Turns over the screen on the laptop: what to do

turns over the screen on the laptop what to do

Method 1: Keyboard Keyboard

OS Windows family is designed to work with various screens of different orientation. The developers have learned the nuance at which the display of the display can be rolled, therefore, left tools in the system to quickly change them. The most convenient of them are the combination of keys, namely Ctrl + Alt + arrows : Depending on the "bottom" direction of the screen (the area with the taskbar) will be rotated in different directions, and thus you can select the correct position.

Method 2: Screen System Settings

If keyboard shortcuts for some reason do not work, you should use the display control tools.

  1. Right click on the empty space "Desktop" and use the option "Screen Settings" .
  2. Open screen settings to eliminate the outbreak screen on a laptop

  3. A snap-in will open where you can specify the necessary settings. Click on the drop-down menu "Orientation" And select Option "Labor" .
  4. Change the screen orientation to eliminate the problems of the outrest screen on the laptop by system tools.

  5. The screen should return to normal position.

Method 3: Video Card Control Panel

If the methods described above do not work, it is necessary to check the parameters of the orientation change in the video card manager.

  1. On the empty place "Desktop" Right-click. In this context menu on laptops is usually present "NVIDIA control panel" or AMD Catalyst и "Intel Mobile Graphics Center" . You need to check both, so you first select a built-in graphics management tool, if any. If there is no it in this set, then open the system tray, look for the icon, as in the screenshot Next, click on it PKM. and select "Open application" .
  2. Call Intel Control Panel to eliminate a laptop outbuilding problem

  3. For different versions of the built-in GPU, the control means looks different, so focus on the location of the elements. The display settings tab is marked with the corresponding icon, click on it.
  4. Display tab In the Intel Control Panel to eliminate the outbreak screen on the laptop

  5. Find items with names "Turn" or "Orientation" ("Orientation" In the English version): This should be a drop-down menu with different options. Select options in it "Scenery" or "Album" /"Album" (in English "LANDSCAPE" or "Album" respectively). The image should return to a normal position immediately.
  6. Change the screen rotation through the Intel Control Panel to eliminate the outbreak screen on the laptop

  7. Now consider the procedure for discrete video chips, let's start with NVIDIA. Run the corresponding software through the context menu on the desktop.

    Call the NVIDIA control panel to eliminate the outbuilding screen on the laptop

    In chapter "Display" Click "Display turn" then in the right part of the window use the block options "Select Orientation" where set the switch to the position "Labor" .

  8. Change the NVIDIA control panel settings to eliminate the outbreak screen on the laptop

  9. In AMD Catalyst, the sequence of actions is very similar to that for "green" video cards. First of all, select the appropriate option in the context menu "Desktop" .

    Run AMD Catalyst Control Center to eliminate the outbuilding problem on a laptop

    Open item "Common Display Tasks" where click on the parameter "Rotate the desktop" . Further in the block "Select the desired turn" Install item "Labor" .

  10. Change settings in AMD Catalyst Control Center to eliminate the problems of the outrest screen on the laptop

    As a rule, the use of a video chip control means is effective in most cases.

Method 4: Locking Orientation (Windows 10)

To date, there are a lot of "hybrid" laptops, where the screen turns both on the tablets. On such devices there is an accelerometer, which is managed in the "top ten" through "Center notifications" - Click on it for opening.

Open the notification center to eliminate the outbuilding screen on a laptop

Click on the tile with the title "Rotation Lock" .

Activate the rotation blocking to eliminate the problems of the outrest screen on the laptop

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How to rotate the screen on the laptop?


Screen reversal function by 90 or 180 degrees is planned specifically. It is used in computers and laptops with Windows OS to help work with graphics or photos, recognize text after scanning. However, it happens that it happened not in our will and you need to turn the screen back. The problem is solved by three ways, but in the current versions of Windows (7, 8, 10) there are their nuances.

Turned over the screen on the laptop - how to fix?

Return the laptop screen will help hot keys, special utilities or video card control.


This method is easier, but it works not in all cases. Usually used in devices with an Intel graphics adapter. If you have AMD or NVIDIA, turn the screen in this way may not work.

Important : At the same time, press Ctrl, Alt buttons and one of the arrows located just rightly a space.

The down arrow (↓) in combination with Ctrl and Alt puts the screen into an inverted position. Arrow to the right (→) or left (←) Expand the top of the screen is 90 degrees in the appropriate side. The up arrow (↑) allows you to restore normal position.

Important: The option may not work when installed "native" Windows drivers. If you do it, update them or try the following ways.

Special utilities

Someone reads e-books or uses a laptop as a projector on the presentation. Others love to scan from the printer to the computer, which is why the text becomes at an angle and it is inconvenient to read. For such cases, utilities are provided that allow you to turn images as if you like:

  • irotate. . This program needs to be installed, since there is no Windows in the standard configuration. Next, it will remain a few steps: call the context menu and select the desired orientation of the picture.
  • Eeerotate. . Simple, minimalist utility for turning photos or text on the display. Contains a component of changing the orientation of a touchpad on lateral control.
  • Pivot Pr. . The program is wider plan, it allows not only to flip the image, but also configure the monitor parameters for specific tasks. For example, color depth, permission, etc. Supports hotkeys, if necessary, works with multiple connected monitors, adjusts the size of the window in the started applications automatically.

Pay attention to the compatibility of the selected program with your operating system. You can search other utilities depending on the needs, but in most cases these should be enough. You can deploy the screen at any angle.

Video Card Management

Transfer the laptop screen and by controlling the video card. The process is slightly different depending on its varieties.

Catalyst Control Center. Works on computers and laptops with NVIDIA or AMD video card. Rotation of the desktop is available in "General Display Tasks".

It looks like a video card step by step as follows:

  • Click right-click on the desktop, select Catalyst Control Center (there will be another word at the beginning - the name of the video card, NVIDIA or AMD).

  • Select "Common Display Tasks".

  • Press "Rotate the desktop" or "Rotation of the desktop".

  • Select the desired reversal option from the proposed.

In the screenshot, it can be seen that, in addition to the normal position of the screen, another 3 more are offered. 1 (Book) - the top will be left, 2 (landscape mirror) - bottom, 3 (book mirror) - right.

  • Similarly, clicking on the empty place of the desktop with the right mouse button, select "Screen Settings" (or "Screen Resolution"). Familiar menu, but another choice.

  • Then find the word "orientation". To do this, you may need to click the "Display" button.

If you have an Intel video card, find the schedule option. Next, select either graphic characteristics or graphics parameters.

In the first case, the order is as follows:

  • Main mode.
  • Display.
  • Turn.
  • Select the desired option. It is proposed a normal view or rotation by 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
  • OK - for fixing the action.

In the second case, the order is as follows ::

  • Turn.
  • Selection from the same options.

As you can see, the second option is somewhat simpler and faster.

Features of the screen reversal on different OS

There are differences between operating systems, but they do not create critical problems for users. There is only a small difference in the formulation of menu items.

Windows 7.

You need display settings. To do this, look for in the context menu on the screen "Screen Resolution" desktop. Normal "orientation" is called "album". Click on it if another is enabled. The screen should turn to its original position.

Windows 8.

You should find the settings window (or parameters) of the screen, as described above. This is also done by clicking the right mouse button on the free area of ​​the desktop.

Windows 10.

The Windows 10 operating system interface is almost identical to version 8. In addition to the context menu, you can use the "Start" option. Further we are looking for:

  • All parameters;
  • System;
  • Screen (display);
  • Orientation.

If the menu in English, these items may look different:

  • System;
  • Screen Resolution (Display);
  • Orientation.

It is interesting: In some modern models of laptops, an accelerometer is built in. The picture can be turned over when transferring or tilt the laptop. To correct the situation, it is enough to return the laptop to the usual position.

What can the image on the screen can turn over?

Some kind of error in the system could happen. It is possible that the driver "flew". Someone's evil joke is likely. Or an accidental press of a combination of pet buttons (for example, a cat) or a child. The problem resembles the moment when you have carelessly clicked on the "cross", working with a browser, and now you need to re-open the closed tab.

Let's sum up

If the image is accidentally turned over, it's easy to restore everything enough. This is done according to the scheme described above. Hot keys are one of the most convenient ways. But in the modern OS (or due to the characteristics of the graphics adapter), they may not work or be disabled by default. Then it's easier to use the context menu and screen settings. It is not more difficult than setting up Yandex.mothes. Such combinations of buttons can be turned on and off if desired. If you turn the screen in some personal or working goals, you are likely to use special utilities. As a rule, it makes sense to mess with them if the action is required to repeat often. Many programs are in free (free) access, but they are not always compatible with the 10th Windows version. From the described methods on your computer should work at least some.

Rotate the image on the computer can put an inexperienced user in a deadlock. Before monitoring information on how to flip the screen on the laptop, it is necessary to determine the cause of the problem. Three main reasons why the image of the computer can turn over, is inattention, software failure, infection with viruses. In most cases, this is the first option.

Elimination of the problem in Windows 7, 8, 10

The solution to turn the screen on a laptop with Windows 8, 7, 10 is almost the same. To begin with, it is necessary to disassemble the instructions for 7 and 8 version of the operating system.

So, if the screen turned on the laptop, what to do in this case:

  • On the empty place of the desktop to click on the right mouse button.
  • Select "Screen Resolution".
  • In the menu that opens, click "Orientation". Standard option is a landscape page. Accordingly, the user must be put in it, if the screen has unfolded.
  • Press approx. The image will return to the usual mode.

If you can not go to the settings in the described method, you can use another option. To do this, you need to do the way: Start - Control Panel - Design and Personalization (you need to click) - Setting the resolution. In the operating system of the eighth version, you can make the same steps in the screen settings.

In version 10, it is necessary to do the same setup actions. But do not forget that the operating system is installed on laptops-transformers that combine a computer and a tablet. They have a built-in accelerometer, which is responsible for automatic rotation of the image. In order to turn the orientation back, it is necessary to simply change the position of the laptop without climbing the system specific settings.

Remove the occurring problem with an expanded image will help the video card. It is necessary through the control panel to go to the video card settings (you can also use the system tray or click on the right mouse button) and select the card control panel.

Setting up the orientation in the AMD video card:

  • Go to the graphics adapter.
  • Go to "Common Display Tasks".
  • Select "Turn the desktop". The page will feature all options.
  • Change the value to the desired option and click OK.
If an Intel video card is installed, then you need to do the following path to setup: right mouse button - graphics parameters - rotation - select size. This option allows you to rotate the screen on a laptop by 90, 180, 270 degrees, and set the normal image size.

Software programs

How to flip the screen on a laptop and resize

Developed special programs to rotate the image of the desktop. They are not installed in the operating system, so you have to download from official sites. Such programs will help how to deploy a laptop screen and configure it for certain actions - reading, viewing photos and video.

The first program for setting is irotate. It is provided free of charge and is suitable for any operating systems starting with XP. With it, you can turn the screen to 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The program is compatible with different video cards, including Intel. Works in different languages.

The second program is Her Rotate. It is also provided for free, works with different operating systems. Her feature is a small size. Despite this, turns the screen to any side. You can control the hot keys. The program is designed to work on netbooks.

Third program - Pivot Pro. Downloads for free, capable of changing the orientation by 90, 180, 270 degrees. It is possible to control hot keys. The program can fix the depth, color and orientation of the screen. It can be used on different monitors at the same time. It is capable of changing the size for running applications.

Hot Laptop Keys

On laptops there is a key combination that allows you to turn the screen on a laptop, - Ctrl + Alt + arrow. This method is provided on different models of laptops: ASUS (Asus), Acer (Azer), Samsung (Samsung), Lenovo (Lenovo), etc.

How to flip the screen with the use of hot keys:

  • Turn over the legs - the key combination and the down arrow.
  • Return screen to normal position - keyboard key and up arrow.
  • Rotate the monitor to the left side - the keyboard key and the left arrow.
  • Rotate the monitor to the right side - the key combination and the right arrow.
How to flip the screen on a laptop and resize

In some models of laptops, this ability to customize is not provided, so you have to use the above methods.

You can flip the laptop screen to four main ways: through start, using the video card menu, using hot keys using special programs. First you need to try the option with a key combination. If this does not help or laptop does not support the function, then you need to move to the rest of the options.

According to the publishing materials: http://www.2dsl.ru/service/tech-help/76085-kak-perevernut-ekran-na -noutbuke-i-izmenit-razmer.html.

How on a laptop turn the screen quickly and easily

August 19, 2020

Posted by: Maksim

The orientation of the laptop screen can be changed due to the accidental press of certain keyboard combinations on the keyboard. You can fix it immediately - knowing them.

In this material, we will consider in detail several ways to do if the screen turned over on a laptop. How to fix this situation so that everything worked fine.

How on a laptop turn the screen quickly and easily

The past publication was devoted to what you need to do if the sound on the laptop disappeared. Now we will consider in detail how to rotate the laptop screen using the keyboard and the Windows 10 system and earlier, just as possible and quickly.

Important! Regardless of how many degrees turned over the image on the display: 0, 90 or 180, everything will be returned to the place with this instruction.

How to flip the screen on the laptop

1. Keyboard combination

The first thing to do is try to click simultaneously on the keyboard combination on the keyboard, which change the screen orientation:

  • Ctrl + Alt + ← - Rotates left 90 degrees
  • Ctrl + Alt + → - Turn right to 90 degrees
  • Ctrl + Alt + ↓ - turn over 180 degrees
  • Ctrl + Alt + ↑ - The image will return to the default value.
  • Ctrl + Alt + F8 - Display settings will be reset to default values.

Interesting! The combinations of these hot keys on laptops are almost always working, especially with integrated Intel video cards and the corresponding software installed. If you have no effect from clicking on them, the next chapter will definitely help.

2. Change the position in the Windows settings

1. On the free place of desktop, right-click and in the context menu, go to "Screen Settings".

2. Being in the "Display" section, scroll to the block to the block with its orientation and set the value to the "landscape" position. In Windows 7, unlike 10 version, the design of this menu is slightly different.

Important! If an additional monitor is connected - select it by clicking on it in the same window, otherwise the orientation selection menu will be inactive.

3. Change drivers in the settings

Since the default laptops most often are drivers from Intel - see how to do it on their example. In the case of Radeon and Nvidia, you will need to do about the same, only the names of the menu items and their finding may differ slightly.

Click on an empty place on the desktop by right-click, move the cursor to "graphics parameters" and in the "Rotate" section set the value - "turn to normal form" or 0 degrees.

You can also do this in the "graphic characteristics" of the same context menu, open this item.

A new window will open, go to the Main Display Settings section and specify the correct screen values ​​of the screen - in a normal view.

Interesting! If you click on the Intel icon in the Trete Task Panel - you can also make these actions.

4. Turn off the orientation shift when you press the keys

Click on the desktop on the right place right-click, hover the cursor to the "graphics parameters", then on the "key combination" and turn off the option.

Now even if you press these combinations of the buttons many times - nothing happens. It is better to disconnect the option so that there are no such problems in the future, especially since it is not needed to be turned on.


In laptops, such a problem occurs more often because in the Intel drivers, the default is shown the change of the screen orientation using key combinations. But, it is possible to solve it quickly with this instruction.

Every day working or resting at a computer or beloved laptop, we often make monotonous actions, often brought to automatism. However, sometimes you need to do something unusual, which can be confused. For example, you have a need to turn the screen on the computer. Suppose you need to display information at a different angle, and it may be such a situation that the image is shown upside down without your intervention, and you do not know how to flip the screen on the laptop. Whatever happens, but you still need to solve the problem, and return the screen to the desired position.

We picked up most of the possible options to help you correct the situation in the shortest possible time.

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

Combination of the screen turning

Those who regularly use computers are used to that most commands can be performed by pressing the so-called "hotkeys" - a special combination of buttons, pressing which leads to certain actions. The situation with the screen is no exception, and now you will learn how to flip the screen on the computer using the keyboard.

Important note that the shortcuts of the keys listed below will be able to solve the problem for those using devices with Intel processors.

On other laptops or computers such combinations of buttons may not work.

So, the easiest and fastest way to flip the laptop screen is to hold the Ctrl key simultaneously and the ALT key, and add arrows. The direction of the arrows is just to mean, in which direction the image will be turned.

  1. Pointer down - rotation of the image upside down (rotation 180 °);
  2. The pointer to the right - the top of the image is rotated to the right;
  3. Signpost to the left - the top of the screen rotates to the left;
  4. Pointer up - Returns normal image position.

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

Few people know that the button combination the buttons can, if necessary, can be replaced with convenient to you or generally turn off as unnecessary. To do this, it is enough to go to the Intel control menu and go to the Options and Support menu.

How to rotate the screen on the laptop

Change the image orientation on the laptop screen, where NVIDIA or AMD Radeon video adapters are used, too, will not be difficult. You can, of course, put on the side or up the device itself, but this is, at least not professionally, and besides, it can harm the device. In fact, this is done by changing the settings in the control panel of the video adapter.

To turn the screen on NVIDIA

  1. Changing the right mouse button on the scroll place, call the context menu;
  2. Select the NVIDIA control menu;
  3. Go to the Display menu and find a display there;
  4. You will be presented four options for positioning the image on the device screen - select the desired position, apply the settings and save.

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

For rotation of the screen on AMD Radeon

  1. Call the context menu, as in the previous embodiment;
  2. Going to the menu, find the general display tasks;
  3. Select to flip desktop;
  4. To the right, you will display the options for displaying the screen screen - select the desired option.

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

How to rotate the screen on the computer

If you prefer to work on a laptop, and it happened so that you need to find how to flip the screen on the computer, you turned to the address. By the way, to say that on the computer, changing the screen orientation is carried out in the same way as on the laptop, there are no fundamental differences. Unless, there is one way that will help if the previous options did not bring the desired result. In this case, it will be effective to use the screen settings that are located in the Windows control panel:

  1. Log in to the control panel by your device;

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

  1. Find the screen section;

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

  1. In the Find Settings of the Screen Settings and select the orientation item;

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

  1. Change the image location to you need.

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

Thus, you can easily rotate the screen image on the computer. These methods are universal, and are suitable for most devices. The only thing that may differ is the operating system. In each OS, variations are possible, how to enter the menu and turn.

Windows 7 Screen Rotate

If on the device, under the control of Windows seven, you also have a problem of an inverted image on the monitor, know that it is eliminated without much difficulty. To do this, you can use different methods, but the fastest, it is likely to use hot keys. Interestingly, hot combinations do not work everywhere. By default, they are activated on laptops, but on personal computers can be deactivated.

Rotate Windows 10 Screen

In the 10-Windows Windows, the image positioning change function is also implemented. On how to flip the screen on Windows 10 Next:

  1. Through changes in the desktop settings. Call the context menu by clicking the right mouse button in the free place of the monitor;
  2. Find the screen resolution, and in it orientation;
  3. After opening the menu, select the option you need. Initially, landscape orientation is installed;
  4. Use settings and save.

What to do if the screen turned over on a laptop or pc

After reading the article, you now know what to do if the laptop screen turned over. All described working methods are performed quickly, and do not require special skills and skills. In addition, they are suitable for any computers and laptops. Each user can independently choose the suitable way to him, and have pictures on the screen as he wants. Knowing how to turn the screen on a laptop will help you to make a swallow, if, of course, he will appreciate your joke. In any case, remember that you can always disable the option involving the use of hot keys, however, in addition to the screen turning out, other options will not be available.

Greetings! If you have suddenly, for some reason, the screen turned over on a laptop or on a stationary computer for 90 or 180 degrees, do not despair, this instruction will help you solve this problem in several clicks. This manual can be applied in the Windows 7.1 operating system 7.1 and 10. And when the screen turned over in Windows, first of all I recommend using a special key combination Ctrl + Alt + down arrow, which is responsible for the quick rotation of the picture on the display by 90, 180 or 270 degrees. However, such a manipulation does not work for everyone, and it depends on the video card and the corresponding software under it. If the screen turned into a standard position, then accept my congratulations. If everything is left unchanged, then go further. {Banner_Google1}

How to flip windows screen using standard operating system tools

To turn the screen on a laptop or PC, we need to get into the OS screen resolution window. In Windows 7 and 8.1, it is enough to click on the right mouse button on an empty place on the desktop and select the "Screen Resolution" string.

In the top ten, you can still get into the screen resolution: click right-click on the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel", select the "screen" and go to the "Screen Resolution Settings".

In the window that opens, the "Screen Orientation" item should be displayed at the bottom. If this is available, then install the desired orientation and save the settings.

Turned over the screen on the laptop - what to do?

You can change the screen orientation in the new Windows 10 by another way: we go to the "All Options" section, select "System" - "Screen" and set the orientation in the Required field.

By the way, there are laptops with a built-in accelerometer, and if the automatic rotation of the screen is turned on, then this is the reason. To disable the automatic screen rotation, it is enough to get into the resolution change window (all parameters - the system - screen).

How to flip windows screen using video adapter control programs

You can configure the orientation of the screen in applications from video card developers. Depending on the manufacturer, you can go to the appropriate section of the AMD Catalyst, Nvidia or Intel HD control panel and turn the image to the desired position.

For example, I have a video card from AMD, I open the main panel, select "Common Display Tasks" and click on "Rotate Desktop". In this window, you can rotate the screen to any side after which you confirm the settings by pressing the "Apply" button.

I hope this instruction helped you and you now know what to do if the screen turned over on the laptop or stationary PC.


Question from the user


Tell me what can be done: an 180 degree screen turned over on my laptop and everything became up-legs. The picture itself seems to be clear, without distortion, the laptop turns on and works otherwise as usual. Is it possible to rotate the screen without going into service?

Sincerely, Marina.

Good day!

A fairly popular problem, which occurs equally often, both on laptops and on PC. Most likely, you just accidentally changed the settings of the video driver, or a specific keyboard shortcut has been pressed. In this article I will give several ways to return everything back ...


In some cases, turn the screen very much by the way! Do not think that software developers are specifically building a goat. For example, see you a photo or video taken up-legs - clicked the buttons and the screen turned. Conveniently? Conveniently!


Ways to turn the screen

Method number 1: With the help of hot keys

Now on many laptops for turning the screen there are special combinations of keys (they are called hot) . They allow in a matter of seconds to change the orientation of the image on the screen, for example, to make it a book or landscape. As said above, this feature is convenient enough in some cases.

Combination keys for turning pictures on the monitor:

  1. Ctrl + Alt + ↓ (Down the arrow. By the way, the advantages to press unnecessary!) - turning the screen to 180 degrees (i.e. up-legs);
  2. Ctrl + Alt + ← - Rotate 90 degrees left;
  3. Ctrl + Alt + → - turn 90 degrees to the right;
  4. Ctrl + Alt + ↑ - Return the images to the usual position.
Classic laptop keyboard

Classic laptop keyboard

👉 Note!

These keys will work not all, for example, they can be disabled by default in the drivers settings. Either the manufacturer did not launch them at all ...


Method number 2: through the settings of the video device

To begin, I want to say that you must have the video drivers and updated (as well as the center-control to them. By the way, Windows often updates the drivers to most equipment when installing the system, but they "go" without the control center!).

👉 To help!

There is no Intel HD video mode icon, Nvidia or AMD Radeon in a tray near the clock and on the desktop - What to do ->

If the driver is installed on your video card - you just need to look at the tray (next to the clock): there must be a corresponding icon (example below)

Intel graphics

Intel graphics

Either right-click anywhere in the desktop: in the context menu, there must be a reference to the control panel (example below).

Entrance to the NVIDIA control panel // from the desktop

Entrance to the NVIDIA control panel // from the desktop

👉 To help!

Driver Update

If you do not have such links, most likely you do not have the driver (or the default is installed on the system with Windows).


Intel settings you need to open the section "Display" . In the subsection "Turn" You can choose a value of 90-180-270 degrees (see Screenshot below).

In addition, in this section you can set the update frequency, set permission, scaling, etc. Settings.

Display - Intel Graphics Settings

Display - Intel Graphics Settings

Note : Please note that after changing the permission or rotation of the image, you have a warning on the screen, with a request to confirm the changes. If you suddenly spoiled the picture on the monitor, and you see nothing - then you just wait 15 sec. The modified parameters will drop and return to the initial values.


In the NVIDIA control panel, open the tab. "Display" (left in the menu), then open the link "Turn the display" . There you can choose the orientation:

  • album (default);
  • Book;
  • album (folded);
  • Book (folded).

Choosing between these modes, set the parameter as convenient to view the image on the monitor.

Display rotation // NVIDIA

Display rotation // NVIDIA


In AMD Catalyst Center, everything is also quite obvious: open the menu on the left "Common Display Tasks / Rotate Desktop" From the list you choose mode: landscape or books (also there are mirror options for them).

AMD Catalyst Center // Display Orientation Selection

AMD Catalyst Center // Display Orientation Selection: Book, Ladder

Note : Settings menu can vary greatly, depending on the version of the video driver.


Method number 3: Through Windows Settings

Windows 7.

Take the right mouse button anywhere in the desktop, select the pop-up context menu. "Screen resolution" (as on the screen below).

Screen Resolution - Windows 7

Screen Resolution - Windows 7

Next, screen settings will open: in the tab "Orientation" Change the value to "Labor" either "Book" (Depending on the requirements).

Screen Settings - Windows 7

Screen Settings - Windows 7

Important! When changing permission or orientation, Windows will wait for you to confirm the modified settings. So, if something goes wrong, just wait 15 sec. And do not press any buttons ...

Windows 8, 10

In principle, changing the orientation of the image occurs similarly, as well as on Windows 7. When you click right-click on the desktop, the menu appears - you need to select "Screen Settings" .

Screen Settings // Windows 10

Screen Settings // Windows 10

Next will open page "Customize your screen" : Here you just have orientation settings, screen brightness, and permissions. Set the required parameters.

Screen orientation - Windows 10

Screen orientation - Windows 10


Why can not rotate the picture on the monitor?

Sometimes you crawl the buttons, change the settings, and nothing happens - the picture on the monitor does not change in any way ... this may happen for the following reasons:

one) Change the orientation of the wrong monitor . This is relevant if you have several monitors connected to the computer (or was previously connected). When setting up, pay attention to which monitor you change the orientation!

2) Perhaps your drivers got crookedly or flew. You must try to download drivers from the official website of your manufacturer and set them again. How to find, select and update the drivers on the video adapter can find out in this article: https://ocomp.info/kak-obnovit-drayver-na-videokartu.html

3) I also recommend checking a computer to viruses. . Some types of malicious programs are arranged games: change permission, make "jump" the mouse cursor turn the image, etc. Popular antiviruses of this year 👉 led in this article.

4) and last, try Download your Windows OS in safe mode . Often it is in this mode that it is possible to correct certain errors. In addition, if the problem is related to video drivers, then the image on the screen should be shown in standard mode.

How to go to safe mode in Windows 7/8/10 - https://ocomp.info/kak-zayti-v-bez-rezh-windows.html


I hope the question is exhausted?!

Have a nice day!


First Publication: 09/21/2017

Record adjustment: 01/30/2020


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to create their first videos (all actions go along the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • A program for cleaning Windows from "garbage" (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

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