Adventure tour at Putorana Plateau

Travelling to a country of waterfalls.

Season: lateJune – beginning of Sеptember

Tour duration: 7 days

Group: 4 – 10 persons


Day 1. Arrival to the city of Norilsk, Alyikely airport – transfer to Valek airport, helicopter flight to “North Oikumene” base (one hour flight). Photo and video shooting from the boad. Accomodation. Instructions.

Day 2-3. Relaxation. Sightseeing tour to plateau waterfalls (3-4 hours). Fishing at the lake. River.

Motor boat sightseeing tour around the lake. Visiting Chayachyi islands. Radial trips to the mountain waterfalls (Keta, Tonel mountains), photo and video shooting, individual programms, fishing at the lakes. Passing a night at the tent. Instructor service. Relaxation.

Base, fishing programms. Fishing, diving at the lake, Tokingda river. Sauna.

Day 4-7. Visiting by motor boat river Orokan waterfalls, eastern part of the lake, arctic loach spawning place. Field camping is arranged with the recreation zone and dinning place. Diving. Short trips to the mountains. One night in the tent. Visiting plateau waterfalls – river Orokan cascade (16 m. waterfall).

Tokingda mountains. Geology tours, looking for agates and rock crystal. Mountain lakes. Canyons and waterfalls. Small glaciers.

Relaxation. Individual programms: fishing, hunting (within the hunting season), sailing, lake Keta waterfalls video shooting.

Routes plans are attached.

Day 8. Departure preparation. Helicopter flight to Valek airport – night at the hotel – transfer to Alikely airport.

Accomodation and services:

North Oikumene” base – a small hotel with accomodation at DBL-rooms including all necessary conviniences

Sauna, shower, electricity, instructor services, satellite telephone, bar

The price includes:

- Transfer (meeting-seeing-of at Alyikely airport, transfer to Valek airport and on the way back, helicopter flight to initial point of travel route and on the way back)

- Hot meals (three times per day) within the route, at the base

- Necessary equipment rent

- Cost of fishing license

- Instructor services, one instructor per group.

Additional services:

- Satellite telephone

- Beverages

- Putorana State Reserve helicopter excursions

- Fishing gear rent

Should be taken personaly:

- Sleeping bag

- Rug

- Waterproof cloth & boots

- Repellents

- Individual drugs

Что ловим:

  • — хариус
  • — голец Дрягина
  • — щука
  • — сиг
  • — палия
  • — налим

Где находится:

Карта района

Плато Путорана — сильно расчленённый горный массив, расположенный на северо-западе Среднесибирского плоскогорья.

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