Putorana state reserve

You have never seen it before!
Honestly, only a few of people have seen it before!
You may be one of them!
That is your real chance and unbelievable experience!
Gain the impression of your life!

Dear Sirs!

You have a unique opportunity to come in touch with the amazing part of wild north nature that is Putorano Plateau - an ancient north rocky country.

The world largest high plain (800-1500 meters high) is covering nearly one forth of Russia from Taimyr to the rivers of Lena and Enisey. But this “roof” north-west angle is elevated 1700 meters higher and that is basalt Putorano Plateau. А Putorana State Reserve takes most of the plateau.

The plateau western part is occupied with three large lakes – Lama, Keta and Khantayskoe that form so called Norilsk Lake province. And, by the way, the water of the lakes mentioned three times less mineralized then of the famous Lake Baykal.

This is a country of purest rivers, lakes and waterfalls, polar day and untouched nature. Beautiful rocky rivers are full of fish and have lot of mountain thresholds.

Indeed this remote and non-populated place is a real heaven for fishermen and hunters.

But unbelievable landscapes may force you – real fish men and hunter - to forget your bag and catch!

On you request:

- Fishing, incl. under the ice (arctic loach, charr, grayling, taimen, northern pike, sig, burbot, whitefish and ect.) Season: May - October. Fishing license is included.

- Hunting (bear, north deer, glutton, polar wolf, goose, willow grouse, ptarmigan and ect.) Season: mid of May till the beginning of June, September.

- Snow-tractor safari

- Rafting

- Catamaran sailing

- Tracking, sight-seeing routes, geology tours, looking for agates and rock crystal

- Photo and/or video shooting from helicopter board is available

For the details please appeal to:


Что ловим:

  • — хариус
  • — голец Дрягина
  • — щука
  • — сиг
  • — палия
  • — налим

Где находится:

Карта района

Плато Путорана — сильно расчленённый горный массив, расположенный на северо-западе Среднесибирского плоскогорья.

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