North Oikumene” base. General information.

Plateau Putorana – is an ancient rocky country placed northeast of Mid-Siberian plateau (Russia).

It is as large as Caucasus Mountains system, remote and not occupied. А Putorana State Reserve takes most of the plateau.

This is a country of lakes and waterfalls, polar day and untouched nature. Beautiful rocky rivers are full of fish and have lot of mountain thresholds.

Indeed this place is a heaven for fishermen, hunters and funs of productive leisure.

LakeKetaplaced on the south part of Taimyr (above the polar line) and enters into buffer zone of the Putorana State Reserve. This Lake is more than 90 kilometers long and its width varies from 3,5 to 14 kilometers. Lake Keta is almost the largest on the plateau Putorana.

River Tokingda springs from mountains Chaya-Ayan and run more than 80 kilometers through amazing mountain valley falling into Lake Keta.

North Oikumene” base is placed on the rocky east side of Lake Keta (160 kilometers from Norilsk city) where river Tokingda falls into the Lake. There are two V.I.P. cottages up to 12 persons with sauna, kitchen, and bar. Comfortable rooms for two in each cottage. Base is equipped with electricity, heating system, toilet, and shower. A hall with fireplace in each cottage.

Dining room is equipped with gas cooker, refrigerator, smoke stove and mosquito grid.

Fresh food is always for you - fish, vegetables, fruits, and juices. Ration is agreed in advance.

Alcohol drinks (extra cost).

Satellite phone is also available at the base.

All necessary equipment for fishing and hunting you will find at our base.


Polar day starts at the beginning of May.

The most comfortable season is June till September.

Average air temperatures:

May, June: (–10С) – (+15С)

July, August: (+10С) – (+25С)

September: (+5С) – (+15С), night frost.

There are sharp changes in air temperature possible because of unexpected cold artic air invasions.


1. Fish tour

Season: May 25 - October.

Objects of fishing: Arctic Charr, Grayling, Taimen, Northern Pike, Burbot, Whitefish and others.

Fishing license is included.

1.1 Fishing on base Oikumene (7 days tour).

You can fish from beach of Lake Keta as soon as from boat (one boat for two fishermen). Each boat is equipped with modern motor (Honda, Yamaha) and anchor. Life jackets are included into standard tour equipments,

Experienced instructor will show you the most fruitful parts of the Lake, as well as give you all necessary advice of fishing methods (including trolling).

1.2 Rafting and fishing (7-10 days tour).

Route starts at the springs of river Tokingda or Irkinda, where you will be delivered to by helicopter from Norilsk and finishes on the base.

1 raft for two persons. Both rivers are rocky in some places. Each raft carries oars as well as motors. Route schedule depends on weather but it is usually 10-15 km of rafting daily.

At the rest time group resides in comfortable 2 person camps equipped with mosquito grid. Group is equipped with everything you may need – light generator, tent, foldable table, satellite phone, first aid set, life jackets, saw.

Experienced instructors are in every group. They are to establish a camp and to cook as well as to keep you safe and give advise while fishing.

The standard base service is available after the rafting ends.

2. Hunting (5-7 days tour)

Season: mid of May till the beginning of June, September.

Objects of hunting: bear, north deer, glutton, goose.

Experienced huntsmen from State Reserve are at your assistance.

3. Adventure tours

3.1 Sailing on catamaran – LakeKeta (7 days tour)

Season: July - August.

You start from base placed in the eastern part of the Lake and sail around the lake and finally return to base.

Normally sailing takes 4-5 hours (20 km) daily. The camps are arranged at the most amazing places on the bank. Warm food.

Group and base are radio connected while the whole route.

Usually sailing around the lake takes 4 days. After sailing part of the tour the standard base service is available (see above).

3.2 Tracking (7 days tour)

Season: July – August

Sight-seeing routes across the plateau at your choice. Beautiful waterfalls and wild rivers. Special geology tours, looking for agates and rock crystal. Forests are full of mushrooms and berries. One night in camps at the rest time. The standard base service is available after the excursion.

Что ловим:

  • — хариус
  • — голец Дрягина
  • — щука
  • — сиг
  • — палия
  • — налим

Где находится:

Карта района

Плато Путорана — сильно расчленённый горный массив, расположенный на северо-западе Среднесибирского плоскогорья.

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