order, that is, we first use a rubber ball (not forgetting to clearly push the lid on the thread), and at the end we reach the puller (caliper, tweezers).

    Much more serious with a lid that snaps up. For it is completely, she does not want to snap! Even if you oriented it correctly (in the place where the clock has a crown, there is a cutout in the lid), it still does not get it! It would be necessary to apply a nonsense effort, because it is afraid ... it is possible to remember the cover, and the glass that is from the dial side, split.

    Folk craftsmen came up with a lot of techniques for solving the problem. For example, the clock is wrapped in a strip of foam rubber and compress in vice or with a clamp. There are exotic ways: put a clock face down on a soft rug, cover top of the stack of magazines and on all this is a foot stool, on which, naturally, you need to sit down. Some cut out intricate mandrels from the tree. Well, etc.

    Bending before perseverance, seamless and growing, from where the hands of such people follow, we still advise not too risking for hours, but to use the services of masters, who, even at points under the sign "Metal-Demo", usually there are mini-presses. It's a shame, of course, we understand, to retreat on the finish itself, but ... However, if you have to go to the end, you need to be ready for what, maybe you will have to buy new hours. So dare! Good luck to you!

    The ALTIME stopping command went to the LPI service center to show you in detail how the battery replacement is in the clock.

    Replacing the battery is a relatively simple operation. But it stands in service from 100 to 200 rubles, depending on the level of the workshop. We will tell you how to change the battery itself and, most importantly, how to close the lid.

    Women's clock with crystals on a ceramic bracelet, OKAMI (price on the link)

    Establish the bracelet

    I cope without this stage, but I advise me to unbutton the bracelet. I do it with wooden toothpick.

    Feel the pin pin, as shown in the figure, and carefully push the stick from the socket. Wooden toothpick is guaranteed not to leave scratches on metal.

    Women's clock with crystals on a ceramic bracelet, OKAMI (price on the link)

    Open the cover

    This operation does not cause a special complexity. We take a sharp knife, tenderly refress the protrusion on the lid. It is most convenient to double the blade into the metal case and lift the metal cap with a turn.

    Do not hurry. And then there will be the same scratches as on my clock.

    Women's clock with crystals on a ceramic bracelet, OKAMI (price on the link)

    We change the battery

    Here to tell the details meaningless. The fastening of the battery can be done in different ways. In this case, you must neatly press the holder marked with an arrow.

    Or just make a battery, she will come out.

    Women's clock with crystals on a ceramic bracelet, OKAMI (price on the link)

    Close the cover

    Women's clock with crystals on a ceramic bracelet, OKAMI (price on the link)

    Please note that there is always a small cutout under the head of the clock. It must be found and install the item strictly in place.

    When everything is ready for pressing, take the book and put on the clock. I make this operation on the carpet not to damage the glass.

    Women's clock with crystals on a ceramic bracelet, OKAMI (price on the link)

    Now press the book with your hand. If you heard a pleasant click, the cover stood in place.

    Over time, I learned how to make this operation, not unbounding the bracelet. Approximately as in the picture. Corner of the book can be started in the bracelet.

    A warning! All of the above is the experience of the author. And although he is repeated at least five different hours without any damage for them, the risk exists. So if not sure, go to the service.

    And if everything succeeds, achieve a special level of confidence with its speats and, perhaps, help your relatives with a similar problem.

    And if everything succeeds, achieve a special level of confidence with its speats and, perhaps, help your relatives with a similar problem.


    How to change the battery in wristwatches?

    Nowadays, the wristwatch most often act as a stylish accessory. But those who are accustomed to navigate the time on them, it is already difficult to get out of the house, not fastening the bracelet of wristwatches. Most devices are equipped with a battery that gradually loses the charge. It periodically needs to be changed.

    Replacing the battery in the clock Mechanical watches require only regular platoon. Electronic devices in this regard are more convenient. With a new battery, they work correctly for quite a long time. When the wrist watch starts to lag behind, this is the main signal that the charge fills.

    1. It is easy to find a battery and it costs it is inexpensive, so many make a decision to replace the element yourself.
    2. Before interfere with the wristwatch mechanism, you should familiarize yourself with some recommendations:
    3. Check if the warranty period is expired. If not, even to replace the battery you need to contact an authorized workshop. As soon as the integrity of the product is broken by an unauthorized person, the warranty is stopped. If a breakdown occurs with them, you will have to spend a lot of money for repairs.

    Make sure that the device began to work incorrectly or stopped due to the seed battery. Other reasons associated with the operation of the electronic mechanism can lead to a failure. If according to calculations, the battery is too early to change, then it is better to immediately turn to a qualified wizard. Some quartz clock models are equipped with an End of Life indication system ("End of Life"). If there is an EOL abbreviation on the back cover of the accessory, with a seed battery, the second arrow will jump through four positions.

    Try to replace the batteries even before the clock is completely stopped. Otherwise, the battery will flow and spoil the entire mechanism.

    Battery selection

    The new battery must be perfectly coincided with the previous one. If it is less, the contact will constantly move out, which will lead to failures in the work. If more - the case cover may not close, and the mechanism and dial is deformed. Therefore, you do not need to immediately throw out the developed battery. You can come to the store, and the seller will help you choose exactly the same.

    The battery must be high quality.

    Ideally, it should work from two to five years, depending on the capacity, but the danger is not that it will quickly fade. Inside the element, zinc and salt are engaged in the interaction, and with a deformed or corrosion package, a slight-quality product can flow. Most often, this leads to the need to fully replace the mechanism.

    The electronic clock of the last generation of Renata and Maxell manufacturers have a special building structure that does not allow leakage.

    Batteries must coincide not only in size, but also by charge tank. It is listed on the housing. But it should be remembered - the same capacity of batteries will not give any guarantees in the fact that the new battery will last as long as the previous one. If she lay down for a long time in a warehouse, the battery could well self-discharge. Unfortunately, there is no way to find out how long she remains to work.

    • The voltmeter will show the suitability of the battery, even if it remains to work quite a bit. On the side of the battery that corresponds to the "plus", marked with a type of nutrient element is applied:
    • Salt. Suitable for any model of hours, it is inexpensive, but also serves for a short time. When buying such a battery, you should pay special attention to the date of manufacture, since for the year it can self-discharge by 10%. The most significant minus of this battery is that it is inclined to flow. The masters do not recommend using it for expensive hours.
    • Alkalin. Optimal combination of price and quality. She is inexpensive, serves until a year and a half. But not so dangerous as salt.
    • Silver-zinc. One of the most expensive batteries. It has all the necessary advantages: does not flow, it works for a long time, self-discharged slightly. The battery with the SR-MD type is the most universal of them. Suitable for any hourly mechanism.


    Also an expensive battery, but will serve at least three years. There are cases when a similar battery was discharged only after seven years of excellent work.


    The workflow does not cause any trouble, if there are special tools. But not in every house there is a set of watch tires. Then the apparel means will come to the rescue. For example, a knife or blade will come in handy for removing the lid.

    Also in the nearest optics store, you can choose a set of screwdrivers to repair points that are suitable for working with a clock.

    Unscrew the rear wall will be much easier if you remove the strap from the clock and clamp the body in the vice.

    The clamp should not be too strong to not damage the ears. Between the clock and visk, it is necessary to put a piece of soft tissue.

    With a self-replacement of the battery, in no case cannot use metal tweezers. Such a tool crosses the poles, which leads to the loss of the capacity of the element and significantly worsens the quality of its work. Pinzet should be plastic or with an isolated working part.

    It is not recommended to take the batteries with your hands. Fingers leave traces that worsen her contact with the watchmaker.

    Replacement method

    Before disassembling the device, you must prepare a working environment. The clockwork consists of the smallest details. Even the inconspicuous particle (dust, hairs, dandruff, crumb) can lead to a device breakdown.

    Therefore, the table must first wipe with a damp cloth, and then wipe it thoroughly dry.

    The surface of the table should not be too rigid, otherwise, after replacing the battery, the accessory will be all scratched. Shipping table with white paper or tablecloth. So you can protect the decoration from scratches, besides, on a light surface it is easy to find fallen details.

    Based on this, you can pay attention, in what conditions experts work in repair shops. It is hardly possible to entrust the costly accessory to an untidy person who works for a dirty table.

    How to open the lid?

    After they were convinced of the need to replace the battery, a new battery was correctly selected and a workplace was prepared, you can start working. The most difficult thing is to open the lid, not damage to the accessory and do not hurt yourself.

    The back of the case can be twisted or recreated.

    If there is a deepening on the circle lid, it is unscrewed. To work, the easiest way is to adapt the caliper. Slide it in the width of two opposite recesses and fix the tool. Carefully check it out several times counterclockwise. However, not everyone has at home such a device and the more special key. Then you can try to unscrew the cover with the help of a tweezers, from which the ends bent in the form of a paw.

    This shape can be given independently.

    Also, the rear wall of the clock can be fastened with separate cogs. For work with such a device, a special hour turning is suitable. First, you must unscrew the diametrically opposite screws, and then in any sequence to remove the rest.

    If the rear panel is smooth, then it is recreated. Carefully look around - there should be a slight deepening on the lid. Picker the lid with a small knife or thin scolder. Movements should be solid, but neat. Keep the clock firmly, so as not to break them.

    Insert the battery

    After the lid is removed, you should study and remember how the battery is attached. Most often it is clamped between two slats, one of which is mobile. It is fixed with the screw. To rotate the bar, this screw must first unscrew a bit. After that, the bar can easily unsubscribe using an acute subject. As soon as the battery is not clamped, it will jump at the expense of the minus's spring contact.

    After that, with the help of plastic tweezers, it is necessary to carefully reach the old element of the power supply and insert a new way. At the same time, it is important not to confuse "Plus" and "minus".

    Here to tell the details meaningless. The fastening of the battery can be done in different ways. In this case, you must neatly press the holder marked with an arrow.

    Before close the lid, you need to make sure that the device has earned.

    A detailed process of replacing the battery in the clock is described in the following video.

    1. Before putting the back wall of the clock before, it is worth checking the gasket on the lid. If it deteriorates, it needs to be treated with silicone to improve tightness.
    2. If the back panel is clinging, it must be returned to the place, observing some recommendations:
    3. Put the clock on the table dial down, while putting a paper napkin, folded in several layers.

    On the lid there is a groove that is aligned with the axis of the transition of the arrows. Make sure that all the elements are neatly combined, and the lid lay down as soon as possible.

    To press the lid, take a flat wooden object and attach to the back panel. The clock must close without much difficulty. If there is a feeling that you need to apply a little more strength, it is better to make sure that the battery and the lid sat down correctly.

    The lid that was unscrewed by the caliper is screwed in the same way. Precautions

    1. Change the battery of wristwatches at home is quite simple. The main thing, adhere to all the recommendations and be extremely neat.
    2. Then, even the one who faces this problem will cope with this task:
    3. Do not use a sharp knife tip. He will slip and cough her hand. Also, the tip may break or get used. Then the knife will come into disrepair. It is best to use the blade.
    4. With a knife, you need to stick to the same security measures as when working with chisel. Do not use power to the knife if the second hand is opposite it. Hands should be in such a position so that when they slip into the instrument, they did not find themselves on the trajectory.

    Do not try to open the lid of expensive accessories. One careless action - and the decoration is spoiled. In this case, you should contact the jeweler.

    The device does not let moisture due to the seal and lubricant. Therefore, remove the rear wall should be carefully so as not to damage the seals.

    1. Replacing the battery in hours on your own
    2. CONTENT:
    3. Preparatory work
    4. How to open a clock to replace the battery
    5. How to change the battery in the clock

    Installing a new battery

    Installing the back cover

    The advantage of quartz watches in front of mechanical is the absolute accuracy of the course, the lack of necessity constantly start them. The source of energy is the battery that is responsible for the life expectancy of the mechanism. The operational period of the battery is designed from 2 to 10 years, depending on the model. After that, the battery needs to change.

    Replacing the battery in hours on your own

    The KRONOSTIME command recommends accessing the service center, but it happens when the battery replacement in hours is needed urgently. Our brief guide will help you get born into the role of the watchmaker and quickly cope with the task. We warn - if the clock is under warranty, then please consult whether it will act during the independent opening of the accessory. Most manufacturers will not comply with the terms of warranty if the clocks were open.


    Getting Started by the first step of the procedure, remember that all actions should be carried out on a clean surface without irregularities, so as not to scratch the glass of the device during operation.

    1. We advise first to remove the bracelet, because it can interfere with follow-up. Make it easily small scuffer for models with screw mount and a special stiletory, if the strap is attached to the body of the pin. Next, you need to clean the back cover and the accessory housing.
    2. To replace the battery in the clock, it is originally necessary to unscrew the rear lid of the model. Wrist Accessories have one of three types of covers:
    3. On the screws - it is possible to remove the cover using a screwdriver;

    Preparatory work

    Pressed - in this embodiment, on the housing you can detect the well, the cover is adapted to a flat scolding or knife tip. When opening, the clock needs to be firmly fixed, and press carefully so as not to spoil the accessory and not harm yourself;

    Revealing - the back cover is characterized by 6-8 grooves around the circumference. From the tools of the home arsenal you will be useful to the caliper. The caliper is moved under the desired diameter, fixed with a screw, after which you can unscrew the lid. Then there is a small rubber ball. The toy is pressed to the clock cover and rotate counterclockwise.

    How to open a clock to replace the battery

    After removing the cover, you will see a plastic gasket, which is used to absorb shock and prevent the displacement of the mechanism inside the housing. We care caution so as not to deform the gasket.

    How to change the battery in the clock

    Carefully remove the battery using a knife or tweezers. On the top of the battery there may be a small plate for fastening, so it will be necessary to push it aside.

    Just place a new power item in place and make sure that the small clip for fixing is again in the desired position. By inserting the battery, try not to touch it with your fingers, then return the sealing gasket into place. When the battery is inserted, make sure that the smooth step of the clock is not disturbed, after which you can close the lid.

    Finally, you need to place the back cover on the starting position. When installing the screw version, the rubber ball is used first, and then the caliper. If the back cover is pressed, you can try to close your hands. Here be extremely careful, there is a chance to split the glass, mock the lid.

    Hello everyone!

    All those who are not indifferent to the creation of a new community dedicated to the clock.

    The first post will be about such a banal and frequent question - how to change the battery in quartz watch.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    Battery replacement sooner or later requires almost all quartz o'clock. In some hours there is a light charge indication system, but many simply stop suddenly, forcing the owner to run in search of the next hour workshop. In this post, I will tell you how to change the battery yourself, this option is suitable for those who do not trust their clocks and prefers everything to do with your own hands (my option), those who feel sorry for several hundred rubles for the operation that takes 10 minutes of time , or those who have no sentry workshops nearby.

    First on instruments. Such a set of tools will be enough to replace the battery in almost any clock.

    1. Tool for working with bracelets and straps. Often, in order to provide convenient access to the back cover, you need to remove the strap or unbutton the bracelet so that it completely opens. In this tool there is a double-sided nozzle (for its replacement you need to unscrew the nut to loosen the clamp of the collet) - on the one hand in the nozzle cutout to remove the strap, on the other hand, a smooth pin for removing studs, access to which is possible from the end, it is convenient to remove Castle on metal bracelets.

    2. Opener for hoods-clap. There are several types of them, but in my opinion the most comfortable and does not scratch the lid and clusters of the clock. Of course, you can open the cover with a knife or thin flat scolding, but most likely traces will remain on the lid and clock.

    3. Clip for the cluster of the clock. In such a clamp it is convenient to fix the clock for removing the cover, the clock will be reliably fixed and all manipulations will be easier to produce, moreover, when unscrewing screw covers, all loads will be on the body, and not on the bracelet and studs. Plastic sleeves, clamping clock, can be rearranged under the size of the housing.

    4. Key for screw covers. Key species There are several, there are keys with a vertical or horizontal position of the pins, with a handle and without, with two or three pins, I liked this - it has a simple design, it is compact and it is convenient for it.

    5. Rubber ball. This sticky ball is a convenient tool for working with screw lids. Of course, the causing lid does not disrupt them, but it will not be guaranteed to leave the tracks on the lid. It is convenient to unscrew the covers after they are unscrewed them with the key, well, it is also convenient to twist, after twisting it is enough just to tighten the cover with the same key.

    6. Set of screwdriver. It is necessary to remove covers that are attached to the watch housing with screws, as well as to unscrew the screw that holds the battery in the clock mechanism. Most likely you will have a fairly ordinary small set of several hourly taps.

    7. Brush with rigid plastic bristle, suitable and a regular toothbrush with a bristle rapidly. It is necessary to clean the back of the back of the clock before opening the lid, the likelihood of dirt and dust falls inside the clock and the possibility of the appearance of associated problems in the future.

    8. pin or toothpick. It is useful for extracting dirt from bottlenecks and grooves in a lid and housing.

    9. Rubber pear. Necessary for contactless removal of dust and dirt from the clock. Compressed air in the cylinder can damage or blur the details of the clock, and the blowing of the dust of the mouth can be fraught with the subsequent fogging of the clock from the inside.

    10. Pinzet. It is more convenient curved, but it will come true. It will be needed to extract small batteries, cogs and plastic parts.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    11. Lupa. It can be useful for those who are not all right with vision or just to consider small details. I do not use her, but someone can come in handy.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    First look - covers with screws. Usually hold four flat slot screws (in the photo - edox), with a combined slot (in the photo - Casio) or small self-drawing with a crusade (usually inexpensive Chinese and bad fakes of famous brands).

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    Second view - clap covers. They are usually found in modern inexpensive hours, but sometimes they can be seen in not the cheapest models.

    The third look - the covers with a threaded fastening, they can be easily recognized on the recesses, located in a circle at the edge of the lid. There are found in most hours with an increased degree of moisture protection.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    There are still hours with a all-metal case and the possibility of replacing the battery through a hole with a threaded lid (for example, Swatch Irony). In such hours, the replacement of the battery is not difficult, for this there is enough coin the desired size, which the lid is twisted.

    [photo from google pictures]

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    There are also hours without a back cover, their body is solid (monocletes), such as Citizen Royal Marines Commando BN0110-57E. Access inside such hours is carried out in front - the glass is removed and the entire filling. Such hours at home can be serviced hardly, and there are no batteries in such hours - inside or mechanical caliber, or quartz on the battery with charge from light or other sources of energy.

    [Photos from Google pictures]

    Thus, the types of covers were listed, then we turn to the battery replacement process.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    First, change the batteries on a pair of Q & Q-neck with a cottage cover.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings
    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    To begin with, it will not be superfluous to put something soft on the table, so as not to scratch the glass, I use a piece of rug for a mouse with a fabric riding. If necessary, remove the strap or bracelet from the clock, we clean the cover of the clock from the mud with a brush and a napkin, put them with a lid up and find the recess for the tool in the lid. Insert the opening in the recess and carefully open the cover.

    Next, we find the battery and see how it holds, it is usually used or a spring latch, or a clamping plate with a screw mount. Carefully unscrew the screw (if any) with a screwdriver of the desired size and move the latch or plate.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    Next, we go with the battery to the store and buy similar. It is important to buy exactly the same battery, only a manufacturer can differ (it is better to buy batteries of normal manufacturers - Maxell, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, etc.), if you buy a battery of another model (even if they look like something), the size may differ slightly And installing it you can damage the clock mechanism. Insert a new battery to the place (it is more convenient to insert the battery, moving it towards the latch, so you will not need an additional tool for installation and less chance to drive something or break) and collect everything in the reverse order. Check if there is a sealing gum on site, if it shifted, return it to the place. In official services, when replacing the battery can also change the gum, but you still most likely there are no spare, so just check it for integrity.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    When installing the lid, pay attention to its position. On the one hand, it is usually a recess under the pin of the clockwork, follow the factory head and notch on one side, otherwise or does not close the lid, or you will break the pin. If you close the lid does not work, do not attempt to apply gross power, you can memorize the housing and lid or break the glass. You can try the techniques with winding the tape or with the rim of the desired diameter, wooden bars and clamp, but better take the clock in the workshop, there you will close the clock with a special press for a small amount.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    Now replace the battery on Casio Lineage with a threaded lid.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    We take out the pin from the bracelet castle to fully open it, so it will not be interpreted when working.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    We clean the lid and the body of the brush, fix the clock housing in the clamp.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    Further install the key pin at the desired distance, insert them into the notches on the lid and turn the cover on the half turn. For this purpose, instead of the key, many use tweezers or caliper, most often the result of this is a corrupted tool and scratched clock.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    To completely unscrew the cover with the key is inconvenient, it is better to take a ball or unscrew it with your fingers.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings
    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    We remove the lid if there is dirt on the cover of the clock under the cover, we remove it with a pin and pear, the brush is better not to use it, because At the same time, dirt most likely will fall inside the clock. We remove the plastic tab of the tweezers, there is a battery under it.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    The battery holds a small snatch, weching it with a flat screwdriver

    At these clock there is a SR621SW battery.

    We buy in the store the same and put back. Further collect the clock in the reverse order - we put a plastic tab in place, check whether the rubber seal is in place and twist the cover with a ball - first the half-turn counterclockwise so that the lid gets into the threads, then clockwise to the end. Do you touch the lid a little more tight, take off the clips from the clip and connect the bracelet.

    Classical Mechanics for Outful Fans Wanderings

    Well, now you yourself can change batteries in your clock, just buy the missing tool. It can be sold in specialized stores, but prices are usually high, for home use is enough to buy a tool on Ali, the main thing is read reviews and do not buy the cheapest. The entire tool used by me here (except for tweezers and brush) came to me from China. Most likely, having such a set, you will have more tools than the average "variable battery" in the workshop in the nearest shopping center. Where I used to wear my Casio, the master from the tool was only screwdrivers, a toothbrush, a tweezers and a magnifying glass, she unscrewed a flat screwdriver, such bullying naturally did not pass without a trace for the body and the clock cover, on a pair of photographs it is noticeable.

    P.S. If the cover of your clock looks like this:

    And on it, just as "DON'T Open! Service Center Repair only" or something like that, then it is not worth opening it - there are no batteries in such hours, most likely there is a battery, the replacement that you do not care Do not find, but even if you find, you will most likely not be able to close the lid, because To do this, you need a special press (at least on my clock it is just like this). It is better to send a clock to the official service center or in a good workshop.

    P.P.S. If in your clocks at the same time there is both the arrow and digital display, or some more complications, then they may have two batteries inside (for example, two batteries are found in the G-Shock clock). In this case, even if one of the batteries still works, it is better to change both. For the addition of this information, thanks @HENYCG.

    How to independently replace the battery in the clock
    P.R.P.S. If you have an expensive watch if your watch is still on guarantees, if your watch has a high degree of water protection and you swim or dive into them, if you have a sunto watch or a similar or dive computer, then it is better to attribute or send a clock to the official service The center or a good proven workshop, there you will put a branded battery, change the rubber seals to new, if necessary, and check the clock on the tightness of the special device. Also, it is also better to contact the service if "Eco-Drive", "Tough Solar" is written on your watch or something similar to the word "Solar", and also if you have seiko kinetic - in your clock it is not a battery, but battery - It is difficult to find it and in the replacement process can also be nuances. In no case do not put an ordinary battery instead of the battery, even if it is suitable in size.

    A modern man rarely have to pumped out the problem of replacing the battery in wristwatches. Usually in points of sale they change them quickly and free. But sellers are different. It happens that a charming young lady is encountered for the welcome, which in size and battery manufacturers can understand, but how to make a wrist accessory does not have the slightest presentation. I know this problem and those who go to long hiking or whose work is connected with a permanent stay in nature. The clock is indispensable, and the spare battery should always lie in your pocket.

    Variety of batteries for wristwatches

    Pocket and Wristwatches - Quartz Device Time

    Mechanical clock - prestige and status. And often also the memory of those favorite relatives to whom they belonged. Modern quartz watches are definitely an elegant accessory, but also the need to constantly be in the stream of time and follow it. Take a mechanical clock - a beautiful procedure, a kind of ritual. Replace the battery in wristwatches - important ordness. Let's find out what is needed for this.

    • What do you need to open and remove the lid? Determine the type of protection
    • So, we assume that you needed blood out of the nose to insert a battery in your watch yourself - the mechanism is worth it, the metering device will soon be useful, the spare battery is present. In good hours, the battery and the mechanism reliably protect the lid, which can be attached at least three ways:
    • screwed screws;

    closed on a screwing mechanism;

    How to change the battery in quartz clock, wrist watch, quartz watch, battery, do it yourself, long
    Closed on a slamming mechanism.

    From these methods, it depends on how correctly and gently remove the cover of the watched or pocket clock, without damaging the valuable device and precious nerves.

    Pocket and Wrist Cap - Reliable Protection

    Method # 1. How to open the clock with a snap-down lid with nail?

    Change the battery in quartz wristwatches with a lid of this type will not be much difficult. Inspect the back of your accessory carefully and click something like a notch or deepening. Then pin down this place and pull the clock cover on yourself. The threat to spoil the manicure is undoubtedly, there is a place to be.

    If there is a small scissor under hand, a knife or something similar is flat and solid, take advantage of this

    And damage the nails on a very hopeless situation. Be careful if the back cover of the clock does not open, like neither pull. Stop spoil the property. Perhaps you are dealing with a swirling lid.

    1. Method number 2. How to unscrew the screw back cover with a rubber ball?
    2. Ideally, for this type of cover, you should have a caliper. It is better to use it:

    Slide the tool in the width of the labels and tighten the bolt firmly.

    Insert the calipers in two recesses and smoothly start unscrew the cover on the left side.

    But the caliper is not always an accessible tool. The rubber ball is still somehow easier. For this, the lid of the clock without deepening confidently press the rubber ball (little!) To organize its reliable clutch with the surface.

    1. Keep the clock in one place, and scroll the ball counterclockwise, without taking off the cover. While turning the ball should be shifted and protection. If everything happens, then carefully unscrew the cover to the end with the tips of the fingers.
    2. In extreme cases, experts recommend using scissors:
    3. Open scissors.
    4. Install their tips in two opposite lid grooves.

    Lock, applying a small force, and start turning the scissors counterclockwise.

    what are the batteries for watches
    The lid succumbed? Unscrew the fingers to the end.

    And please, be very, very careful with scissors! Do not apply random injuries to yourself and strangers.

    Schunzirkul - Safe Tool for Opening Watch Cover

    1. Method number 3. How to unscrew the tight rear cover or cover on screws?
    2. Open a clock to change the battery will turn out to be a nail only when the pair of conditions is observed:

    Nailing enough strong and length.

    This operation does not cause a special complexity. We take a sharp knife, tenderly refress the protrusion on the lid. It is most convenient to double the blade into the metal case and lift the metal cap with a turn.

    Screws are not twisted too much.

    But for a more successful result, it is more convenient to use scissors, a knife or a screwdriver of the corresponding size. Just install one tip of the instrument in the groove on the hat of one of the screws. Be sure to make the end of the tool to the groove tightly and do not miss the capture when you turn them. Sequentially unscrew all the screws, gently fold them in one place. They are small and instantly lost.

    Hooray! The lid is removed! Battery in front of us. What's next? And then, in order to successfully change the battery in quartz wristwatches and not damage it, take advantage of the tweezers or small tweezers. Pull out the old battery, but first remember its correct location in the clock. Convert plus minus - dubious procedure for a fragile device.

    where to put the battery in the clock
    If the size and form of a new battery fully coincides with the old, also neatly tongs or tweezers insert it into place in the clock, observing polarity

    Check the work hours. Go? Perfectly! Not? Check out the contact of the battery in the mechanism and, if possible, its shelf life. If everything is ok, and the hours still do not go, then contact a specialist. The probability of breakdown hours is high.

    Neat battery replacement tweezers

    Put the lid in place

    How to open the clock cover to replace the battery
    In any case, it is still possible to close the back cover of the clock after replacing the battery or extract it. If found, than unscrew the protection, the same and twist back. Just with a rubber ball, do everything in the reverse order - first gently screw your fingers, and then press the ball and remove to the end. Do not overdo it with zeal! The slamming lid is just tightly pressing the right side, most often to a light click.
    how to get a battery in wristwatches
    These are such simple wisdom in replacing batteries. Do not forget to set the arrows on the dial at the right time and get ready for a couple of years to answer a simple question "And what time is it? Do not tell me? ". And in this you will be helped here suchisers:

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